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Generation of high-power sub-10 fs optical pulses at 1 kHz repetition rate

Sung, Jae Hee; Hong, Kyung-Han; Nam, Chang Heeresearcher, The 3rd Asian Pacific Laser Symposium, Asian Pacific Laser Symposium, 2002-09

Generation of low beam divergence harmonics using a long gas jet

Lee, Dong Gun; Choi, Il Woo; Kim, Hyung Taek; Kim, Jung-Hoon; Nam, Chang Heeresearcher, Applications of High Field and Short Wavelength Sources IX, Applications of High Field and Short Wavelength Sources, 2001-10-21

Generation of Microwaves by Relativistic Electron Beam Propagating in a Dielectric Loaded Waveguide via Cyclotron-Cerenkov Instability

최덕인, 한국물리학회, 1987

Generation of Multiple Stokes Waves in a Brillouin Fiber Ring Laser

Toyama, K; Huang, S; Nicati, P; Kim, Byoung Yoonresearcher; Shaw, HJ, OFS-9 Proceeding, pp.11 - 14, OFS, 1993-04-00

Generation of one-photon Fock state and anti-damping effect

안경원researcher, 한국물리학회 정기총회, pp.I - P004, 2000

Generation of Optical Vortex Array from Toric Focal Conic Domains(TFCDs)

Kim, Sejeong; Son, Baek-sik; Jung, Hee-Tae; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher, 2012 17th Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference (OECC) , pp.97 - 98, 2012-07-03

Generation of photonic crystal laser mode by lorentz-dispersive finite-difference time-domain method

Seo, M.-K.; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher; Hugh, Song G., 2005 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO, v.3, pp.1932 - 1933, 2005-05-22

Generation of Plasma Rotation by ICRH in Tokamaks

Chang, Choong-Seockresearcher, Proc. IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, 1998

Generation of Programmable Terahertz Waveforms via Optical Rectification

Ahn, Jaewookresearcher; Efimov, A.V.; Averitt, R.D.; Taylor, A.J., Technical Digest:Proceedings in Nonlinear Optics Conference, Optical Society of America, 2004-07

Generation of realistic atomic models for Si/SiO2 core-shell nanowires and segregation behavior of B and P dopants

Kim, Sunghyun; Park, Ji-Sang; Chang, Kee-Jooresearcher, The 16th International Symposium on the Physics of Semiconductors and Applications, ISPSA, 2013-07

Generation of self-starting mode-locked pulses in wavelength-swept fiber lasers

Yun, SH; Kim, Byoung Yoonresearcher, 1998 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO, pp.110 - 111, 1998-05-03

Generation of Squeezed States by Molecular Collisions

Lee, Hai-Woongresearcher, Fourth Asia Pacific Physics Conference, pp.978 - 980, 1990

Generation of strong high-harmonics in a polarization and relative-phase-controlled two-color laser field

Nam, Chang Heeresearcher; Kim, IJ; Kim, Chul Min; Kim, Hyung Taek; Lee, Gae Hwang; Lee, Yong Soo; Park, Ju Yun, Asian Workshop on Generation and Applications of High-order Harmonics, pp.23 -, 2005

Generation of the core-shell structures and distribution of dopants in oxidzed Si nanowires

Kim, Sunghyun; Park, Ji-Sang; Chang, Kee-Jooresearcher, The 15th Asian Workshop on First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculations, National Taiwan University, 2012-11

Generation of the neural network potential of elemental boron from machine learning

Lee, In Ho; Han, Woo Hyun; Chang, Kee Jooresearcher, 2016 가을 학술논문발표회, 한국물리학회, 2016-10

Generation of XUV Spectra by Powerful Picosecond Laser

Nam, Chang Heeresearcher; Tighe, W; Suchewer, S; Feldman, U.; Seely, J, J. de Physique, 1987

Generic Spin Model on a Pyrochlore Lattice

GiBaik, Sim; Lee, SungBinresearcher, American Physical Society March Meeting, American Physical Society, 2017-03-16

Generic spin model on pyrochlore spinels

Lee, SungBinresearcher; GiBaik, Sim, 1st Asia Pacific Workshop on Quantum Magnetism, Asia Pacfic Center for Theoretical Physics, 2017-08-28

Geometric Prediction of D514 via exciton theory

Kim, Soo Yongresearcher; Jung, Seokhyun; Kim, Sok Won, Annual Meeting of the Physical Society Republic of China at National Dong Hua University, Taiwan, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica Department of Physics, NDHU, 2013-01-29

GHz Mode-Locked Yb:YAG Channel Waveguide Lasers

Choi, Sun Young; Rotermund, Fabianresearcher; Calmano, Thomas; Saraceno, Clara; Kraenkel, Christian, OSA Laser Congress (ASSL 2017), OSA, 2017-10-05

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