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Pay dispersion and CSR

Park, Moon Deok; Han, Seung Hunresearcher, FINANCE RESEARCH LETTERS, v.51, 2023-01

애착유형과 창의성을 높이는 인지적 경로 간의 상호작용 연구

김예강; 심소현; 서성지; 김태현; 이수진researcher, 지식경영연구, v.23, no.4, pp.159 - 175, 2022-12

How Domain Experts Work with Data: Situating Data Science in the Practices and Settings of Craftwork

Jung, Ju Yeon; Steinberger, Thomasresearcher; King, John L.; Ackerman, Mark S., Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, v.6, no.CSCW1, 2022-04

코로노믹스: 복잡계 네트워크의 자기조직화 현상

강인제; 이덕희researcher, 한국경제포럼, v.15, no.2, pp.79 - 111, 2022-07

Does openness enable or hinder innovation performance? The moderating effect of appropriability mechanisms

Jang, Soojeen Sarah; Ko, Hyesoo; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Woo, Chungwon, TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, v.35, no.1, pp.45 - 58, 2023-01

Factors influencing the technology transfer fee: evidence from the public energy sector

Kim, Zhunwoo; Morley, Ilythia; Chung, Yanghonresearcher, TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, v.35, no.1, pp.30 - 44, 2023-01

Integrated Assessment Modeling of Korea’s 2050 Carbon Neutrality Technology Pathways

Kim, Hanwoong; McJeon, Haewon; Jung, Dawoon; Lee, Hanjoo; Bergero, Candelaria; Eom, Jiyongresearcher, Energy and Climate Change, v.3, pp.100075, 2022-12

The intensity and diversity of R&D partner types and product development: Do product innovation types and industry sectors matter?

Kim, Jikyoung; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, v.184, 2022-11

Disaster assessment using computer vision and satellite imagery: Applications in detecting water-related building damages

Kim, Danu; Won, Jeongkyung; Lee, Eunji; Park, Kyung Ryulresearcher; Kim, Jiheeresearcher; Park, Sangyoon; Yang, Hyunjoo; et al, FRONTIERS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, v.10, no.0, pp.1 - 14, 2022-10

Measuring cross-country heterogeneity in the value of patents based on the patent-trade relationship

Hong, Junyoung; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS, v.29, no.19, pp.1765 - 1770, 2022-11

Firm-level political risk, liquidity management, and managerial attributes

Jeon, Chunmi; Mun, Seongjae; Han, Seung Hunresearcher, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS, v.83, 2022-10

Knowledge production patterns of China and the US: quantum technology

Jang, Byeongdeuk; Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher; Kang, Inje, SCIENTOMETRICS, v.127, no.10, pp.5691 - 5719, 2022-10

Customer Concentration and Earnings Management: Evidence from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Kim, Ryoonheeresearcher; Luo, Weiqing, EUROPEAN ACCOUNTING REVIEW, v.31, no.4, pp.905 - 936, 2022-08

Dynamic patterns of technological innovation in magnesium alloys in the Korean automotive industry

Kim, Yong Jin; Lee, Duk Heeresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, v.90, no.1-2, pp.28 - 53, 2022

The effect of emotion in thumbnails and titles of video clips on pre-roll advertising effectiveness

Li, Yiling; Kim, Hye-jinresearcher; Do, Boram; Choi, Jeonghye, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, v.151, pp.232 - 243, 2022-11

When does AI pay off? AI-adoption intensity, complementary investments, and R&D strategy

Lee, Yong Suk; Kim, Taekyun; Choi, Sukwoong; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, TECHNOVATION, v.118, 2022-12

Are smart manufacturing systems beneficial for all SMEs? Evidence from Korea

Jang, Soojeen Sarah; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Son, Hosung, MANAGEMENT DECISION, v.60, no.6, pp.1719 - 1743, 2022-07

Innovation and Asymmetric Cost Behavior

Ko, Hyesoo; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Woo, Chungwon, Korean Accounting Review, v.47, no.3, pp.183 - 204, 2022-06

Global trade of South Korea in competitive products and their impact on regional dependence

Kang, Dongsuk; Heo, Pil-Sun; Lee, Duk Heeresearcher, PLOS ONE, v.17, no.5, 2022-05

Terrorist attacks, CEO overconfidence, and CEO compensation

Hwang, Yunji; Han, Seung Hunresearcher, FINANCE RESEARCH LETTERS, v.46, 2022-05



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