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Youn, Chan-Hyun (윤찬현)
교수, (전기및전자공학부)
Research Area
Distributed Computing, Cloud System, Bio-Workflow Computing
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    Recursive Visual Explanations Mediation Scheme Based on DropAttention Model With Multiple Episodes Pool

    Jeon, Minsu; Kim, Taewoo; Kim, Seonghwan; et al, IEEE ACCESS, v.11, pp.4306 - 4321, 2023

    A Channel Pruning Optimization With Layer-Wise Sensitivity in a Single-Shot Manner Under Computational Constraints

    Jeon, Minsu; Kim, TaeWoo; Lee, Changha; et al, IEEE ACCESS, v.11, pp.7043 - 7055, 2023

    Federated Onboard-Ground Station Computing with Weakly Supervised Cascading Pyramid Attention Network for Satellite Image Analysis

    Kim, Taewoo; Jeon, Minsu; Lee, Changha; et al, IEEE ACCESS, v.10, pp.117315 - 117333, 2022-11

    Collection-CAM: A Faster Region-Based Saliency Method Using Collection-Wise Mask Over Pyramidal Features

    Ha, Yungi; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.10, pp.112776 - 112788, 2022-10

    Cooperative Scheduling Schemes for Explainable DNN Acceleration in Satellite Image Analysis and Retraining

    Kim, Woojoong; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS, v.33, no.7, pp.1605 - 1618, 2022-07

    Cooperative Distributed GPU Power Capping for Deep Learning Clusters

    Kang, Dong-Ki; Ha, Yungi; Peng. Limei; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, v.69, no.7, pp.7244 - 7254, 2022-07

    FleX: A Flex Interconnected HPC System with Stochastic Load Balancing Scheme

    Jeon, Min Su; Joo, Kyung-no; Kim, TaeWoo; et al, IEEE ACCESS, v.10, pp.37164 - 37180, 2022-03

    An Alternating Training Method of Attention-Based Adapters for Visual Explanation of Multi-Domain Satellite Images

    Kim, Heejae; Lee, KyungChae; LEE, Changha; et al, IEEE ACCESS, v.9, pp.62232 - 62346, 2021-04

    Accelerating Distributed SGD With Group Hybrid Parallelism

    Joo, Kyung-No; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.9, pp.52601 - 52618, 2021-03

    Cooperating Edge Cloud-Based Hybrid Online Learning for Accelerated Energy Data Stream Processing in Load Forecasting

    LEE, Changha; Kim, Seong-Hwan; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.8, pp.199120 - 199132, 2020-11

    An Accelerated Edge Cloud System for Energy Data Stream Processing Based on Adaptive Incremental Deep Learning Scheme

    Kim, Seong-Hwan; Lee, Changha; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.8, no.8, pp.195341 - 195358, 2020-10

    Lightweight Online Profiling-Based Configuration Adaptation for Video Analytics System in Edge Computing

    Kim, Woo-Joong; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.8, pp.116881 - 116899, 2020-06

    BOA: batch orchestration algorithm for straggler mitigation of distributed DL training in heterogeneous GPU cluster

    Yang, Eunju; Kang, Dong-Ki; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING, v.76, no.1, pp.47 - 67, 2020-01

    Short-Term Time-Varying Request Model Based Chunk Caching Scheme for Live Streaming in Mobile Edge-Cloud Environment

    Kim, Woo-Joong; Joo, Kyung-no; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.7, pp.177148 - 177163, 2019-11

    Silicon-Based Optical Phased Array Using Electro-Optic p-i-n Phase Shifters

    Kang, Geumbong; Kim, Seong Hwan; You, Jong-Bum; et al, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.31, no.21, pp.1685 - 1688, 2019-11

    Real-Time Control for Power Cost Efficient Deep Learning Processing With Renewable Generation

    Kang, Dong Ki; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.7, pp.114909 - 114922, 2019-08

    Thermo-optic control of the longitudinal radiation angle in a silicon-based optical phased array

    Kim, Seong-Hwan; You, Jong-Bum; Ha, Yungi; et al, OPTICS LETTERS, v.44, no.2, pp.411 - 414, 2019-01

    Deep Learning-Based Sustainable Data Center Energy Cost Minimization With Temporal MACRO/MICRO Scale Management

    Kang, Dong Ki; Yang, Eunju; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.7, pp.5477 - 5491, 2019-01

    Dynamic allocation of power delivery paths in consolidated data centers based on adaptive UPS switching

    Al Hazemi, Fawaz; Peng, Yuyang; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher; et al, COMPUTER NETWORKS, v.144, pp.254 - 270, 2018-10

    An Optimal Pricing Scheme for the Energy-Efficient Mobile Edge Computation Offloading With OFDMA

    Kim, Seong-Hwan; Park, Sangdon; Chen, Min; et al, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.22, no.9, pp.1922 - 1925, 2018-09

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