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Triosmium Cluster Derivatives of C60

Park, Joon Taikresearcher; Cho, JJ; Song, H, Inorganic Chemistry Symposium, v.2, pp.178 - 181, 1994-11-25

Magnesium Bromide Mediated Functional Group Conversion

김성각researcher, Korean Chemical Society Meetings (KCS), pp.921 -, 1989

Regulatory Sequences of Escherichia coli M1 RNA Gene. I (Proceeding)

Jeon, Eun Soon; Kim, HT; Park, Chung Ung; Lee, Younghoonresearcher, Proc. Mol. Biol. & Genet., pp.3 - 8, 1990

Electronic Structure Calculations Using Relatiristic Effective Core Potentials and Two-Component Molecular Spinors

Lee, Yoon Supresearcher, 4th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences, pp.0 - 0, 1994

Calcination-Dependence of Platinum Cluster Formation in NaY Zeolite : A Xenon-129 NMR Study

Ryoo, Ryongresearcher; Chmelka, B. F.; Menorval; Csencsits, R.; Liu, S.B., Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis Structure and Reactivity of Surfaces, pp.269 - 278, 1988

Organometallic Chemistry of Tungsten-Triosmium Cluster Compounds

Park, Joon Taikresearcher, The Symposium on Organometallics, pp.90 - 94, 1988-01-14

Organometallic Chemistry of Tungsten-Triosmium Cluster Compounds

Park, Joon Taikresearcher, Korea-U.S. Inorganic Chemistry Conference, 1988

Lewis Acid Mediated Functional Group Conversions

김성각researcher, Korean Chemcial Society Meetings (KCS), pp.409 -, 1987

Platinum nanoparticle encapsulation during hydrothermal growth of mesoporous oxides: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic properties

Grass, M; Hoefelmeyer, J; Niesz, K; Rioux, R; Somorjai, G; Song, Hyunjoonresearcher; Yang, P, Materials Research Society, pp.0 - 0, Materials Research Society, 2006-04-01

Hybrid gold architectures for sensing and catalytic applications

Song, Hyunjoonresearcher, 2009 MRS Spring Meeting, v.1176, pp.6 - 10, Materials Research Society, 2009-04-13

MCM-48-like Large Mesoporous Silicas with Tailored Pore Structure: Facile Synthesis Domain in a Ternary Triblock Copolymer-Butanol-Water System

Kim, Tae-Wan; Kleitz, Freddy; Paul, Blain; Ryoo, Ryong, Journal- American Chemical Society, Vol.127, No.20, pp.7601-7610, 2005-04-27

Magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity of a mesoporous carbon CMK-1

Kuno, M.; Naka, T.; Negishi, E.; Matsui, H.; Terasaki, Osamu; Ryoo, Ryong; Toyota, N., Synthetic Metals, Vol. 135-136, pp. 721-722, 2003-04-04

Design of bimetallic nanoparticles

Cho, SJ; Ryoo, Ryongresearcher, International Journal of Nanotechnology, v.3, no.2-3, pp.194 - 215, Inderscience, 2006-12

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