Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA) : Fundamental and its applications

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dc.contributor.authorLee, Duck-Joo-
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dc.identifier.citation6th KSME-JSME TFECen
dc.description.abstractComputational Aeroacoustic (CAA) deals about capturing radiated acoustic quantities generated from flow fluctuations numerically. In general, the amplitude of acoustics is less than 4th order of the flow. Therefore, a higher order scheme, such as compact scheme, is employed to capture the acoustic and flow at the same time. To minimize the numerical phase error in the radiated acoustics, the coefficients of the high order scheme are optimized to have minimum dispersion error. Several high order high resolution schemes are compared in the point of numerical wave resolutions. The high order optimized compact schemes are applied in the acoustic from the cylinder, cavity tone and screech tone in the supersonic jet. The result of cylinder shows that the optimized compact scheme yields precise results and results of cavity tone and screech tone shows feedback phenomena. Additionally, other effective methods for numerical analysis of incompressible flow noise are addressed and discussed.en
dc.publisher6th KSME-JSME TFECen
dc.subjectCompact Schemeen
dc.subjectOptimized Schemeen
dc.titleComputational Aeroacoustics (CAA) : Fundamental and its applicationsen


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