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Unavoidable induced subgraphs in large graphs with no homogeneous sets

엄상일researcher, 2017 대한수학회 봄 연구발표회, 조선대학교, 2017-04-29

Unbounded solutions for periodic nonlinear elliptic problems

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, The mathematics of materials science: Ginzburg-Landau theory and related topics, NIMS, 2015-08-17

Uncertainty Measure for Selective Sampling Based on Class Probability Output Networks

Kim, HG; Lee, Soo-Youngresearcher; Kil, Rhee Man, 18th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2011), v.7064, pp.774 - 781, 2011-11-14

Uniform Convergence of Multigrid V-cycle iterations for indefinite and nonsymmetric problems

Kwak, Do Youngresearcher, Sixth Copper Mountain conference on Multigrid Methods, pp.43 - 60, 1993

Uniform distributions in binary expansions

Choe, Geon Horesearcher, Proc. of the Fifth Worksho o Math. and Phys, pp.1 - 11, The Korean Academic Council, 1998

Unramified cohomology of classifying spaces for semisimple groups of type C

Baek, Sanghoonresearcher, Workshop on Affine Algebraic Groups, Motives and Cohomological Invariants, Banff International Research Station, Alberta, Canada, 2018-09-21

V-cycle Multigrid convergence for the cell centered finite difference methods, 3-D case

Kwak, Do Youngresearcher, UNAM, pp.451 - 458, 2002

Variants of Hadwiger's conjecture

Oum, Sang-ilresearcher, Workshop on Probabilistic and Extremal Combinatorics Downunder, Monash University, 2016-06-16

Variants of HAdwiger's conjecture

Oum, Sang-ilresearcher, 2016 International Workshop on Graph Theory and Combinatorics, 이화여대, 2016-02-19

variational construction of clustering standing waves for NLS

변재형researcher, PDE Seminar, Chung-Ang University, 2013-04-04

Variational Shape Prior Segmentation With an Initial Curve Based on Image Registration Technique

Lee, Chang-Ockresearcher, The 6th KAIST-Fudan Workshop on Analysis and Applied Mathematics, KAIST, 2018-08-22

Variational Shape Prior Segmentation With an Initial Curve Based on Image Registration Technique

Lee, Chang-Ockresearcher, SIAM Conference on Imaging Sciences, SIAM, 2018-06-05

Verifications of visual characteristic of complex functions $f_{\alpha, c}(z)= z^{\alpha+c}$

Kim, Hong Ohresearcher, Proc. CGI'93, pp.345 - 357, 1993-07-01

Waring's problem for rational functions

Im, Bo-Haeresearcher, KMS-DMV Joint Conference, Korean Mathematical Society, 2018-10-04

Waring's problem for rational functions in one variable

Im, Bo-Haeresearcher, Fudan-KAIST Joint Workshop on Algebra and Geometry, KAIST, 2019-10-11

Waring's problem of rational functions in one variable

Im, Bo-Haeresearcher, Number Theory online Conference 2020, CARMA and AMSI, University of Newcastle, 2020-06-03

Weak Detection of Signal in the Spiked Wigner Model

Chung, Hye Wonresearcher; Lee, Ji Oonresearcher, Thirty-sixth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), ICML committee, 2019-06-11

Zeros of weakly holomorphic modular forms and quasi modular forms for certain groups

Im, Bo Haeresearcher, 2016 Japan-Korea Number Theory Workshop, POSTECH, Tokyo University, KSPS, 2016-02-01

공동 희소성을 이용한 전기 임피던스 단층 영상 복원 방법

이옥균; 임미경; 예종철; 강현배, 제 27회 영상처리 및 이해에 관한 워크샵, 한국통신학회, 2015-02-05

구급일지 데이터 분석을 통한 응급의료체계 모델링

이현진; 이태식researcher; 강완모researcher, 2015 대한산업공학회 추계학술대회, 대한산업공학회, 2015-11-07

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