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Investigation of Main Rotor-Tail Rotor Interaction in Hover Flight using Vortex Particle Method

Park, Se-Hwan; Chu, Yeon Bok; Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher, 5th Asian/Australian Rotorcraft Forum, Asian/Australian Rotorcraft Forum, 2016-11-17

Investigation of Multi-layer Embedded FBG Sensor Response under Simulated LEO Environment Exposure

Park, Yurim; Kwon, Hyunseok; Shrestha, Pratik; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, The 10th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials, The Korean Society for Composite Materials, 2016-10-18

Investigation of parallel blade vortex interaction with split tip vortices

Cho, C. H.; Hwang, C.; Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher, 3rd International Conference on Vortex Flows and Vortex Models (ICVFM2005), pp.0 - 0, 2005-11-01

Investigation of Performance Enhancement Using Glass Fabric as Structural Battery Separator

Choi, Joo-seung; Pyo, Jaechan; Park, HyunWook; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, The 3rd International Workshop on Active Materials and Soft Mechatronics, Korea Society for Composite Materials, 2018-10-25

Investigation of Saffman-Taylor Instability in Premixed Flame

Kang, SH; Im, HG; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher, The Fourth Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, 2003-11

Investigation of supersonic jet screech tones using an optimized compact scheme

Lee, C.; Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher, The 9th Western Pacific Acoustics Conference, WESPAC IX 2006, 2006-06

Investigation of Tensile and Thermal Responses of a Composite/Aluminum Ring Specimen at Cryogenic Temperature

Kim, M.-G.; Kang, S.-G.; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, SAMPE '07: M and P - From Coast to Coast and Around the World, 2007-06-03

Investigation of the Mechanisms Affecting the Dynamics of Technically Premixed Flames Using LES and System Identification

Ulhaq, Ahtsham; Silva, Camilo; Polifke, Wolfgang; Kim, Kyu Taeresearcher, 50th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE, 2014-07-28

Investigation of Thermal Ignition and Explosion of Carbon Particle Clouds within Confined Hot Air

Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher; Ahn, KY, The 14th International Colloquium on Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems, 1993-08

Investigation on Catalytic Combustion of Hydrogen-Air premixed gas in 10mm Scale Catalytic Combustor

Choi, Wonyong; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, The 21st Century COE Program - Japan-Korea Joint Workshop, 2004

Investigation on Combustion Phenomena in Down Scaled Combustor for the Application of PowerMEMS

Na, HanBee; Lee, Dae Hoon; Choi, Won-young; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, 4th ASPACC, Asia Pacific Conference on Combustion, 2003

Investigation on Double Compression Ramp Flow Characteristics Using IR Thermography

김익현; 이재호; 박기수researcher; 변영환; 이종국, 2014년도 한국가시화정보학회 추계학술대회, 한국가시화정보학회, 2014-12-05

Investigation on The Laser Wavelength (532 nm & 1064 nm) Effect in Ultrasonic Wave Generation

Jang, Jae Kyeong; Lee, Jung Ryulresearcher, Advances in Structural Health Management and Composite Structures 2014, Chonbuk National University, 2014-08

Investigation on the Origin and Behavior of Tonal Noise from an Airfoil by PSE Analysis

Park, Dong Hun; Park, Seung Oresearcher, 18th International Conference on Sound and Vibration, The International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV), 2011-07

Investigation on the Protective Effect of MWCNT/Epoxy Film From the Low Earth Orbit environment

Son, Gilsang; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, 9th International Conference on Fracture & Strength of Solids, FEOFS 2013, FEOFS, The Far East and Oceanic Fracture, 2013-06-10

Investigations on Thermal Radiative Characteristics in a Lab Scale Furnace: Effect of Addition of Nanoparticles to LPG Combustion

Khalid Waheed; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher; Irfan Javed; Y.Kristiyanto, Internatinoal Conference on Clean Energy, Internatinoal Conference on Clean Energy, 2014-06-10

Ionospheric Delay Estimation using Kriging for Korean SBAS

Bang, Eugene; Lee, Jinsil; Lee, Jiyunresearcher, ISGNSS 2014, The Korean GNSS Society, 2014-10-23

Ionospheric Observations of the November 2004 Storm in South Korea

Choi, Yunjung; Kim, Minchan; Lee, Jiyunresearcher, The sixth KAIST-Kyushu University joint workshop, The sixth KAIST-Kyushu University joint workshop, 2012-09-13

Ionospheric of Natural Hazard Detection Using GNSS Measurements: Investing the Chelyabinsk Meteor Impact

Lee, Jiyunresearcher; Yang,Yu-ming; Komjathy, Attila; Butala, Mark D; Langley, R.B.; Mannucci, Anthony J.; Galvin, David A.; et al, 2013 International Technical Meeting of The Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation, Institute of Navigation (ION), 2013-09

Ionospheric Scintillation Effects on GBAS Ground Multipath Error in Low-latitude Regions

Sun, Kiyoung; Lee, Jiyunresearcher, The 9th Kyushu University-KAIST Symposium on Aerospace Engineering, The 9th Kyushu University-KAIST Symposium on Aerospace Engineering, 2017-12-07

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