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Microstructure, mechanical property and Hall-Petch relationship of a light-weight refractory Al0.1CrNbVMo high entropy alloy fabricated by powder metallurgical process

Kang, Byungchul; Lee, Junho; Ryu, Ho Jinresearcher; Hong, Soon Hyungresearcher, JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, v.767, pp.1012 - 1021, 2018-10

Microstructures and enhanced mechanical properties of an oxide dispersion -strengthened Ni-rich high entropy superalloy fabricated by a powder metallurgical process

Kong, Taeyeong; Kang, Byungchul; Ryu, Ho Jinresearcher; Hong, Soon Hyungresearcher, JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, v.839, 2020-10

Microstructures and mechanical properties of mechanically alloyed and spark plasma sintered Al0.3CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy

Pohan, Rizaldy M.; Gwalani, Bharat; Lee, Junho; Alam, Talukder; Hwang, J. Y.; Ryu, Ho Jinresearcher; Banerjee, Rajarshi; et al, MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, v.210, pp.62 - 70, 2018-05

Microtomography with sandwich detectors for small-animal bone imaging

Kim, S. H.; Kim, D. W.; Kim, D.; Youn, H.; Cho, Seungryongresearcher; Kim, H. K., JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION, v.11, 2016-10

Microwave-assisted plasma ignition in a constant volume combustion chamber

Hwang, Joonsik; Bae, Choongsikresearcher; Park, Jooyoung; Choe, Wonhoresearcher; Cha, Jeonghwa; Woo, Soohyung, COMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.167, pp.86 - 96, 2016-05

Minimization of the sample temperature deviation and the effect of current during high-temperature compressive creep testing by the spark plasma sintering apparatus

Sweidan, Faris B.; Kim, Dong Hun; Ryu, Ho Jinresearcher, MATERIALIA, v.9, 2020-03

MOCVD법에 의한 Al 박막의 증착속도 분포에 대한 수치모사

, 한국재료학회지, v.6, no.1, pp.99-105, 1996-01

Model development for fragment-size distribution based on upper-limit log-normal distribution

Kim, Jegon; No, Hee-Cheonresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.349, pp.86 - 91, 2019-08

Model development for the estimation of fission product release under normal and accident conditions in a HTGR

Jeong, Hyedong; Jeong, Yong Hoonresearcher; Chang, Soon-Heungresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.239, no.6, pp.1066 - 1075, 2009-06

Model Developments for Quantitative Estimates of the Benefits of the Signals on Nuclear Power Plant Availability and Economics

Seong, Poonghyunresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY , v.25, no.3, pp.394 - 402, 1993-09

Model-based calculations of the probability of a country's nuclear proliferation decisions

Li, Jun; Yim, Man-Sungresearcher; McNelis, David N., PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY, v.52, no.8, pp.789 - 808, 2010-11

Modeling and analysis of static and dynamic characteristics for buck-type three-phase PWM rectifier by circuit DQ transformation

Han, SB; Choi, NS; Rim, Chuntaekresearcher; Cho, Gyu-Hyeongresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, v.13, no.2, pp.323 - 336, 1998-03

Modeling and Vibration Analysis of a Simple Rotor with a Breathing Crack

, JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION, v.155, pp.273-290, 1992-06

Modeling crust fracture and water ingression through crust during top-flooding strategy for corium cooling

Yeo, D. Y.; No, Hee-Cheonresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.342, pp.219 - 230, 2019-02

Modeling film boiling within chimney-structured porous media and heat pipes

Yeo, D. Y.; No, Hee-Cheonresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.124, pp.576 - 585, 2018-09

Modeling heat transfer through chimney-structured porous deposit formed in pressurized water reactors

Yeo, Dongyeol; No, Hee-Cheonresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.108, pp.868 - 879, 2017-05

Modeling heat transfer through corrosion product deposits on fuel rods in pressurized water reactors

Yeo, D. Y.; 노희천researcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.342, pp.308 - 319, 2019-02

Modeling of annular gap thickness formed by interaction between corium and water in lower head of reactor vessel

Song, Moon Won; No, Hee Cheonresearcher; Kim, Jegon; Kim, Minju; Yeo, Dongyeol; Yoon, Seung Hyun; Yoon, Ho Joon, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.369, 2020-12

Modeling of computerized procedure execution with State Token Petri Net for formal verification of procedure flow

Kim, Yun Goo; Seong, Poong Hyunresearcher, JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.49, no.1-2, pp.173 - 181, 2012-01

Modeling of high pressure steam condensation in inclined horizontal tubes of PAFS in APR

Yun, Bong Yo; No, Hee-Cheonresearcher; Shin, Chang Wook, JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.53, no.9, pp.1353 - 1365, 2016



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