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Lim, Dae-Sik (임대식)
교수, (생명과학과)
Research Area
Hippo signaling, Molecular Oncology, Adult Stem Cell Division and Differentiation
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    Mitochondrial matrix protein LETMD1 maintains thermogenic capacity of brown adipose tissue in male mice

    Park, Anna; Kim, Kwang-eun; Park, Isaac; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.14, no.1, 2023-06

    Two Hippo signaling modules orchestrate liver size and tumorigenesis

    Qi, Sixian; Zhong, Zhenxing; Zhu, Yuwen; et al, EMBO JOURNAL, v.42, no.11, 2023-06

    MST1 controls murine neutrophil homeostasis via the G-CSFR/STAT3 axis

    Masgrau-Alsina, Sergi; Wackerbarth, Lou Martha; Lim, Dae-sikresearcher; et al, FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY, v.13, 2022-12

    Ceiling culture chip reveals dynamic lipid droplet transport during adipocyte dedifferentiation via actin remodeling

    Kim, Jiwon; Park, Kun-Young; Choi, Sungwoo; et al, LAB ON A CHIP, v.22, no.20, pp.3920 - 3932, 2022-10

    Glycogen Storage Disease Phenotypes Accompanying the Perturbation of the Methionine Cycle in NDRG3-Deficient Mouse Livers

    Sohn, Hyun Ahm; Lee, Dong Chul; Park, Anna; et al, CELLS, v.11, no.9, 2022-05

    Airway secretory cell fate conversion via YAP-mTORC1-dependent essential amino acid metabolism

    Jeon, Hae Yon; Choi, Jinwook; Kraaier, Lianne; et al, EMBO JOURNAL, v.41, no.8, 2022-04

    AMOTL2 mono-ubiquitination by WWP1 promotes contact inhibition by facilitating LATS activation

    Hwang, D.; Kim, M.; Kim, S.; et al, LIFE SCIENCE ALLIANCE, v.4, no.10, 2021-10

    The Hippo kinase LATS2 impairs pancreatic beta-cell survival in diabetes through the mTORC1-autophagy axis

    Yuan, Ting; Annamalai, Karthika; Naik, Shruti; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.12, no.1, 2021-08

    TRAF6-mediated ubiquitination of MST1/STK4 attenuates the TLR4-NF-kappa B signaling pathway in macrophages

    Roh, Kyung-Hye; Lee, Yeojin; Yoon, Je-Hyun; et al, CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES, v.78, no.5, pp.2315 - 2328, 2021-03

    YAP and AP-1 Cooperate to Initiate Pancreatic Cancer Development from Ductal Cells in Mice

    Park, Jaeoh; Eisenbarth, David; Choi, Wonyoung; et al, CANCER RESEARCH, v.80, no.21, pp.4768 - 4779, 2020-11

    Distinct fibroblast subsets regulate lacteal integrity through YAP/TAZ-induced VEGF-C in intestinal villi

    Hong, Seon Pyo; Yang, Myung Jin; Cho, Hyunsoo; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.11, no.1, 2020-08

    WWC1 and NF2 Prevent the Development of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma by Regulating YAP/TAZ Activity through LATS in Mice

    Park, Jaeoh; Kim, Jeong Sik; Nahm, Ji Hae; et al, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.43, no.5, pp.491 - 499, 2020-05

    Induction of AP-1 by YAP/TAZ contributes to cell proliferation and organ growth

    Koo, Ja Hyun; Plouffe, Steven W.; Meng, Zhipeng; et al, GENES & DEVELOPMENT, v.34, no.1-2, pp.72 - 86, 2020-01

    LATS1 but not LATS2 represses autophagy by a kinase-independent scaffold function

    Tang, Fengyuan; Gao, Ruize; Jeevan-Raj, Beena; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, 2019-12

    Citron kinase interacts with LATS2 and inhibits its activity by occluding its hydrophobic phosphorylation motif

    Tran, Thi Hai Yen; Yang, Dae Wook; Kim, Minchul; et al, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY, v.11, no.11, pp.1006 - 1017, 2019-12

    A MST1-FOXO1 cascade establishes endothelial tip cell polarity and facilitates sprouting angiogenesis

    Kim, Yoo Hyung; Choi, Jeongwoon; Yang, Myung Jin; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, 2019-02

    Hippo Pathway Kinase Mst1 Is Required for Long-Lived Humoral Immunity

    Yazdchi, Sahar Bagherzadeh; Witalis, Mariko; Meli, Alexandre P.; et al, JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, v.202, no.1, pp.69 - 78, 2019-01

    Hippo Deficiency Leads to Cardiac Dysfunction Accompanied by Cardiomyocyte Dedifferentiation During Pressure Overload

    Ikeda, Shohei; Mizushima, Wataru; Sciarretta, Sebastiano; et al, CIRCULATION RESEARCH, v.124, no.2, pp.292 - 305, 2019-01

    YAP and TAZ Negatively Regulate Prox1 During Developmental and Pathologic Lymphangiogenesis

    Cho, Hyunsoo; Kim, Jaeryung; Ahn, Ji Hoon; et al, CIRCULATION RESEARCH, v.124, no.2, pp.225 - 242, 2019-01

    Depletion of MOB1A/B causes intestinal epithelial degeneration by suppressing Wnt activity and activating BMP/TGF-beta signaling

    Bae, June Sung; Jeon, Yoon; Kim, Sun Mi; et al, CELL DEATH & DISEASE, v.9, 2018-10

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