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Kim, Pilhan (김필한)
부교수, (의과학대학원)
Research Area
Advanced In Vivo Cellular Imaging System, Systemic Cellular Visualization of Animal Model for Human Disease, High-speed, Nano-scale Visualization of Organic and Inorganic Materials
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    In vivo longitudinal 920 nm two-photon intravital kidney imaging of a dynamic 2,8-DHA crystal formation and tubular deterioration in the adenine-induced chronic kidney disease mouse model

    Choi, Jieun; Choi, Min -sun; Jeon, Jehwi; et al, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, v.14, no.4, pp.1647 - 1658, 2023-04

    Fabrication of Scratched Nanogrooves for Highly Oriented Cell Alignment and Application as a Wound Healing Dressing

    Shin, Min Jeong; Im, San Hae; Kim, Baekman; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.15, no.15, pp.18653 - 18662, 2023-04

    An agonistic anti-Tie2 antibody suppresses the normal-to-tumor vascular transition in the glioblastoma invasion zone

    Lee, Eunhyeong; Lee, Eun-Ah; Kong, Eunji; et al, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.55, no.2, pp.470 - 484, 2023-02

    Synthesis of triphenylene-based hierarchically porous monolith with nitroaromatic-sensitive fluorescence

    Satheeshkumar, Chinnadurai; Seo, Howon; Hong, Sujung; et al, POLYMER, v.265, 2023-01

    Delivery of costimulatory blockade to lymph nodes promotes transplant acceptance in mice

    Zhao, Jing; Jung, Sungwook; Li, Xiaofei; et al, JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION, v.132, no.24, 2022-12

    Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells integrate microbial signals to promote post-inflammation gut tissue repair

    Sezaki, Maiko; Hayashi, Yoshikazu; Nakato, Gaku; et al, EMBO JOURNAL, v.41, no.22, 2022-11

    Photodynamic treatment of multidrug-resistant bacterial infection using indium phosphide quantum dots

    Lee, Ilsong; Moon, Jieun; Lee, Hoomin; et al, BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE, v.10, no.24, pp.7149 - 7161, 2022-11

    Intravital longitudinal cellular visualization of oral mucosa in a murine model based on rotatory side-view confocal endomicroscopy

    Hong, Sujung; Lee, Jingu; Moon, Jieun; et al, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, v.13, no.8, pp.4160 - 4174, 2022-08

    In vivo observation of multi-phase spatiotemporal cellular dynamics of transplanted HSPCs during early engraftment

    Ahn, Soyeon; Koh, Bong Ihn; Lee, Jingu; et al, FASEB BIOADVANCES, v.4, no.8, pp.547 - 559, 2022-08

    Characterization of junctional structures in the gingival epithelium as barriers against bacterial invasion

    Ko, Yeon Kyeong; Hong, Sujung; Kim, Hyun Man; et al, JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL RESEARCH, v.57, no.4, pp.799 - 810, 2022-08

    Estrogen-Related Receptor gamma Maintains Pancreatic Acinar Cell Function and Identity by Regulating Cellular Metabolism

    Choi, Jinhyuk; Oh, Tae Gyu; Jung, Hee-Won; et al, GASTROENTEROLOGY, v.163, no.1, pp.239 - 256, 2022-07

    Establishment of the reproducible branch retinal artery occlusion mouse model and intravital longitudinal imaging of the retinal CX3CR1-GFP(+) cells after spontaneous arterial recanalization

    Jeon, Jehwi; Kim, Sang-Hoon; Kong, Eunji; et al, FRONTIERS IN MEDICINE, v.9, 2022-07

    Two distinct receptor-binding domains of human glycyl-tRNA synthetase 1 displayed on extracellular vesicles activate M1 polarization and phagocytic bridging of macrophages to cancer cells

    Park, Min Chul; Goughnour, Peter C.; Jun, Sangmi; et al, CANCER LETTERS, v.539, 2022-07

    Longitudinal intravital imaging of cerebral microinfarction reveals a dynamic astrocyte reaction leading to glial scar formation

    Lee, Jingu; Kim, Joon-Goon; Hong, Sujung; et al, GLIA, v.70, no.5, pp.975 - 988, 2022-05

    Multimodal evaluation of an interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein-induced mouse model of experimental autoimmune uveitis

    Yang, Jee Myung; Yun, KyungA; Jeon, Jehwi; et al, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.54, no.3, pp.252 - 262, 2022-03

    Intravital two-photon imaging and quantification of hepatic steatosis and fibrosis in a live small animal model

    Moon, Jieun; Jeon, Jehwi; Kong, Eunji; et al, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, v.12, no.12, pp.7918 - 7927, 2021-12

    3d visualization of dynamic cellular reaction of pulpal cd11c+ dendritic cells against pulpitis in whole murine tooth

    Hong, Sujung; Park, Yeoung Hyun; Lee, Jingu; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, v.22, no.23, 2021-11

    Longitudinal Intravital Imaging of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocyte Motility in Breast Cancer Models

    Park, Inwon; Hong, Sujung; Seok, Joon; et al, JOURNAL OF BREAST CANCER, v.24, no.5, pp.463 - 473, 2021-10

    Intravital Two-photon Imaging of Dynamic Alteration of Hepatic Lipid Droplets in Fasted and Refed State

    Moon Jieun; Kim, Pilhanresearcher, Journal of Lipid and Atherosclerosis, v.10, no.3, pp.313 - 321, 2021-09

    Stepwise transmigration of T- and B cells through a perivascular channel in high endothelial venules

    Choe, Kibaek; Moon, Jieun; Lee, Soo Yun; et al, LIFE SCIENCE ALLIANCE, v.4, no.8, 2021-08

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