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A review of flaws and damage in space launch vehicles: Motors and engines

Dhital, Dipesh; Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher; Farrar, Charles; Mascarenas, David, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT MATERIAL SYSTEMS AND STRUCTURES, v.25, no.5, pp.524 - 540, 2014-03

Ablation characteristics of aluminum alloy wings with yttria partially-stabilized zirconia coating

Kim, Gyeongrok; Lee, Sanghoon; Park, Gisuresearcher; Kang, Inyoung; Jang, Minki, AEROSPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.105, pp.106024, 2020-10

Aeroelastic analysis of bearingless rotors using large deflection beam theory

Lim, IG; Lee, Inresearcher, AIAA JOURNAL, v.45, no.3, pp.599 - 606, 2007-03

Aeroelastic analysis of composite rotor blades in hover

Jeon, SM; Cho, MH; Lee, Inresearcher, COMPUTERS STRUCTURES, v.66, no.1, pp.59 - 67, 1998-01

Aerothermoelastic phenomena of aerospace and composite structures

Lee, Inresearcher; Roh, JH; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, JOURNAL OF THERMAL STRESSES, v.26, no.6, pp.525 - 546, 2003-06

Autoignition and combustion characteristics of heptane droplets with the addition of aluminium nanoparticles at elevated temperatures

Javed, Irfan; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher; Waheed, Khalid, COMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.162, no.1, pp.191 - 206, 2015-01

Characteristics of smart composite wing with SMA actuators and optical fiber sensors

Yang, Seung-Man; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher; Lee, Inresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED ELECTROMAGNETICS AND MECHANICS, v.23, no.3-4, pp.177 - 186, 2006

Combustion of a single emulsion fuel droplet in a rapid compression machine

Kim, Hyemin; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher, ENERGY, v.106, pp.422 - 430, 2016-07

Configuration maintenance of inflated membrane structures using SMA film actuators

Roh, Jin-Ho; Lee, Inresearcher, CMES-COMPUTER MODELING IN ENGINEERING & SCIENCES, v.26, no.1, pp.13 - 30, 2008-03

Dissipation and resilience of elastomeric segmented copolymers under extreme strain rates

Cho, Hansohlresearcher; Bartyczak, Susan; Mock, Willis, Jr.; Boyce, Mary C., POLYMER, v.54, no.21, pp.5952 - 5964, 2013-10

Effects of actuator nonlinearity on aeroelastic characteristics of a control fin

Shin, WH; Lee, SJ; Lee, Inresearcher; Bae, JS, JOURNAL OF FLUIDS AND STRUCTURES, v.23, no.7, pp.1093 - 1105, 2007-10

Effects of multiple structural nonlinearities on limit cycle oscillation of missile control fin

Seo, Young-Jin; Lee, Seung-Jun; Bae, Jae-Sung; Lee, Inresearcher, JOURNAL OF FLUIDS AND STRUCTURES, v.27, no.4, pp.623 - 635, 2011-05

Effects of structural nonlinearity on subsonic aeroelastic characteristics of an aircraft wing with control surface

Bae, JS; Inman, DJ; Lee, Inresearcher, JOURNAL OF FLUIDS AND STRUCTURES, v.19, no.6, pp.747 - 763, 2004-07

Engineering the Mechanics of Heterogeneous Soft Crystals

Cho, Hansohlresearcher; Weaver, James C.; Poeselt, Elmar; in't Veld, Pieter J.; Boyce, Mary C.; Rutledge, Gregory C., ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.26, no.38, pp.6938 - 6949, 2016-10

Evaluation System for Ablative Material in a High-Temperature Torch

Lee, Sanghoon; Park, Gisuresearcher; Kim, Jae Gang; Paik, Jong Gyu, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.20, no.3, pp.620 - 635, 2019-09

Evaporation of a single emulsion fuel droplet in elevated temperature and pressure conditions

Kim, Hyemin; Won, Jonghan; Baek, Seung Wookresearcher, FUEL, v.226, pp.172 - 180, 2018-08

Experimental studies on active shape control of composite structures using SMA actuators

Yang, SM; Roh, JH; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher; Lee, Inresearcher, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT MATERIAL SYSTEMS AND STRUCTURES, v.17, no.8-9, pp.767 - 777, 2006-08

Fabrication of a thin and lightweight microwave absorber containing Ni-coated glass fibers by electroless plating

Nam, Young-Woo; Choi, Jae-Hun; Lee, Won-Jun; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.145, pp.165 - 172, 2017-06

High-velocity impact onto a high-frictional fabric treated with adhesive spray coating and shear thickening fluid impregnation

Kim, YunHo; Kumar, Sarath Sathish Kumar; Park, Yurim; Kwon, Hyunseok; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING, v.185, 2020-03

