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Compact advanced extreme-ultraviolet imaging spectrometer for spatiotemporally varying tungsten spectra from fusion plasmas

Song, Inwoo; Seon, C. R.; Hong, Joohwan; An, Y. H.; Barnsley, R.; Guirlet, R.; Choe, Wonhoresearcher, REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.88, no.9, pp.093509, 2017-09

Design of ITER divertor VUV spectrometer and prototype test at KSTAR tokamak

Seon, Changrae; Hong, Joohwan; Song, Inwoo; Jang, Juhyeok; Lee, Hyeonyong; An, Younghwa; Kim, Bosung; et al, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL D, v.71, no.12, pp.313, 2017-12

Modification of argon impurity transport by electron cyclotron heating in KSTAR H-mode plasmas

Hong, Joohwan; Henderson, S. S.; Kim, Kimin; Seon, C. R.; Song, Inwoo; Lee, H. Y.; Jang, Juhyeok; et al, NUCLEAR FUSION, v.57, no.3, pp.036028, 2017-03

Results and performances of X-ray imaging GEM cameras on FTU (1-D), KSTAR (2-D) and progresses of future experimental set up on W7-X and EAST Facilities

Cordella, F.; Choe, Wonhoresearcher; Claps, G.; Gabellieri, L.; Jang, J.; Jeon, Taemin; Lee, S. H.; et al, JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION, v.12, pp.C10006, 2017-10

Simulation of W dust transport in the KSTAR tokamak, comparison with fast camera data

Autricque, A.; Hong, S. H.; Fedorczak, N.; Son, S. H.; Lee, H. Y.; Song, Inwoo; Choe, Wonhoresearcher; et al, NUCLEAR MATERIALS AND ENERGY, v.12, pp.599 - 604, 2017-08

Tomographic 2-D X-ray imaging of toroidal fusion plasma using a tangential pinhole camera with gas electron multiplier detector

Song, Inwoo; Jang, Juhyeok; Jeon, Taemin; Pacella, D.; Claps, G.; Murtas, F.; Lee, Seung Hun; et al, CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS, v.16, no.10, pp.1284 - 1292, 2016-10

VUV spectroscopy in impurity injection experiments at KSTAR using prototype ITER VUV spectrometer

Seon, C. R.; Hong, Joohwan; Song, Inwoo; Jang, Juhyeok; Lee, H. Y.; An, Y. H.; Kim, B. S.; et al, REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.88, no.8, pp.083511, 2017-08



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