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Minimum energy consumption design of a two-hop relay network for QoS guarantee

Lee, C.Y.; Hwang, Gang Ukresearcher, 9th Annual Wireless Telecommunications Symposium, WTS 2010, WTS, 2010-04-21

Minimum Ergodic Rate Guarantees by Opportunistic Scheduling and Admission Control with Limited Feedback

Hwang, Gang Ukresearcher; Kim, Yoora, The 3rd Asia-Pacific symposium on queueing theory and network applications (QTNA2008), 2008-08-01

Model similarity and robustness in predictions from Bayesian networks

Kim, Sung-Horesearcher; Noh, Geon Youp, 26th IASTED International Conference on Modelling, Identification, and Control, MIC 2007, pp.397 - 401, 2007-02-12

Model similarity and robustness of classification under the assumption of positive association

Kim, Sung-Horesearcher; Noh, Geonyoup, The 25th Mini-EURO Conference: Uncertainty and Robustness in Planning and Decision Making, EURO Conference, 2010-04-16

Modelling and analysis of a buffer in an ATM-based MPLS LER system

Hwang, Gang Ukresearcher; Sohraby, K., GLOBECOM'02 - IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, v.2, pp.1613 - 1617, 2002-11-17

Modular forms and functions, their application to class field theory

Koo, JaKyungresearcher, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics , pp.147 - 166, 1992

MREIT conductivity imaging based on the local harmonic Bz algorithm: Animal experiments

Jeon, K.; Lee, Chang-Ockresearcher; Woo, E.J.; Kim, H.J.; Seo, J.K., 14th International Conference on Electrical Bioimpedance, Held in Conjunction with the 11th Conference on Biomedical Applications of EIT, ICEBI and EIT 2010, no.1, ICEBI, 2010-04-04

Multigrid Methods: Principles and Computation

Lee, Chang-Ockresearcher, Proceedings of Daewoo Workshop in Pure Mathematics, pp.217 - 240, 순수수학연구회, 1999-07

Neumann problems for the Henon equation

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, The 12th International Workshop on Differential Equations, Chonnam National University, 2015-05-28

Nonlinear Elliptic Problems in a Periodic Setting

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, Colloquium, Chern Institute of Mathematics, 2015-03-25

Nonlinear elliptic problems in a periodic setting

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, 2014 KAIST-FUDAN Workshop on Analysis and Applied Mathematics, KAIST, 2014-08-27

Nonlinear elliptic problems in Rn with Zn+1 -symmetry

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, Singularities Arising in Nonlinear Problems 2014, Kansai Seminar House, 2014-11-24

Nonlinear Elliptic Systems : Effect of Interactions between Components

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, International Workshop on Nonlinear PDEs and Applications, NYU-Shanghai, 2016-06-13

Nonlinear elliptic systems with mixed interactions between components SS2: Emergence and Dynamics of Patterns in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, The 11th AIMS Conference, AIMS, 2016-07-01

Nonlinear elliptic systems with mixed interactions between components, S06. Partial Differential Equations

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, 2016 AMC, AMC, 2016-07-25

Nonlinear Schrodinger systems with large interaction forces between different components, Asymptotic Patterns in Variational Problems: PDE and Geometric Aspects

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, Banff International Research Station-Casa Matemática, Banff International Research Station-Casa Matemática, 2016-09-26

Nonlinear Schroedinger systems

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, PDE seminar, Osaka city University, 2015-08-12

Nonlinear Schroedinger systems

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, IBS Symposium on Partial Differential Equations, Seoul National University, 2015-07-02

On 1-bridge torus knots

Choi, Doo Hoo; Ko, Ki-Hyoungresearcher, On Heegaard splittings and Dehn surgeries of 3-manifolds, and topics related to them, v.1229, pp.19 - 32, 2001

On Cochran sequence for classical links

Jin, Gyo Taekresearcher, Proc. Workshops in Pure Math., pp.221 - 227, 1988

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