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Programmable terahertz Waveforms Generated via Optical Rectification of Shaped Ultrafast Laser Pulses

Ahn, Jaewookresearcher; Efimov, A.V.; Averitt, R.D.; Taylor, A.J., Technical Digest: Proceedings in CLEO/IQEC 2004, Optical Society of America, 2004-05

Progress in Microcavity photonic crystal lasers (Plenary invited lecture)

Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher, 12th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON INTEGRATED OPTICS, pp.0 - 0, 2005-04-01

Progress in planarized vertical cavity surface emitting laser devices and arrays

Morgan, R.A.; Chirovsy, L.M.; Focht, M.W.; Guth, G.; Asom, M.T.; Leibenguth, R.E.; Robinson, K.C.; et al, Optical fiber Commun. Conference, SPIE, 1991

Propagation Characteristics of Intense Relativistic Electron Beam in Vacuum Drift Tube

최덕인, 한국물리학회, 1987

Propagation of Water Waves in Finite-size Two-dimensional Periodic Structures

KIM, JAE EUNresearcher, 한국물리학회, pp.79 - 79, 2001-01-01

Proper definition of mode size for novel nanoscale waveguides from crosstalk and nonlinearity point of views

Shin, JH; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher, Photonics West2011, 2011-01-26

Properties of Externally Driven Rotation in a Tokamak

Chang, Choong-Seockresearcher, IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, 1998

Properties of plasma generated by a sheat-helix antenna

Chang, Hong-Youngresearcher, 28th IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science(ICOPS) and 13th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference (PPC), IEEE, 2001-06-17

Properties of Plasmas generated by a Sheath-Helix Antenna

Uhm, HS; Uhm, SH; Chang, Hong-Youngresearcher, IEEE PPPS 2002, IEEE, 2002

Properties of plasmas generated by a single-turn antenna at lower-hybrid frequency

Uhm, S.; Uhm, H.S.; Chang, Hong-Youngresearcher, 2002 29th IEEE International Conference on plasma Science, pp.223 -, IEEE, 2002-05-26

Properties of YBCO thin films on single crystalline substrates of unconventional shape

구두훈; 김준호; 오상준; 염도준researcher, High temperature superconductivity, pp.38 -, 1997

Proposal of the practical laser fusion driver operating at high repetition rate over 10Hz by a beam combination technique using phase controlled stimulated Brillouin scattering mirrors

Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Baek, Du Hyun; Yoon, Jin Woo; Shin, Jae Sung, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, v.112, pp.032034 -, Institute of Physics, 2008

Propulsion of a domain wall in an antiferromagnet by magnons

Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, Quantum Spin Dynamics: From Exotic Excitations to Novel Transport and Non-Equilibrium Phenomena, MPIPKS, 2014-09

Propulsion of a domain wall in an antiferromagnet by magnons

김세권researcher, Seminar at POSTECH, POSTECH, 2014-08

Propulsion of a domain wall in an antiferromagnet by magnons

김세권researcher, Seminar at Seoul National University, 서울대학교, 2014-08

Propulsion of a domain wall in an antiferromagnet by magnons

김세권researcher, Seminar at Korea University, 고려대학교, 2014-08

Prospects for parallel nonlinear optical signal processing using GaAs etalon and ZnS interference filters

Gibbs, H.M.; Jewell, J.L.; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher; Macleod, A.; Olbright, G.; Peyghanbarian, N.; Ruchford, M.C.; et al, AAGARD conference proceedings, AAGARD, 1984

PR용융법에 의한 미세 렌즈의 제작과 그 측정

주영구; 송현우; 이용희researcher, 제2회 광자기술 학술회의, pp.0 - 0, 한국통신학회, 1993

PR용융법으로 만든 미세렌즈를 이용한 fiber to fiber coupling

유진호; 주영구; 이용희researcher, 제69회 한국물리학회, pp.0 - 0, 한국물리학회, 1994-01-01

PS-PEO Micellization

Kim, Mahn-Wonresearcher, APS annual meeting, 1999

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