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Lee, Haeng-Ki (이행기)
교수, (건설및환경공학과)
Research Area
Structural Analysis, Materials, Nano-Composite Material
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    Experimental and theoretical studies on the hydration of ordinary portland cement/calcium sulfoaluminate cement blends containing biological admixtures

    Kim, Naru; Seo, Joonho; Kim, Hayeon; et al, CEMENT & CONCRETE COMPOSITES, v.146, 2024-02

    Effect of accelerated carbonation curing on thermal evolution of hydrates in calcium sulfoaluminate cement

    Kim, SeonHyeok; Seo, Joonho; Park, Solmoi; et al, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, v.416, 2024-02

    Electrical impedance-based evaluation of self-healing degree in cement composites with biological admixtures

    Kim, Naru; Jang, Daeik; Park, Jihoon; et al, CASE STUDIES IN CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, v.19, 2023-12

    나노복합재료의 전기/역학적 특성과 예측을 위한 멀티스케일 모델링의 최신 연구 분석

    길태건; 배진호; 윤현노; et al, 한국전산구조공학회논문집, v.36, no.2, pp.131 - 136, 2023-04

    Hydration and phase conversion of MgO-modified calcium aluminate cement

    Nawaz, Ahmad; Kim, Naru; Seo, Joonho; et al, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, v.369, 2023-03

    Influence of various deterioration factors on the electrical properties of conductive cement paste

    Yoon, H. N.; Jang, Daeik; Kil, Taegeon; et al, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, v.367, 2023-02

    Multi-level micromechanics-based homogenization for the prediction of damage behavior of multiscale fiber-reinforced composites

    Kil, Taegeon; Bae, Jin-Ho; Yang, Beomjoo; et al, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, v.303, 2023-01

    Physicochemical properties and autogenous healing performance of ternary blended binders composed of OPC-BFS-CSA clinker

    Yoon, H. N.; Seo, Joonho; Kim, Naru; et al, ADVANCES IN CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, v.15, no.1, pp.11 - 22, 2023-01

    Sporosarcina pasteurii-induced hydration and shrinkage properties of Portland cement

    Seo, Joonho; Kim, Hayeon; Kim, Seonhyeok; et al, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, v.356, 2022-11

    Material characterization and piezoresistive sensing capability assessment of thin-walled CNT-embedded ultra-high performance concrete

    Seo, Joonho; Jang, Daeik; Yang, Beomjoo; et al, CEMENT & CONCRETE COMPOSITES, v.134, 2022-11

    TiO2 적용방법에 따른 포러스 콘크리트의 질소산화물 제거성능 및 흡음특성

    윤현노; 서준호; 김선혁; et al, 대한토목학회논문집(국문), v.42, no.2, pp.163 - 170, 2022-10

    Modifications in hydration kinetics and characteristics of calcium aluminate cement upon blending with calcium sulfoaluminate cement

    Seo, Joonho; Nawaz, Ahmad; Jang, Jeong Gook; et al, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, v.342, no.A, 2022-08

    A combined experimental and micromechanical approach to investigating PTC and NTC effects in CNT-polypropylene composites under a self-heating condition

    Kil, Taegeon; Jin, DW; Yang, Beomjoo; et al, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, v.289, 2022-06

    Improved electromagnetic wave shielding capability of carbonyl iron powder-embedded lightweight CFRP composites

    Jang, Daeik; Choi, B. H.; Yoon, H. N.; et al, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, v.286, 2022-04

    Evaluation of physicochemical properties and environmental impact of environmentally amicable Portland cement/metakaolin bricks exposed to humid or CO2 curing condition

    Bae, Jin-Ho; Kim, Seonhyeok; Amr, Issam T.; et al, JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERING, v.47, 2022-04

    Effect of the molar ratio of calcium sulfate over ye'elimite on the reaction of CSA cement/slag blends under an accelerated carbonation condition

    Seo, Joonho; Kim, Seonhyeok; Yoon, HN; et al, JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERING, v.46, 2022-04

    Characterization of bio-adsorptive removal performance of strontium through ureolysis-mediated bio-mineralization

    Kim, Hayeon; Son, H. M.; Lee, Haeng-Ki, CHEMOSPHERE, v.288, 2022-02

    Synergistic effects of CNT and CB inclusion on the piezoresistive sensing behaviors of cementitious composites blended with fly ash

    Jang, DaeIk; Yoon, HN; Yang, Beomjoo; et al, SMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS, v.29, no.2, pp.351 - 359, 2022-02

    Local Al network and material characterization of belite-calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cements

    Seo, Joonho; Park, Solmoi; Kim, Seonhyeok; et al, MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, v.55, no.1, 2022-01

    Exploration of effects of CO2 exposure on the NOx-removal performance of TiO2-incorporated Portland cement evaluated via microstructural and morphological investigation

    Kim, SeonHyeok; Seo, Joonho; Yoon, HN; et al, JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERING, v.45, 2022-01

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