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Observation of domain wall segment jump among disorders

Taniguchi, Takuya; Koyama, Tomohiro; Kim, Kyoung-Hoon; Chiba, Daichi; Kim, Kab-Jinresearcher; Ono, Teruo, JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, v.511, pp.166999, 2020-10

Growth of a-axial GaN core nanowires, semi-polar (1(1)over-bar01) GaN/InGaN multiple quantum well co-axial nanowires on Si substrate, and their carrier dynamics

Johar, Muhammad Ali; Waseem, Aadil; Song, Hyun-Gyu; Hassan, Mostafa Afifi; Bagal, Indrajit V.; Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher; Ryu, Sang-Wan, OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.105, 2020-07

Enhanced Magnon-Photon Coupling at the Angular Momentum Compensation Point of Ferrimagnets

Shim, Jaechul; Kim, Seok-Jong; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher; Lee, Kyung-Jin, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.125, no.2, pp.027205, 2020-07

Widely tunable ultra-narrow-linewidth dissipative soliton generation at the telecom band

Ha, Chang Kyun; Lee, Ki Sang; Kwon, Dohyeon; Kang, Myeong Sooresearcher, PHOTONICS RESEARCH, v.8, no.7, pp.1100 - 1109, 2020-07

Post-synthetic oriented attachment of CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystal building blocks: from first principle calculation to experimental demonstration of size and dimensionality (0D/1D/2D)

Jeon, Sanghyun; Jung, Myung-Chul; Ahn, Junhyuk; Woo, Ho Kun; Bang, Junsung; Kim, Donggyu; Lee, Sang Yeop; et al, NANOSCALE HORIZONS, v.5, no.6, pp.960 - 970, 2020-06

Driving a magnetized domain wall in an antiferromagnet by magnons

Shen, Pengtao; Tserkovnyak, Yaroslav; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, v.127, no.22, 2020-06

Charge Kondo effects in a quadruple quantum dot in spinless and spinful regimes

Choi, Juho; Yoo, Gwangsu; Han, Cheolhee; Sim, Heung-Sunresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.101, no.24, 2020-06

Control of electrical resistance and magnetoresistance by electric-field-driven oxygen ion migration in a single GdOx wire

Kang, Jun-Ho; Lee, Soogil; Lee, Taek-Hyeon; Yang, Ji-Seok; Lee, Jae Wook; Tae, Cheong Cheon; Jeong, Jong-Ryul; et al, NPG ASIA MATERIALS, v.12, no.1, 2020-06

Parallel propagating electromagnetic waves in magnetized quantum electron plasmas with finite temperature

Woo, Changho; Woo, M. H.; Choi, Cheong R.; Min, Kyoung-Wookresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.101, no.5, 2020-05

Stratospheric temperature anomalies as imprints from the dark Universe

Zioutas, K.; Argiriou, A.; Fischer, H.; Hofmann, S.; Maroudas, M.; Pappa, A.; Semertzidis, Y. K.researcher, PHYSICS OF THE DARK UNIVERSE, v.28, 2020-05

Analysis method for detecting topological defect dark matter with a global magnetometer network

Masia-Roig, Hector; Smiga, Joseph A.; Budker, Dmitry; Dumont, Vincent; Grujic, Zoran; Kim, Dongok; Kimball, Derek F. Jackson; et al, PHYSICS OF THE DARK UNIVERSE, v.28, 2020-05

Wide-Bandgap Organic Crystals: Enhanced Optical-to-Terahertz Nonlinear Frequency Conversion at Near-Infrared Pumping

Kim, Deokjoong; Kim, Won Tae; Han, Jae-Hyun; Lee, Ji-Ah; Lee, Seung-Heon; Kang, Bong Joo; Jazbinsek, Mojca; et al, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.8, no.10, pp.1902099, 2020-05

Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride Tunnel Barrier Contact for Low-Power Black Phosphorus Heterojunction Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors

Kim, Seungho; Myeong, Gyuho; Park, Jihoon; Watanabe, Kenji; Taniguchi, Takashi; Cho, Sungjaeresearcher, NANO LETTERS, v.20, no.5, pp.3963 - 3969, 2020-05

Broadband two-dimensional hyperbolic metasurface for on-chip photonic device applications

Lee, Chun-Ho; Seo, Min-Kyoresearcher, OPTICS LETTERS, v.45, no.9, pp.2502 - 2505, 2020-05

A discrete core-shell-like micro-light-emitting diode array grown on sapphire nano-membranes

Lee, Seungmin; Kim, Jongmyeong; Oh, Jehong; Ryu, Jungel; Hwang, Kyungwook; Hwang, Junsik; Kang, Sungjin; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.10, no.1, 2020-05

Observation of reactor antineutrino disappearance using delayed neutron capture on hydrogen at RENO

Shin, C. D.; Atif, Z.; Bak, G.; Choi, J. H.; Jang, H., I; Jang, J. S.; Jeon, S. H.; et al, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, no.4, 2020-04

Atomic electron tomography in three and four dimensions

Zhou Jihan; Yang, Yongsooresearcher; Ercius, Peter; Miao Jianwei, MRS BULLETIN, v.45, no.4, pp.290 - 297, 2020-04

Three-dimensional hierarchical semi-polar GaN/InGaN MQW coaxial nanowires on a patterned Si nanowire template

Johar, Muhammad Ali; Kim, Taeyun; Song, Hyun-Gyu; Waseem, Aadil; Kang, Jin-Ho; Hassan, Mostafa Afifi; Bagal, Indrajit V.; et al, NANOSCALE ADVANCES, v.2, no.4, pp.1654 - 1665, 2020-04

Towards jitter-free ultrafast electron diffraction technology

Kim, Hyun Woo; Vinokurov, Nikolay A.; Baek, In Hyung; Oang, Key Young; Kim, Mi Hye; Kim, Young Chan; Jang, Kyu-Ha; et al, NATURE PHOTONICS, v.14, no.4, pp.245 - 249, 2020-04

Exploiting higher-order resonant modes for axion haloscopes

Kim, Jinsu; Youn, SungWoo; Jeong, Junu; Kwon, Ohjoon; Chung, Woohyun; Semertzidis, Yannis K.researcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS G-NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICS, v.47, no.3, 2020-03



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