Ignition of a Binary Component Fuel Droplet in a Rapid Compression Machine: Comparative Analysis

Kim, Hyemin; Baek, Seung Wookresearcher; Han, Sang Heon, COMBUSTION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.187, no.4, pp.659 - 677, 2015-01

Limit cycle oscillation of missile control fin with structural non-linearity

Bae, JS; Lee, Inresearcher, JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION, v.269, no.3-5, pp.669 - 687, 2004-01

Multi-functional aramid/epoxy composite for stealth space hypervelocity impact shielding system

Nam, Young-Woo; Sathish Kumar, Sarath Kumar; Venkat Akhil Ankem; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, v.193, pp.113 - 120, 2018-06

One-dimensional coolability and concrete ablation analysis of volumetrically heat-generating debris bed

Na, Hanbee; Lee, Hee Joon; Kwon, Sejinresearcher; Kim, Sang Jae; Kim, Jihun, ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, v.106, pp.256 - 270, 2017-08

Polybenzimidazole (PBI) film coating for improved hypervelocity impact energy absorption for space applications

Kumar, Sarath Kumar Sathish; Jurado-Manriquez, Edwin Antonio; Kim, Yunho; Choi, Chunghyeon; Baluch, Abrar H.; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, v.188, pp.72 - 77, 2018-03


KIM, ZG; Hong, Chang Sunresearcher; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, JOURNAL OF REINFORCED PLASTICS AND COMPOSITES, v.14, no.8, pp.827 - 846, 1995-08

Postbuckling strength of stiffened composite plates with impact damage

Kong, CW; Hong, Chang Sunresearcher; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, AIAA JOURNAL, v.38, no.10, pp.1956 - 1964, 2000-10

Preliminary feasibility study of post-flooding ex-vessel corium cooling strategy by CFD spreading simulations and concrete ablation analysis

Na, Hanbee; Kim, Hyung Sop; Lee, Hee Joon; Kim, Do Sam; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY, v.97, pp.139 - 152, 2017-05

Shear-flow rheology and viscoelastic instabilities of ethanol gel fuels

Nandagopalan, Purushothaman; John, Jerin; Baek, Seung Wookresearcher; Miglani, Ankur; Ardhianto, Kurniawan, EXPERIMENTAL THERMAL AND FLUID SCIENCE, v.99, pp.181 - 189, 2018-12

Simulation method for complex permittivities of carbon black/epoxy composites at microwave frequency band

Kim, JB; Kim, TW; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, v.100, no.3, pp.2189 - 2195, 2006-05

Stacking Order Effect of Hybrid Bumper Against High-Velocity Impact

Kim, YunHo; Moon, Jin-Bum; Cha, JiHun; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.21, no.1, pp.95 - 104, 2020-03

Surface molecular degradation of 3D glass polymer composite under low earth orbit simulated space environment

Awaja, Firas; Moon, Jin-Bum; Zhang, Shengnan; Gilbert, Michael; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Pigram, Paul J., POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY, v.95, no.6, pp.987 - 996, 2010-06

Tensile Properties of Carbon Fiber Composites with Different Resin Compositions at Cryogenic Temperatures

Kim, Myung-Gon; Kang, Sang-Guk; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Kong, Cheol-Won, ADVANCED COMPOSITE MATERIALS, v.19, no.1, pp.63 - 77, 2010

The Viscosity and Combustion Characteristics of Single-Droplet Water-Diesel Emulsion

Won, Jonghan; Baek, Seung Wookresearcher; Kim, Hyemin; Lee, Hookyung, ENERGIES, v.12, no.10, 2019-05

Thermal post-buckling analysis of shape memory alloy hybrid composite shell panels

Roh, JH; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher; Yang, SM; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher; Lee, Inresearcher, SMART MATERIALS & STRUCTURES, v.13, no.6, pp.1337 - 1344, 2004-12

Thermo-gravimetric analysis method to determine the fiber volume fraction for PAN-based CFRP considering oxidation of carbon fiber and matrix

Kim, Yunho; Choi, Chunghyeon; Sathish Kumar, Sarath Kumar; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Kim, Sun-Won; Lim, Jae Hyuk, COMPOSITES PART A-APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING, v.102, pp.40 - 47, 2017-07

Underwater vibration analysis method for rotating propeller blades using laser Doppler vibrometer

Abbas, Syed Haider; Jang, Jae-Kyeong; Kim, Dong-Ho; Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher, OPTICS AND LASERS IN ENGINEERING, v.132, 2020-09

레이저 초음파 기반 반사식 회전 검사 기법을 이용한 오토클레이브 가공L 형 복합재 구조물의 모서리 검사

이영준; 이정률researcher; 홍성진, COMPOSITES RESEARCH, v.31, no.5, pp.246 - 250, 2018-10



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