Preparation and Property Characterization of Oriented PLZT Thin Films Processed Vsing Sol-Gel Method

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Highly preferentially oriented lead lathanum zirconate titanate(PLZT) thin films were fabricated on various substrates using the spin coating of metal organic solutions having the composition of (9/50/50) and (10/0/100). The substrates used in this study were SrTiO3(100), MgO(100), r-plane sapphire, PLT-coated glass, and Pt/Ti/MgO substrates. The films were heat-treated at 600��C and 700��C using the direct insertion method. The phases and the orientation of the PLZT thin films were examined using X-ray diffraction(XRD). Pole figure and X-ray rocking curves were measured to study the film orientation. The films were grown with (100), (110), and (001) plane being parallel to the surfaces of SrTiO3, sapphire, and Pt/Ti/MgO, respectively. The dielectric and optical properties of both the oriented films and the noncrystalline films were measured and discussed.
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Materials Research Society
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MRS SPRING MEETING, v.343, pp.499-504

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