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Barcode immunohistochemistry: multiplexed microfluidic immunohistochemistry

Cho, Chang Hyun; Park, Je-Kyun, μTAS 2018 Conference, CBMS, 2018-11-12

Barcode immunohistochemistry: Multiplexed microfluidic immunohistochemistry on tissue microarray

Cho, Chang Hyun; Park, Je-Kyun, 22nd International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2018, pp.73 - 74, Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society, 2018-11

Basic Tools for Interactive Computer Aided Design

Lee, CW; Cho, Young-Ho, Proc. KIC 1985, pp.54 - 97, 1985-10-28

Batch Microfabrication of Inclined Diffractive Optical Elements using Thermoset and Thermoplastic Materials

김재준; 금동민; 양성표; 정기훈, 제16회 KMEMS 2014 학술대회 , 사단법인 마이크로나노시스템학회, 2014-04-04

Bayesian network inference to estimate the functional connectivity of cultured neuronal networks

Jung, S; Lee, Doheon; NAM, YOONKEY, 3rd International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, 2007, pp.688 - 691, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), 2007-05-02

Bayesian optical diffusion imaging

Ye, Jong Chul; Bouman, CA; Webb, KJ; Millane, RP, in Proc. SPIE Annual meeting 1999, 1999-07-18

BeActive: Encouraging Physical Activities with Just-in-time Health Intervention and Micro Financial Incentives

Sun, Juho; Park, Sangkeun; Jung, Gyuwon; Jeong, Yong; Lee, Uichin; Chung, Kyong-Mee; Lee, Changseok; et al, 2020 Symposium on Emerging Research from Asia and on Asian Contexts and Cultures, AsianCHI 2020 - Part of CHI 2020, pp.17 - 20, Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-04-25

Behavioral and neural evidence for intrinsic motivation effect on reinforcement learning

Kim, Dongjae; Lee, Sang Wan, 4th Multidisciplinary Conference on Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making, RLDM 2019, 2019-07-08

Beta-Amyloid Detection by Nanoplasmonic Nanofluidic Channel

Oh, Y.-J.; Jeong, KI-HUN, in International Symposium on Microchemistry and Microsystems (ISMM), International Symposium on Microchemistry and Microsystems, 2011-01-01

Beyond Bioimaging: application of femtosecond laser in biomodulation

Choi, Chulhee, Intrernational conference on Bioimaging and Cell dynamics, 2010-05-19

Bidirectional transformation between dominant cortical neural activities and phase difference distributions

Lee, Sang Wan, The 25th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting, CNS, 2016-07

Bin-size scanning and plateau search method for criticality analysis of neuronal network activity

Lee, Hyungsup; Nam, Yoonkey, SMIT2018-IBEC2018 Joint Conference, The Korean Society of Medical and Biological Engineering, 2018-11-10

Bio-Analogic Digital Nanolocomotion

Cho, Young-Ho, 2nd Korea-Switzerland Joint Symposium on New Materials and Process Issues in MEMS Technologies, pp.0 - 0, 2001-06-18

Bio-Circuit Reverse Engineering(Invited Talk)

Lee, Doheon, International Symposium on Reinventing Bio-Medicine through Omic Sciences, 2006

Bio-fluidic device and nanobio sensor for lab-on-a-chip Application

Park, Je-Kyun, International Symposium on BioSystems (ISBS 2004), 2004-08

Bio-fluidic Network Technology for Protein Assay

Park, Je-Kyun, 1st Korea-U.S.A. Joint Symposium on MEMS and BioSystems Technology, 2003-01

Bio-inspired 3D artificial hepatic tissues using microarchitectured free-standing cellular hydrogel sheets

Lee, Wonhye; Bae, Chae Yun; Kwon, Seyong; Son, Jaejung; Park Je-Kyun, International Symposium on Nature-inspired Technology 2012, KSCM, 2012-01

Bio-inspired adhesive for increasing surface adhesion strength of endothelial cell

Joo, Hyunwoo; Byun, Eunkyoung; Hong, Yoonmi; Lee, Haeshin; Kim, Pilnam, TERMIS-AP 2014, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, 2014-09-24

Bio-inspired adhesive for increasing surface adhesion strength of endothelial cell

Joo, Hyunwoo; Byun, Eunkyoung; Hong, Yoonmi; Lee, Haeshin; Kim, Pilnam, Biofabrication 2014, International Conference on Biofabrication, 2014-09-28

Bio-inspired Cell Deformability Monitoring Chips Based on Mechanical Property of Bio-particles

