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Interferometric measurement of femtosecond pulse modulation via cascaded second-order nonlinear optical process

Kim, Cheon Min; Yoon, Choon Supresearcher; Kim, Dongho, SPIE Congress of the International Commision for Optics, pp.783 - 784, 1996

Interferometric measurement of femtosecond pulse modulation via cascaded second-order nonlinear optical process

윤춘섭researcher; 김천민; 김동호, 한국물리학회 정기총회, 1996

Interlayer thickness-dependent oscillatory behavior of magnetic anisotropy in Fe/Cr/Fe trilayers

김기연; 김동현; 유천열; 신성철researcher, 한국물리학회 창립 50주년 학술발표회, 한국물리학회, 2002

Intermediate Mass Scales of SU(N) Grand Unification with Nontrivial Charge Assignment

김재관, Bull. Korean Phys. Soc., 1984

Intermixing of GaAs quantum well using buried Al-oxide layer

Kim, KS; Ha, KH; Han, IY; Kim, CK; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher, 1999 Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optcis (CLEO/PACIFIC Rim '99), v.3, pp.894 - 895, 1999-08-30

Intermodal stimulated Brillouin scattering in two-mode fibers

Kim, YH; Song, Kwang Yong; Kim, Byoung Yoonresearcher, 2013 18th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference / Photonics in Switching , OECC/PS, 2013-07-02

Internal Surfaces: large lattice relaxations at impurity centers in bulk GaAs and AlGaAs alloys

Chadi, DJ; Chang, Kee-Jooresearcher, 16th annual conference on the physics and chemistry of semiconductors interfaces, 1989

International Conference on Plasma Physics

Choi, Duk In, International Conference on Plasma Physics, pp.96 -, 1996

Interplay of microstructure and magnetic properties in epitaxially grown Co35Pd65 films on Cu/Si(100)

Jeong, J.-R.; Shin, Sung-Chulresearcher, Intermag 2003: International Magnetics Conference, 2003-03-28

Interplay of Microstructure and Magnetic Properties in Ultrathin Co35Pd65 alloy Films

정종률; 신성철researcher, 한국물리학회 창립 50주년 학술발표회, 한국물리학회, 2002

Interplay of quantum criticality and frustration in spin-orbital liquids

Lee, SungBinresearcher, American Physical Society March Meeting, American Physical Society, 2017-03-14

Interpreting the quasiparticle interference and the nematicity order parameter in BSCCO measured with STM

Lee, Jhinhwanresearcher, International Conference on Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (SPSTM3), Seoul National University, 2010-08-18

Intravital Quantitative Phase Imaging of Microvasculature in Live Mouse Mesentery

Kim, Kyoo Hyun; Choe, Ki Baek; Kim, Pil Hanresearcher; Park, Yong Keunresearcher, 2015 가을학술논문발표회, 물리학회, 2015-10-22

Intravital Quantitative Phase Microscopy for Studying Blood Flow in Live Mouse Mesentery

Kim, Kyoo Hyun; Choe, Ki Baek; Kim, Pil Han; Park, Yong Keun, Asia Communications and Photonics Conference, Optical Society of America, 2015-11-21

Intrinsic pulsewidth dependence of third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility

Yoon, Choon Supresearcher, pp.184 - 184, National Taiwan University, 2003

Introduction and application of Neutron Reflectivity

김만원researcher, 1st Neutron Winter School, 1999

Introduction to Inflationary Cosmology

Stewart, Ewan Dresearcher, The 8th Mini-Workshop on Particle and Astroparticle Physics, pp.154 - 188, Basic Science Research Institute, 1997-05-22

Inverse Cascade of Magnetic Helicity in Tokamaks

최덕인, 한국물리학회, 1982

Inverse design of Si crystals with direct band gaps

Chang, Kee-Jooresearcher, The 17th Asian Workshop on First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculations, KIAS, 2014-11-05

Inverse twisted nematic display with self-aligned 4-domain on surface relief photopolymer

Park, Jae-Hong; Yoon, Tae-Youngresearcher; Lee, Je-Won; Lee, Sin- Doo, Society for Information Display, pp.221 - 224, 2001-10

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