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Control of dielectric properties of micropattern printed fabric for radar absorbing structures

Kim, Sang-Yong; Lee, Won-Jun; Baek, Sang-Min; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, v.274, 2021-10

Development of wireless SHM sensor node for in-flight real-time monitoring using embedded CNT fiber sensors

Park, Jinwoo; SUNG, YEOL HUN; ON, SEUNG YOON; Kwon, O-Hyun; Bang, Hyochoongresearcher; Kim, Seong Suresearcher; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher; et al, SMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS, v.28, no.3, pp.333 - 341, 2021-09

Low-order modeling of the mutual synchronization between two turbulent thermoacoustic oscillators

Guan, Yu; Moon, Kihun; Kim, Kyu Taeresearcher; Li, Larry, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.104, no.2, pp.024216, 2021-08

Scaling of catalyst bed for hydrogen peroxide monopropellant thrusters using catalytic decomposition modeling

Jung, Sangwoo; Choi, Sukmin; Heo, Seonuk; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.187, pp.167 - 180, 2021-10

Nonlinear Optimal Impact-Angle-Constrained Guidance with Large Initial Heading Error

Li, Hongyan; Wang, Jiang; He, Shaoming; Lee, Chang-Hunresearcher, JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE CONTROL AND DYNAMICS, v.44, no.9, pp.1663 - 1676, 2021-09

Review of 5G NTN Standards Development and Technical Challenges for Satellite Integration With the 5G Network

Hosseinian, Mohsen; Choi, Jihwan P.researcher; Chang, Seok-Ho; Lee, Jungwon, IEEE AEROSPACE AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS MAGAZINE, v.36, no.8, pp.22 - 31, 2021-08

Multi-functional Fighter Radar Scheduling Method for Interleaved Mode Operation of Airborne and Ground Target

Kim, Do-Un; Lee, Woo-Cheol; Choi, Han-Limresearcher; Park, Joontae; Park, Junehyune; Seo, JeongJik, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN SOCIETY FOR AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.49, no.7, pp.581 - 588, 2021-07

한국형 우주비행기의 기준 항력 추종 기반 재진입 유도 기법

윤다인; 김영원; 이창훈researcher; 최한림researcher; 유혁, 한국항공우주학회지, v.49, no.8, pp.637 - 648, 2021-08

Design and Prototyping of Rotational Bi-Stable Mechanism Using Permanent Magnets

Yang, Hyeon-Ho; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher, JOURNAL OF MECHANISMS AND ROBOTICS-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, v.13, no.5, pp.051004, 2021-10

Recurrent neural network model to predict re-entry trajectories of uncontrolled space objects

Jung, Okchul; Seong, Jaedong; Jung, Youyeun; Bang, Hyochoongresearcher, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, v.68, no.6, pp.2515 - 2529, 2021-09

Integrated Framework for Task Scheduling and Attitude Control of Multiple Agile Satellites

Kim, Junhong; Ahn, Jaemyungresearcher, JOURNAL OF AEROSPACE INFORMATION SYSTEMS, v.18, no.8, pp.539 - 552, 2021-08

Multi-slab hybrid radar absorbing structure containing short carbon fiber layer with controllable permittivity

Jin, dohyeon; Jang, Min-Su; Choi, Jae-Hun; Jang, WooHyeok; Choi, Won Ho; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, v.273, pp.114279, 2021-10

Combustion dynamics of multi-element lean-premixed hydrogen-air flame ensemble

Kang, Hyebin; Kim, Kyu Taeresearcher, COMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.233, no.11, pp.111585, 2021-11

Optimal Threshold of Intermittent Maneuver for Target Observability Improvement

Lee, Dong-Yeon; Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher; Lee, Chang-Hunresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.22, no.4, pp.911 - 922, 2021-08

A Practical Optimal Guidance Scheme Under Impact Angle and Terminal Acceleration Constraints

Chi, Hyo-Seon; Lee, Yong-In; Lee, Chang-Hunresearcher; Choi, Han-Limresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.22, no.4, pp.923 - 935, 2021-08

Integrated Framework for Staging and Trajectory Optimization of a Launch Vehicle Considering Range Safety Operations

Cho, Byounggyu; Jo, Byeongun; Ahn, Jaemyungresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.22, no.4, pp.963 - 973, 2021-08

Combustion Characteristics of Multi-Element Swirl Coaxial Jet Injectors under Varying Momentum Ratios

So, Younseok; Han, Yeoungmin; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, ENERGIES, v.14, no.13, 2021-07

Roles of wing flexibility and kinematics in flapping wing aerodynamics

Addo-Akoto, Reynolds; Han, Jong-Seob; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher, JOURNAL OF FLUIDS AND STRUCTURES, v.104, 2021-07

Collision-geometry-based optimal guidance for high-speed target

Kim, Boseok; Kim, Young-Won; Cho, Namhoon; Lee, Chang-Hunresearcher, AEROSPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.115, 2021-08

Preparation and Performance Evaluation of Platinum Barium Hexaaluminate Catalyst for Green Propellant Hydroxylamine Nitrate Thrusters

Kang, Shinjae; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, MATERIALS, v.14, no.11, 2021-06



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