Cho, Young-Ho, NANO KOREA 2006, pp.1263 - 1266, 2007-08-31

Bio-inspired Crack-Fold hybrid microfluidic system

Cha, Jung Hwa; Shin, Hyun Jae; Choi, Yemuk; Kim, Pil Nam, microTAS 2015, microTAS, 2015-10-25

Bio-inspired Digital Cell Chips

Cho, Young-Ho, 11th Joint Symposium among Sister Universities in Mechanical Engineering 2010 (JSSUME 2010), 2010-08-26

Bio-inspired Digital Chips for Cell Concentration and Deformability Monitoring

Lee, Dong Woo; Youn, Sechan; Cho, Young-Ho, Proceeding International Conference on Nanoengineering Symposium, 2005, pp.92 - 96, 2005-10-27

Bio-Inspired Digital Microfluidic Devices for Advanced Printers and Bio Separators

Cho, Young-Ho, International Symposium on BioSystems (AEARU ISBS 2004), pp.5 - 5, 2004-08-19

Bio-inspired Digital Nanoactuators and Branched Electrode Motion Detectors

Cho, Young-Ho, the 2003 JSME-IIP/ASME-ISPS Joint Conference on Micromechatronics for Information and Precision Equi, pp.18 - 23, 2003-06-16

Bio-inspired Digital Nanoactuators for Photon and Biomaterial Manipulation

Lee, Won Chul; Cho, Young-Ho, Inter. NANO KOREA 2003 Symposium, pp.401 - 445, 2003-08-27

Bio-inspired MEMS devices for electrical cell separation and mechanical cell characterization

Cho, Young-Ho, International Symposium on Micro-NanoMechatronics and Human Science, MHS 2007, pp.514 - 518, 2007-11-11

Bio-inspired Micromechanical Energy Amplifiers Using Variable Stiffness Springs

Heo, Yun Jung; Lee, Won Chul; Cho, Young-Ho, The 6th international Workshop on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications, PowerMEMS 2006, pp.283 - 286, 2006-11-30

Bio-Inspired N/MEMS

Cho, Young-Ho, Proceeding of 3rd Annual IEEE International Conference On Nano/Micro Engieered and molecular Systems, IEEE-NEMS 2008, pp.25 - 26, 2008-01-07

Bio-inspired N/MEMS for Multi-Modal Cell Characterization

Cho, Young-Ho, Inter. Conf. on Advanced Mechatronics 2010 (ICAM 2010), 2010-10-05

Bio-inspired N/MEMS Research

Cho, Young-Ho, Proceeding of 12th World Micromachine Summit, 2006, 2006-04-28

Bio-Inspired Sensors for Cell Concentration and Deformability Monitoring

Cho, Young-Ho, Proceeding of IEEE International Conference on Information Acquisition, ICIA 2007, 2007-07-10

Bio-inspired Serial Digital Actuator Arrays for Wide-range, Nano-precision Displacement Control at Low-voltage

Lee, Jae Yong; Lee, Won Chul; Cho, Young-Ho, NANO KOREA 2006, pp.1257 - 1262, 2006-08-31

Bio-inspired Ultrathin Multi-Spectral Array Camera for Fluorescence Application

Cha, Younggil; Jeong, Ki-Hun; Jang, Kyung-Won; Kang, Byounghoon; Bae, SangIn, SPIE ABC 2021(Annual Biophotonics Conference 2021), Optical Society of Korea, SPIE, 2021-11-05

Bio-Separation Chips using Switched Electric Fields

Cho, Young-Ho, Inter. 5th KAIST-UCSB Workshop, pp.22 - 22, 2003-09-22

Bioactive Cyanoacrylate-based Filling Material for Bone Defects in Dental

Park, K.J.; Park, Ji-Ho; Lee, S.B.; Lee, D.Y.; Kim, K.N.; Kim, K.M., 17th Annual Meeting of International Society for Ceramics in Medicine, pp.933 - 936, 2004-12-05

BioCAD: An Information Fusion Platform for Bio-Network Inference and Analsys

Kim, Sangwoo; Ha, K; Lee, Doheon, International Conference on Systems Biology, 2006, 2006

BioCAD: An information fusion platform for bio-network inference and analysis

Lee, Doheon; Kim, S; Kim, Y, TMBIO : ACM 1st International Workshop on Text Mining in Bioinformatics, held in conjunction with the ACM 15th Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2006, pp.1 - 6, 2006-11-10

BioCAD: An Information Fusion Software Platform for Bio-Network Inference and Analysis(Keynote Talk)

Lee, Doheon, International Workshop on Text Mining for Bioinformatics, 2006, 2006

