Artifacts due to retrograde flow in the artery and their elimination in 2D TOF MR angiography2D TOF 자기공명 혈관조영술에서 동맥혈류의 역류로 인한 영상훼손과 이의 제거

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Dark band artifacts are often observed in angiograms of arteries obtained by 2D time-of-flight (TOF) angiography with saturation of veins by presaturation RF pulses. At some arteries the arterial blood velocity varies in a triphasic pattern during a cardiac cycle. The arterial blood, that is saturated by presaturation RF pulses in the saturation band, can flow back into the imaging slice during the retrograde flow phase of the triphasic variation. When such saturated retrograde flow occurs during the acquisition of the central part of the K spacek, a signal void can result in base images and consequently dark band artifacts can appear in angiograms. This phenomenon is experimentally demonstrated by varying the gap between the imaging slice and the saturation band. Furthermore, a new pulse sequence is proposed to eliminate the dark band artifacts by changing the profile of the saturation band from a rectangle to a ramp.
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대한자기공명의과학회지, v.5, no.1, pp.38 - 42

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