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Interaction of a Moving Shock Wave with Multiple Serial Vortices(AIAA-2002-0075)

Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, AIAA Conference, 2002

Interaction of a Turbulent Vortex with a Lifting Surface

Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher; Roberts, L., AIAA 23rd Aerospace Science Meeting, AIAA, 1985

Interaction of Shocks and Vortices Generated by Multiple Slits

Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, Internatiomnal Mach Reflection Symposium, pp.8 -, 2002

Interactive Laminar Natural Convection from a pair of Horizontally Parallel Square Cylinders

Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, Procedings of the 1st Computational Fluid Mechanics Symposium, pp.22 - 24, 1987

Interference effect on Rotor Thickness Noise

Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher; Chung, C. M.; Park, S. C., , 1991-10

Interlaminar Fracture Characteristics of Graphite/Epoxy Composite Materials

Hong, Chang Sunresearcher, Proc. of the Second Conf. of Asian-Pacific Congress on Strength Evaluation, APCS-86, pp.149 - 154, 1986

Internal Strain Monitoring of Filament Wound Pressure Tanks Using Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Kang, Dong-hoon; Kim, Cheol-ung; Park, Sang-wuk; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, SHMII-2'2005, pp.455 - 460, SHMII, 2005-11

Introduction to Engineering Institute Korea Technology

Flynn, EB; Lee, Jung Ryulresearcher, The GRDC Symposium 2012: Green Science and Engineering for Health and Environment, 교육과학기술부 및 한국연구재단, 2012-11

Inverse Analysis of Estimating Inlet Temperature for Two Phase Laminar Flow in a Parallel Plate Duct

Hong, YK; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher, The International Conference on Computational Methods, 2004-12

Inverse Estimation of Inlet Parameters in an axisymmetric cylindrical combustor with radiation effect

Lee, K.H.; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher, Proceeding of Eurotherm83 - Computational Thermal Radiation in Participatig Media III, 2009-04-15

Inverse Heat Transfer Problem for Natural Convection with Radiation

Hong, Y.K.; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher; Kim, M.Y., International Symposium on Radiative Transfer V, 2007-06-18

Inverse Radiative Problem with Natural Convection Phenomenon

Hong, Y.K.; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher, The 22nd International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2008-08-25

Investigating Natural Hazards Using GNSS Measurements: The Chelyabinsk Meteor Ionospheric Impact

Yang,Yu-ming; Komjathy, Attila; Butala, Mark D; Mannucci, Anthony J.; Langley, R.B.; Snively, Jonathan; Hickey, Michael; et al, 26th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2013), pp.3480 - 3488, Institute of Navigation, 2013-09

Investigation of a Droplet Combustion with Nongray Gas Radiation Effect

Choi, CE; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher, Proceedings of the 3rd KSME-JSME Thermal Engineering Conference, v.3, pp.313 - 318, 1996-10

Investigation of aluminium plate damage visualization by through-the-thickness ultrasound generated and detected by lasers

Abetew, AD; Hong, Seungchan; Lee, Jung Ryulresearcher, 14th International Conference on Structures under Shock and Impact, University of Liverpool, 2016-05

Investigation of boosting nozzle at downstream of supersonic cavity with transitional behavior obser

Kim, Sehoon; Kim, Hyungjun; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, 7th Asian Symposium on Visualization, pp.112 - 114, 2003

Investigation of boosting nozzle at downstream of supersonic cavity with transitional behavior obser

Kim, Sehoon; Kim, Hyungjun; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, 7th Asian Symposium on Visualization, 2003

Investigation of BVI noise generations using Free Wake embedded Computational Aeroacoustics

Wie, S.Y.; Chung, K.H.; Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher, Heli-Japan, pp.0 - 0, Heli Japan, 2006-11

Investigation of Dust Particle Ignition by Reflected Shock Waves

Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher; Kauffman, CW, WSS Meeting of the Combustion Institute, 1987-04

Investigation of Epoxy Matrix Resistance against the Low Earth Orbit Environment by Adding MWCNT and Nano-Silica

Son, Gilsang; Park, Yurim; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, ACCM 8, Asian-Australasian Association for Composite Materials (AACM), 2012-11-06

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