Study of flapping actuator modules using IPMC

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The Ionic Polymer Metal Composite (IPMC), an electro-active polymer, has many advantages including bending actuation, low weight, low power consumption, and flexibility. These advantages coincide with the requirements of flapping-wing motion. Thus, IPMC can be an adequate smart material for the generation of the flapping-wing motions. In this research, a flapping actuator module operated at the resonant frequency is developed using an IPMC actuator. First, IPMC actuators are fabricated to investigate the mechanical characteristics of IPMC as an actuator. The performances of the IPMC actuators, including the deformation, blocking force and natural frequency, are then obtained according to the input voltage and IPMC dimensions. Second, the empirical performance model and the equivalent stiffness model of the IPMC actuator are established. Third, flapping actuator modules using the first resonance frequency are developed, and their flapping frequency and stroke characteristics are investigated. Fourth, adequate flapping models for a flapping actuator module are selected, and dimensional data such as wing area and wing mass are obtained. Finally, the flapping actuator module is designed and manufactured to adjust the flapping models and its performance is tested. Experimental results demonstrate the potential IPMC has for use as a flapping actuator.
International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
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Ionic Polymer Metal Composite; IPMC; natural frequency; flapping wing


Proc. SPIE, Vol. 6524, 65241A

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