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Kwak, Byungjin (곽병진)
부교수, (경영공학부)
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    The Impact of CEO/CFO Outside Directorships on Auditor Selection and Audit Quality

    Yu, Jaeyoon; Kwak, Byungjin; Park, Myung Seok; et al, EUROPEAN ACCOUNTING REVIEW, v.30, no.4, pp.611 - 643, 2021-08

    The role of excuses in investing into information quality

    Kwak, Byungjin; Sunwoo, HY, Korean Accounting Review, v.45, no.2, pp.147 - 169, 2020-04

    CEO and Outside Director Equity Compensation: Substitutes or Complements for Management Earnings Forecasts?

    Kim, Hyung Tae; Kwak, Byungjin; Lee, Jaywon; et al, EUROPEAN ACCOUNTING REVIEW, v.28, no.2, pp.371 - 393, 2019-03

    Group-Affiliated Analysts' Strategic Forecasts During a Year: Evidence from Korea

    Kwak, Byungjin; Mo, Kyoungwon, EMERGING MARKETS FINANCE AND TRADE, v.55, no.1, pp.59 - 77, 2019-01

    Executive pension, default risk, and earnings management

    Kwak, Byungjin; Mo, Kyoungwon, ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING & ECONOMICS, v.25, no.3-4, pp.463 - 480, 2018-03

    The Effect of Ex-ante CEO Turnover Risk on Firms’ Discretionary Expenditures

    Kim, Changu; Kim, Hyungtae; Kwak, Byungjin; et al, Quarterly Jouranl of Finance & Accounting, v.56, no.1/2, pp.53 - 90, 2018-01

    Analysts' Dynamic Decisions: Timeliness versus Accuracy

    Jordan, Steven J.; Kwak, Byungjin; Lee, Changhee, JOURNAL OF FORECASTING, v.36, no.4, pp.368 - 381, 2017-07

    Audit committee accounting expertise, CEO power, and audit pricing

    Kim, Hyungtae; Kwak, Byungjin; Lim, Youngdeok; et al, ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING & ECONOMICS, v.24, no.3-4, pp.421 - 439, 2017-03

    Professors on the Board: Do They Contribute to Society Outside the Classroom?

    Cho, Charles H; Jung, Jay Heon; Kwak, Byungjin; et al, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, v.141, no.2, pp.393 - 409, 2017-03

    Manager Retention and Post-Bankruptcy Performance: Evidence from South Korea

    Kwak, Byungjin; Mo, Kyoungwon; Yoon, Na Young, EMERGING MARKETS FINANCE AND TRADE, v.52, no.11, pp.2530 - 2545, 2016

    The composition of top management with general counsel and voluntary information disclosure

    Kwak, Byungjin; Ro, Byung T.; Suk, Inho, JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING ECONOMICS, v.54, no.1, pp.19 - 41, 2012-08

    Deregulation and earnings management: The case of the US airline industry

    Baik, Yoon-suk; Kwak, Byungjin; Lee, Jaywon, JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING AND PUBLIC POLICY, v.30, no.6, pp.589 - 606, 2011

    겸업화와 은행의 경영성과: 66개국 상업은행자료를 이용한 실증연구

    이재화; 곽병진; 박광우; et al, 한국증권학회지, v.38, no.1, pp.53 - 75, 2009-03

    JD/MBA 복수학위과정의 해외 운영 현황 및 국내 도입 가능성에 대한 연구

    곽병진; 백윤석; 이경규; et al, 경영교육연구, v.12, no.1, pp.129 - 143, 2008-08

    자율공시가 재무분석가 이익예측에 미치는 영향

    손성규; 곽병진; 김연화, 회계정보연구, v.26, no.2, pp.1 - 26, 2008-06

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