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Bochner-Krall orthogonal polynomials

Kwon, Kil Hyunresearcher; Yoon, G. J.; Littlejohn, L. L., International Conference on Special Functions, pp.181 - 193, 1999-06-21

Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithms and Wieferich Primes

Cheon, Jung Hee; Lee, Dong Hoon; Hahn, Sang-Geunresearcher; Chee, Seongtaek, Japan-Korea Joint Workshop on Information Security and Cryptology 2000, pp.53 - 60, 2000-02

A Design of noise-robust speech-front-end based on tree-structured filter-bank

Kil, Rhee Man; Kim, Young-Ik; Kim, Hwa Kil; Kim, Sung-Horesearcher, The 7th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, pp.112 - 117, 2000-11-15

Modelling and analysis of a buffer in an ATM-based MPLS LER system

Hwang, Gang Ukresearcher; Sohraby, K., GLOBECOM'02 - IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, v.2, pp.1613 - 1617, 2002-11-17

On 1-bridge torus knots

Choi, Doo Hoo; Ko, Ki-Hyoungresearcher, On Heegaard splittings and Dehn surgeries of 3-manifolds, and topics related to them, v.1229, pp.19 - 32, 2001

Join trees for combining decomposable graphical models

Kim, Sung-Horesearcher, International Statistical Institute, pp.171 - 172, 2001-08-22

Combining decomposable knowledge structures

Kim, Sung-Horesearcher; Kil, Rhee Man, The 7th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, pp.838 - 841, 2000-11-15

Equivariant Approximation of Topological Objects by Algebraic Ones

Suh, Dong Youpresearcher, '95 Inha Symposium on Basic Science, 1995

The orders of the reductions of a point in the Mordell-Weil group of an elliptic curve

Cheon, Jung Hee; Hahn, Sang-Geunresearcher, Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics, pp.34 - 43, 1996

Ability diagnosis in junior high school first year Mathematics and a survey result

Kim, Sung-Horesearcher, The First International Commission on Mathematical Instruction- East Asia Regional Conference, pp.637 - 645, 1998-08-17

국가수준 학업성취도 평가의 영역 및 방법 --- 성취도 수준 이해의 관점에서.

김성호researcher, 한국교육평가학회, pp.49 - 69, 1998

ID-based cryptographic protocols for user identification and digital signature

Lee, Y.; Hahn, Sang-Geunresearcher, PRAGOCRYPT'96, pp.393 - 399, 1996

2n-plats of the n-component unlink

Jin, Gyo Taekresearcher, Topology, Proceedings of the Conference held in honor of Professor Jehpill Kim, pp.59 - 64, 1995

A super-replicable function and its application to class fields

Koo, JaKyungresearcher, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics , pp.79 - 88, 1998

Entire rational approximation of G-maps, Topology and Applications-International topology conference.

Suh, Dong Youpresearcher, Dedicated to P.O. Alexandroff's 100th Birthday, pp.217 - 218, 1996

Real projective structures and radiant affine structures on manifolds

Choi, Suhyoung, The proceedings of the conference on geometric structures on manifolds (Seoul, 1997), pp.55 - 67, 1997

Equivalence of function-theoretic conditions characterizing compact composition operators on H^2

Kim, Hong Ohresearcher, Symposium on Function Algebra-Hokkaido University, 1998

A Block Decoding Method of the 1st Order Reed Muller Code

한상근researcher; 김동건; 김용수, Workshops in Pure Mathematics, pp.147 - 153, 1998

The Orders of the Reductions of a Rational Point of an Elliptic Curve

천정희; 한상근researcher, Workshops in Pure Mathematics (대우워크샵), pp.97 - 102, 1997

The Orders of a Fixed Rational Point in the Mordell-Weil Groups E(F)

Cheon, J.; Hahn, Sang-Geunresearcher, Japan-Korea Seminar on Number Theory and Its Applications, pp.79 - 84, 1996

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