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Cross-flow Analogy and Euler Solutions for Missile Body Aerodynamics

이재명; 박승오researcher; 김인선, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES , v.1, no.2, pp.9 - 16, 2000-11

Cross-Layer Routing and Scheduling for Onboard Processing Satellites with Phased Array Antenna

Choi, Jihwan P.researcher; Chang, Seok-Ho; Chan, Vincent W. S., IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, v.16, no.1, pp.180 - 192, 2017-01

Cross-talk-interaction-induced combustion instabilities in a can-annular lean-premixed combustor configuration

Moon, Kihun; Jegal, Hyunwook; Yoon, Changjin; Kim, Kyu Taeresearcher, COMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.220, pp.178 - 188, 2020-07

Crossply 면재를 갖는 단순지지된 샌드위치 평판의 점탄성적 좌굴해석

홍창선researcher; 김천곤researcher, 한국항공우주학회지, v.14, no.2, pp.57 - 66, 1986-08

Cubature Kalman Filter Based Fault Detection and Isolation for Formation Control of Multi-UAVs

Kim, Sang Hyeon; Negash, Lebsework; Choi, Han-Limresearcher, IFAC-PapersOnLine, v.49, no.15, pp.63 - 68, 2016

Cubic Fokker-Planck method for rarefied monatomic gas flow through a slit and an orifice

Jun, Eunjiresearcher; Grabe, Martin; Hannemann, Klaus, Computers and Fluids, v.175, pp.199 - 213, 2018-10

Cubic Fokker-Planck-DSMC hybrid method for diatomic rarefied gas flow through a slit and an orifice

Jun, Eunjiresearcher, VACUUM, v.159, pp.125 - 133, 2019-01

Cubic-B-Spline함수를 이용한 최적 지형추종에 관한 연구

김호상; 이성만; 박승오researcher, 한국항공우주학회지, v.22, no.4, pp.109 - 118, 1994-08

Cure Monitoring of Composite Laminates Using Fiber Optic Sensors

Kang, Hyun-Kyu; Kang, Dong-Hoon; Bang, Hyung-Joon; Hong, Chang-Sun; Kim, Chun-Gon, Smart Materials and Structures, v.11 no.2, pp.279-287, 2002

Cure monitoring of composite laminates using fiber optic sensors

Kang, HK; Kang, DH; Bang, HJ; Hong, Chang Sunresearcher; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, SMART MATERIALS & STRUCTURES, v.11, no.2, pp.279 - 287, 2002-04

Cure Monitoring of Composite Laminates Using Fiber Optic Sensors

Kang, H. K.; Kang, D. H.; Bang, H. J.; Hong, C. S.; Kim, C. G., Smart Materials and Structures, Vol.11, No.2, pp.279-287, 2002

Cured Shape of Unsymmetric Laminates with Arbitrary Lay-Up Angles

Jun, W. J.; Hong, Chang Sunresearcher, JOURNAL OF REINFORCED PLASTICS AND COMPOSITES, v.11, no.12, pp.1352 - 1366, 1992-12

CUSUM-based GNSS Spoofing Detection Method for Users of GNSS Augmentation System

Jeong, Seongkyun; Kim, Minchan; Lee, Jiyunresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.21, no.2, pp.513 - 523, 2020-06

CWS액적의 증발 및 점화에 관한 실험적 연구

안국영; 백승욱researcher; 김관태, 대한기계학회논문집 A, v.17, no.5, pp.1246 - 1252, 1993-01

Damage analysis of a type 3 cryogenic propellant tank after LN2 storage test

Kang, Sang-Guk; Kim, Myung-Gon; Park, Sang-Wuk; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Kong, Cheol-Won, JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS, v.42, no.10, pp.975 - 992, 2008-05

Damage assessment in layered composites using spectral analysis and Lamb wave

Kim, Young-Han; Kim, Dae-Hyun; Han, Jung-Ho; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING, v.38, no.7-8, pp.800 - 809, 2007

Damage detection of composite structures using a stabilized extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometric sensor system

Kim, DH; Koo, BY; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Hong, Chang Sunresearcher, SMART MATERIALS & STRUCTURES, v.13, no.3, pp.593 - 598, 2004-06

Damage evaluation and strain monitoring for composite cylinders using tin-coated FBG sensors under low-velocity impacts

Kim, Sang-Woo; Kim, Eun-Ho; Jeong, Min-Soo; Lee, Inresearcher, COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING, v.74, pp.13 - 22, 2015-06

Damage evaluation and strain monitoring of composite plates using metal-coated FBG sensors under quasi-static indentation

Kim, Sangwoo; Cha, Myung-Chan; Lee, Inresearcher; Kim, Eun-Ho; Kwon, Il-Bum; Hwang, Tae-Kyung, COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING, v.66, pp.36 - 45, 2014-11

Damage visualization of a cylindrical CFRP lattice-skin structure based on a pulse-echo ultrasonic propagation imager

Shin, Hye-Jin; Choi, Yunshil; Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher, MEASUREMENT, v.147, 2019-12



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