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On the Henon equations

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, NCTS Workshop on Calculus of Variations and Related Topics, NCTS, 2014-10-29

On the queueing behavior of multiple first-order autoregressive sources

Hwang, Gang Ukresearcher; Sohraby, K., GLOBECOM'04 - IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, v.2, pp.1187 - 1191, 2004-11-29

On the slice rank method

엄상일researcher, KIAS Combinatorics Workshop, KIAS, 2017-06-02

One bump standing waves for nonlinear Schrödinger systems

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, From mechanics to Geometry in honor of Marshall Slemrod's 70th birthday, Seoul National University, 2014-05-26

One peak solutions for singularly pertubed elliptic systems I, II,

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, Workshop on nonlinear PDE and Calculus of Variation, Chern Institute of Mathematics, 2013-09-20

Optimal Throughput Analysis of A Super Dense Wireless Network with the Renewal Access Protocol

Kim, Yunbae; Hwang, Gangukresearcher, ICC 2015 - Workshop 13, IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2015-06-12

Optimal throughput analysis of random access policies for cognitive radio networks with multiple channel access

Park, Sangdon; Hwang, Gangukresearcher; Choi, Jun Kyunresearcher, 11th International Conference on Queueing Theory and Network Applications, QTNA 2016, pp.1 - 8, Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-12-13

Optimization problems in the simulation of multifactor portfolio credit risk

Kang, Wanmoresearcher; Lee, K, COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE AND ITS APPLICATIONS - ICCSA 2006, v.3982, pp.749 - 756, SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, 2006-05

Order-types of families of convex bodies

Holmsen, Andreas Fresearcher, 10th Korea-Japan Workshop on Algebra and Combinatorics, Postech, 2012-01-28

Orthogonal Lagrange Interpolating Polynomials and its Applications

Choi, UJinresearcher, SIAM, Washington D.C., 1991

Orthogonal Polynomials satisfying differential equations

Lee, J.K.; Yoo, B.H.; Kwon, Kil Hyunresearcher, The first GARC (SRC) Workshop Proc, pp.13 - 17, 1992-06-01

P2-reducing and toroidal Dehn fillings

Jin, Gyo Taekresearcher; Lee, Sangyop; Oh, Seungsang; Teragaito, Masakazu, Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, v.134, no.2, pp.271 - 288, 2003

Packet delay analysis of a wireless network with multiple relays under Rayleigh fading channels

Cho, H.I.; Hwang, Gang Ukresearcher, 5th International Conference on Queueing Theory and Network Applications, QTNA 2010, pp.59 - 66, QTNA, 2010-07-24

Parareal Neural Networks Emulating a Parallel-in-time Algorithm

Lee, Chang-Ockresearcher; Lee, Youngkyu; Park, Jongho, The 26th International Domain Decomposition Conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2020-12-08

Partitioning H-minor-free graphs into three subgraphs with no large components

Liu, Chun Hung; Oum, Sang Ilresearcher, 7th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop, KIAS, 2015-03-13

Performance analysis of a correlated queue in a packet switched network

Hwang, Gang Ukresearcher; Sohraby, K., GLOBECOM'02 - IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, v.3, pp.2654 - 2658, 2002-11-17

Performance analysis of broadcast packets in vehicular Ad Hoc networks

Kim, Jaedeok; Hwang, Gangukresearcher, 12th International Conference on Queueing Theory and Network Applications, QTNA 2017, pp.155 - 167, Springer Verlag, 2017-08-21

Performance analysis of distance-based inter-cell interference coordination in Small Cell Networks

Yoon, Jonghun; Hwang, Gangukresearcher, 18th IEEE International Symposium on A World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, WoWMoM 2017, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2017-06-12

Performance analysis of single relay cooperative ARQ protocol under time correlated Rayleigh fading channel

Hong, I.C.; Chan, Y.L.; Hwang, Gang Ukresearcher, New Technologies, Mobility and Security Conference and Workshops, NTMS 2008, NTMS, 2008-11-05

Performance Modeling and Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks with Hidden Nodes

Lee, Myung Woo; Hwang, Gangukresearcher; Roy, Sumit, 16th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM 2013), pp.135 - 142, ACM Sigsim, 2013-11-04

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