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Crystal growth and properties of RbTiOAsO4 crystals

Yang, Yusin; Yoon, Choon Supresearcher, 1st Asian Conference on Crystal Growth and Technology, pp.112 - 112, 2000

Crystal grwoth, structural and full optical characterization of 3-methyl-4-methoxy-4'-nitrostilbene (MMONS)

Yoon, Choon Supresearcher; Hong, Hyung-Ki; Xia, Tiejun; Van Stryland, EW, Technical Digets, Solid State Lasers and Applications, pp.97 - 99, 1997

Cuprate Superconductivity and Multi-Dimensional Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy

Lee, Jhinhwanresearcher, Korea-UK Workshop on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, 서울대학교, 2011-02-14

Current and future aspects of electronic structure calculations

장기주researcher, KIAS 10th Anniversary Symposium, KIAS, 2006-07

Current Distribution in a Two-Dimensional MHD Channel

최덕인, 한국물리학회, pp.186 -, 1984

Current issues and first-principles calculations in Si-based nanotechnology

Kim, DY; Kang, J; Chang, Kee-Jooresearcher, 10th SANKEN International Symposium on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2006-09

Current status of Kumgang laser system

Kong, Hong Jinresearcher, SPIE photonics west, SPIE, 2015-02-13

Current status of Kumgang laser-beam combination using SBS-PCM

Kong, Hong Jinresearcher; Park, Sangwoo; Cha, Seongwoo; Ahn, Hee Kyung; Lee, Hwihyeong; Oh, Jungsuk, 35th International Workshop on High Energy Density Physics with Intense Ion and Laser Beams, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH, 2015-01-26

Current status of Kumgang laser: coherent 2 beam combination using pre-pulsed SBS-PCM at high power laser system

Kong, Hong Jinresearcher, ALT 17, General Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea, 2017-09-10

Current status of Kumgang laser; prepulse technology for pulse shape preserving in SBS-PCM double pass amplification

Kong, Hong Jinresearcher, HEC-DPSSL 2017, Osaka University, 2017-05-24

Current Status of the Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research(KSTAR) Project

Choi, Duk In, Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics, Am. Phys. Soc., pp.1833 -, 1997

Current Status of the KSTAR Project

Choi, Duk In, 14회 플라즈마 핵융합학회, 1997

Cyclotron Cherenkov Maser Amplification Using the Anomalous Doppler Effect

Choi, Duk In, Int. Free Electron Laser Conf., 1992

Cyclotron Resonance Heating and particle Distribution Funstion

Chang, Choong-Seockresearcher, Bull. Am. Phys. Soc., pp.1791 -, 1987

Cylindrical and spherical microcavity lasers based on evanescent-wave-coupled gain

Kyungwon Anresearcher, The Fourth Asian International Seminar on Atomic and Molecular Physics, 2000

Dawn-Dusk Magnetic Field Effect on Anisotropic Distribution Function From Different Momery in the Current Sheet

Choi, Duk In, Asia-Pacific Conf. on Plasma Science & Technology, pp.158 -, 1994

Dawn-Dusk Magnetic Field Effect on Anistropic Distribution Function from Differential Memory in the Current Sheet

최덕인, 한국물리학회, pp.175 -, 1994

Dawn-Dusk Magnetic Field Effects on the Distribution of Ions Accelerated in the Current Sheet of the Geomagnetic Tail

최덕인, 한국물리학회, pp.404 -, 1993

DC 표준을 위한 Nb-oxide-Pb Josephson Junction의 개발

Shin, Sung-Chulresearcher, 제 5차 국내외 한국과학기술자 심포지움 , pp.0 - 0, 1987-01-01

Deconvolution of lidar signal using matrix operation technique

Park, Y.J.; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher, Congress of the International Commission for Optics, 1996

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