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The State of the Art on Microcarrier Culture Technology for Anchorage-dependent Cells

Kim, Jung Hoeresearcher, , 1988

Effect of Trace Metals and Vitamins on Quantitative Physiology of $Rhodotorula$ $glutinis$ in Continuous Culture

Rhee, Joon Shick, International Biotechnol. Symp., pp.190 -, 1988

Determination of in Vitro Transcription Initiation Sites of Phage SP6 RNA Polymerase Promoter Mutants

Nam, Sang-Chul; Kang, Changwonresearcher, Biochemical Society of ROK Annual Fall Meeting, pp.47 - 47, 1987-11-01

In Vitro Transcription Initiation Site of Phage SP6 RNA Polymerase

Nam, Sang-Chul; Kang, Changwonresearcher, The 42nd Congress of the Federation of Korean Biological Science Societies, pp.114 - 114, 1987-11-01

In Vitro Synthesis of Xenopus Borealis 5 S RNA

Kang, Changwonresearcher; Lee, In-Woo, Korea Society for Applied Microbiology Annual Fall Meeting, pp.43 - 43, 1987-10-01

Genetic Analysis of Phage SP6 Transcription Initiation

Kang, Changwonresearcher, Proceedings of the 10th Congress of Korean Scientists and Engineers in the World, v.0, no.0, pp.15 - 15, Proceedings of the 10th Congress of Korean Scientists and Engineers in the World, 1987-07-01

Molecular biology of bacterial behavior; Chemotactic sensingnd response in E.coli

Park, Chankyuresearcher, Symposium on biological sciences series, pp.0 - 0, 1987-04-01

Nucleotide Sequences of Immunoglobulin epsilon Genes of Chimpangee and Orang-Utan: DNA Molecular Clock and Hominoid Evolution

Sakoyama Y.; Hong K. J.; Hisajima H.; Byun, Si Myung, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, pp.1080 - 1084, PNAS, 1987-02

Fusion of Phospholipid Vesicles Mediated by Cytochrome C and Apocytochrome C

김형만, 한국생화학회, 1987

Phosphoinoside dependent phosphorylation of DNA polymerase alpha

Joe, Cheol Oresearcher, Proc. Fed. Amer. Soc., 1987

Synthesis of New Local Anti-Inflammatory Steroids and Biochemical Properties

변시명, 한국 생화학회 추계 학술발표회, 1987

Characterization of Nuclear Confined hnRNA in HeLa Cell

변시명, 한국 생화학회 추계 학술발표회, 1987

Analysis of Multi-form Cellulases of Sporotrichum cellulophilum

Kim, Jung Hoeresearcher; Kinoshita, S; Tamaki, M; Svarachorn, A; Araujo, A, pp.37 - 44, 1987

Dynamic Behaviour of Continuous Culture of a Recombinant E. coli

Kim, Jung Hoeresearcher; Nam, SW; Kim, BK, pp.498 - 501, 1987

Evaluation of Drug and Chemical Toxicity with Cultured Hepatocytes System

양규환, Korean Society of Toxicology Press, pp.202 - 217, 1987

In Vitro Immunotoxicological Assays for Detection of Chemicals Requiring Metabolic Activation in Hepatocyte-splenocyte Coculture System

양규환, Korean Society of Toxicology Press, pp.31 - 42, 1987

색소에 접합된 $\beta$-glucan 을 이용한 $\beta$-glucan 분해효소 생산 균주의 분리 및 동정

정안식, 한국미생물학회지, pp.339 - 345, 1987

Production of pullulan from Inulin by a Mixed Culture of $Aureobasidiam$ $pullulans$ and $Kluyreromyces$ $fragilis$

변시명, 제1차 한국 미생물 관련학회 학술발표회, 1987

Effect of Aeration Rates on the Production of Pullulan and Rological Properties of Fermentation Broth

변시명, 한국 식품과학회 춘계 학술발표회, 1987

Rearrangement of Ligh Chaim Gene of Anti-Tac Antibody

Byun, Si Myung, International Meeting of Biochemistry, pp.139 -, 1987


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