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Large Deformation Analysis of Inflated Membrane Boom Structures with Various Slenderness Ratios

Roh, J.-H.; Yoo, E.-J.; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher; Lee, Inresearcher, 48th AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, pp.1256 - 1265, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2007-04-23

Large eddy simulation of flow and exchange processes in a channel with an open cavity

Chang, K.S.; Constantinescu, S.G.; Park, Seung Oresearcher, American Physical Society, 2004-11

Large Eddy Simulation of flow and mass exchange in a channel with an open cavity

Chang, K.S.; Constantinescu, G.; Park, Seung Oresearcher, WTPC conference, 2006-03

Large-scale Interactions between Two Self-excited Partially-premixed Flames in a Model Gas Turbine Combustor

Kang, Hyebin; Kim, Kyu Taeresearcher, Sixteenth International Conference on Flow Dynamics, Institute of Fluid Science Tohoku Univeristy, 2019-11-08

Laser beam-size effect on pulse-echo ultrasonic inspection of composite structures

Abetew, Ayalsew Dagnew; 홍승찬; 이정률researcher; 인정범, 2017 비파괴검사학회 춘계학술대회, 한국비파괴검사학회, 2017-05-26

Laser Bulk Wave Propagation System and Its Real World Applications

이정률researcher, 2017 비파괴검사학회 춘계학술대회, 한국비파괴검사학회, 2017-05

Laser excitation and fully non-contact sensing ultrasonic propagation imaging system for damage evaluation

Dhital, D; Park, CY; Flynn, EB; Lee, Jung Ryulresearcher, Industrial and Commercial Applications of Smart Structures Technologies 2012, SPIE, 2012-03-11

Laser ultrasonic rotation scanning for corner inspection of L-shaped composite structure

LEE, YOUNGJUN; Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher; Hong, Sung-Jin, 9th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and The University of Manchester, 2018-07

Laser Ultrasonic Rotational Scanning Inspection of Curved Structure

LEE, YOUNGJUN; Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher, The 10th Kyushu University-KAIST Symposium on Aerospace Engineering, KAIST, 2018-12

Laser ultrasonic system for surface crack visualization in dissimilar weld of control rod drive mechanism assembly of nuclear power plant

Lee, Jung Ryulresearcher; choi, yunshil; Jeong, HM, Advances in Structural Health Management and Composite Structures 2012, 전북대학교, 2012-08

Least squares based PID control of an electromagnetic suspension system

Park, Y.M.; Nam, M.R.; Seo, I.H.; Lee, S.H.; Lim, J.T.; Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher, ICCAS 2003, 2003-10

LEO Space Environment Simulation

Han, Joo H; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Composite Materials, pp.103 - 105, 2003-10-16

LES and DES of an open cavity flow within a fully developed turbulent channel

Chang, K.S.; Park, Seung Oresearcher; Constantinescu, G., Third International Conference on Flow Dynamics (ICFD2006), International Conference on Flow Dynamics, 2006-11

Life prediction of graphite/epoxy composites under short-term exposure test

Shin, K.-B.; Han, S.-H.; Yoon, S.-H.; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Hong, Chang Sunresearcher, Advancing Materials in the Global Economy - Applications, Emerging Markets and Evolving Technologies, pp.746 - 758, 2003-05-11

Light source target design for vision-based blended wing body UAV recovery

Won, D.-Y.; Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher, SICE Annual Conference 2008 - International Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Information Technology, pp.2612 - 2615, 2008-08-20

Light weight fuel cell system using NaBH4 alkaline solution for small UAV

Kim, Kyunghwan; Oh, Taekhyun; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, 5th Kyushu Univ.-KAIST Symposium on Aerospace Engineering, pp.64 - 68, 5th Kyushu Univ.-KAIST Symposium on Aerospace Engineering, 2011-11-24

Lightning Strike Experiment and Failure Characteristics of Glass/epoxy and Electroless Nickel Plated Glass/epoxy for Radar Absorbing Structures

Jang, Min-Su; Nam, Young-Woo; Choi, Jae-Hun; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, The 10th KAIST-Kyushu University Symposium on Aerospace Engineering, KAIST, 2018-12-07

Limit Cycle Oscillation Characteristics of 2D Model with Bilinear Plunge Spring

Bae, J.S; Lee, Inresearcher; Shin, Y. S; Lee, Y.W, Trans. of JSASS 16th Int’l Sessions in 40th Aircraft Symposium, pp.79 - 82, 2002-10

Limit-Cycle Oscillation Suppression of Bioinspired Ornithopter: Wind Tunnel Testing

Lee, J.-S; Lee, D.-K; Lee, J.-H; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher, ASME 2011 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems (SMASIS 2011), 2011-09-18

Limit-Cycle Oscillation Suppression of Ornithopter Longitudinal Flight Dynamics

Kim, J.-K; Lee, J.-S; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher, AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference(AIAA GNC 2011), 2011-08-09

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