Biochips Introduction

Park, Je-Kyun, 대한의용생체공학회 The Biochips Tutorials, 2000-05

Biocompatible Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrate based on Agarose hydrogel

Oh, Y.-J.; Park, S.; Jang, J.; Min, D.; Jeong, KI-HUN, BIOCHIP Conference (Spring) 2009, pp.246 - 246, 한국바이오칩학회, 2009-06-04

Biodegradable Electronics for Biomedical Sensing and Treatment

강승균, 7차 Young Scientist Forum & Tutorial (YSF&T), 한국생체재료학회, 2017-12-08

Biodegradable Electronics for Minimally Invasive Monitoring and Treatment

강승균, 2017 한국바이오칩학회 추계학술대회, 한국바이오칩학회, 2017-11-09

Biodegradable Intracranial Pressure Monitor for Traumatic Brain Injury

Kang, Seung-Kyun, The 10th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices (ICAMD 2017), Applied Physics Division, The Korean Physical Society, 2017-12-06

Biodegradable Luminescent Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for in vivo Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

Park, Ji-Ho; Gu, Luo; Maltzahn, Geoffrey von; Ruoslahti, Erkki; Bhatia, Sangeeta N.; Sailor, Michael J., 3rd NCI Nanotechnology Alliance Investigators Meeting, 2008-09

Bioengineered 3D Tumor Mieroenviromnent for Continuous Assessment of Tumor Invasion

김필남; 차정화, 2017년 바이오칩학회 추계학술대회, 한국바이오칩학회, 2017-11-09

Biofabrication for Drug Delivery

박지호, 한국생체재료학회 생체재료아카데미, 한국생체재료학회 생체재료아카데미, 2011-04-01

Biofabrication of Ultra-wide Modular Neural Network on Microelectrode array using Soft-lithography

김대정; 남윤기, 2020 한국바이오칩학회 추계학술대회, (사)한국바이오칩학회, 2020-11-26

Biofluidics for biological sample preparation and detection

Park, Je-Kyun, 한국바이오칩학회 2009 춘계학술발표회, 2009-06

Biofunctional microfluidics for cell-based ananlysis and screening

Park, Je-Kyun, Nano Korea 2013, COEX, 2013-07-11

BioGridPSE: Integrated solution for bioinformatics analysis using computing and data grid

Sun, C.-H.; Han, Y.; Kim, M.; Yi, Gwan-Su, 5th International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing, GCC 2006, pp.514 - 521, 2006-10-21

Bioinspired artificial compound eye image sensor using fractal zone plate arrays

Keum, D.; Jeong, KI-HUN, BAMN 2013, World Congress on Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles and Nano-Bio, 2013-08-28

Bioinspired asymmetric hierarchical structures from firefly light organ for highly efficient light extraction

Kim, Jae-Jun; Yang, Sung-Pyo; Jeong, Ki-Hun, WLED-5 (The 5th International Conference on White LEDs and Solid State Lighting), Korea Society of Optoelectronics, 2014-06-03

Bioinspired Hierarchical Structures of Firefly Lantern

Kim, Jae-Jun; Jeong, KI-HUN, 제15회 KMEMS 2013 학술대회, 사단법인 마이크로나노시스템학회, 2013-04-05

Bioinspired Hierarchical Structures of Firefly Light Organ

Kim, Jae Jun; Jeong, Ki Hun; Yang, Sung Pyo, Transducers 2015, Transducers 2015 Conference, 2015-06-23

Bioinspired Inclined Structures of Firefly Light Organ

Kim, J. J.; Keum, D.; Jeong, KI-HUN, BAMN 2013, World Congress on Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles and Nano-Bio, 2013-08-27

Bioinspired LED lens

J. J. Kim; Y. Lee; 박성종; 김하곤; 정기훈, 한국광학회 2012년도 동계학술발표회, 한국광학회, 2012-02-10

Bioinspired ultrathn arrayed camera for multi-view plane imaging

KIM, KISOO; Jeong, Ki-Hun; Jang, Kyung-Won; BAE, SANGIN, SPIE Photonics West 2020, SPIE, 2020-02-02

Biological applications of programmable optoelectrofluidic manipulation

Park, Je-Kyun, The Spring 2009 Materials Research Society (MRS) Meeting, v.1173, pp.20 - 25, 2009-04

Biological detection system using the combination of microfluidics and nanotechnology

Park, Je-Kyun; Yi, Yuheon; Kim, Kyu Sung, 2nd International Symposium on Nanomanufacturing (ISNM 2004), pp.5 - 8, 2004-11

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