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Assessment of advanced RANS models ability to predict a turbulent swept liquid metal flow over a wire in a channel

You, Byung-Hyun; Jeong, Yong Hoonresearcher; Addad, Yacine, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.353, 2019-11

CFD investigation of a centrifugal compressor derived from pump technology for supercritical carbon dioxide as a working fluid

Kim, Seong Gu; Lee, Jekyoung; Ahn, Yoonhan; Lee, JeongIkresearcher; Addad, Yacine; Ko, Bockseong, JOURNAL OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS, v.86, pp.160 - 171, 2014-02

Computational investigation into heat transfer coefficients of randomly packed pebbles in flowing FLiBe

Kim, Seong Gu; Addad, Yacine; Liu, Maolong; Lee, Jeong-Ikresearcher; Lee, Youho, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.145, 2019-12

Controlled Fabrication of Nanoporous Oxide Layers on Zircaloy by Anodization

Park, Yang Jeong; Ha, Jun-Mok; Ali, Ghafar; Kim, Hyun-Jin; Addad, Yacine; Cho, Sung-Ohresearcher, NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS, v.10, 2015-09

Design Of Air-Cooled Waste Heat Removal System With String Type Direct Contact Heat Exchanger And Investigation Of Oil Film Instability

Moon, Jangsik; Jeong, Yong Hoonresearcher; Addad, Yacine, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, v.52, no.4, pp.734 - 741, 2020-04

Fabrication of Uniform Nanoporous Oxide Layers on Long Cylindrical Zircaloy Tubes by Anodization Using Multi-Counter Electrodes

Park, Yang Jeong; Kim, Jung Woo; Ali, Ghafar; Kim, Hyun Jin; Addad, Yacine; Cho, Sung Ohresearcher, NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS, v.12, 2017-01

Numerical investigation on water deteriorated turbulent heat transfer regime in vertical upward heated flow in circular tube

Wibisono, Andhika Feri; Addad, Yacine; Lee, Jeong-Ikresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.83, pp.173 - 186, 2015-04

Potential advantages of coupling supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle to water cooled small and medium size reactor

Yoon, Ho Joon; Ahn, Yoonhan; Lee, Jeong Ikresearcher; Addad, Yacine, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.245, pp.223 - 232, 2012-04

Studies of various single phase natural circulation systems for small and medium sized reactor design

Wibisono, Andhika Feri; Ahn, Yoonhan; Williams, Wesley C.; Addad, Yacine; Lee, JeongIkresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.262, pp.390 - 403, 2013-09



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