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Crack-tip plasticity and intrinsic toughening in nano-sized brittle amorphous carbon

Shin, Dahye; Jang, Dongchanresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, v.127, 2020-04

Thermal-hydraulic design methodology and trade-off studies for a dual-salt breed-and-burn molten salt reactor

Kasam, Alisha; Lee, Jeong Ikresearcher; Shwageraus, Eugene, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.360, 2020-04

On-beam computed tomography reconstruction for radiotherapy verification from projection image differences caused by motion during treatment

Lee, Hoyeon; Cheong, Kwang-Ho; Jung, Jae Won; Cho, Byungchul; Cho, Seungryongresearcher; Yeo, Inhwan, PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, v.65, no.5, 2020-03

Whole-core depletion calculation using domain decomposed continuous-energy Monte Carlo simulation via McBOX with p-CMFD acceleration and inline feedback

Jo, YuGwon; Kim, HyeonTae; Kim, Yongheeresearcher; Cho, Nam Zinresearcher, ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, v.139, 2020-05

Enhancement of soft-tissue contrast in cone-beam CT using an anti-scatter grid with a sparse sampling approach

Cho, Sanghoon; Lim, Sunho; Kim, Changhwan; Wi, Sunhee; Kwon, Taejin; Youn, Won Sik; Lee, Sang Hyun; et al, PHYSICA MEDICA-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PHYSICS, v.70, pp.1 - 9, 2020-02

마이크로웨이브 공진 공동을 이용한 플라즈마원의 설계 및 특성

김현태; 박용신; 성충기researcher; 이재령; 황용석, Journal of the Korean Vacuum Society, v.17, no.5, pp.408 - 418, 2008-09

Electron temperature fluctuations associated with the weakly coherent mode in the edge of I-mode plasmas

White, A. E.; Phillips, P.; Whyte, D. G.; Hubbard, A. E.; Sung, Choongkiresearcher; Hughes, J. W.; Dominguez, A.; et al, NUCLEAR FUSION, v.51, no.11, 2011-11

Design of a correlation electron cyclotron emission diagnostic for Alcator C-Mod

Sung, Choongkiresearcher; White, A. E.; Irby, J. H.; Leccacorvi, R.; Vieira, R.; Oi, C. Y.; Peebles, W. A.; et al, REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.83, no.10, 2012-10

Design Features and Commissioning of the Versatile Experiment Spherical Torus (VEST) at Seoul National University

Chung, K. J.; An, Y. H.; Jung, B. K.; Lee, H. Y.; Sung, Choongkiresearcher; Na, Y. S.; Hahm, T. S.; et al, PLASMA SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.15, no.3, pp.244 - 251, 2013-03

Multi-channel transport experiments at Alcator C-Mod and comparison with gyrokinetic simulations

White, A. E.; Howard, N. T.; Greenwald, M.; Reinke, M. L.; Sung, Choongkiresearcher; Baek, S.; Barnes, M.; et al, PHYSICS OF PLASMAS, v.20, no.5, 2013-05

Changes in core electron temperature fluctuations across the ohmic energy confinement transition in Alcator C-Mod plasmas

Sung, Choongkiresearcher; White, A. E.; Howard, N. T.; Oi, C. Y.; Rice, J. E.; Gao, C.; Ennever, P.; et al, NUCLEAR FUSION, v.53, no.8, 2013-08

Overview of experimental results and code validation activities at Alcator C-Mod

Greenwald, M.; Bader, A.; Baek, S.; Barnard, H.; Beck, W.; Bergerson, W.; Bespamyatnov, I.; et al, NUCLEAR FUSION, v.53, no.10, 2013-10

Reduction of core turbulence in I-mode plasmas in Alcator C-Mod

White, A. E.; Barnes, M.; Dominguez, A.; Greenwald, M.; Howard, N. T.; Hubbard, A. E.; Hughes, J. W.; et al, NUCLEAR FUSION, v.54, no.8, 2014-08

Non-local heat transport in Alcator C-Mod ohmic L-mode plasmas

Gao, C.; Rice, J. E.; Sun, H. J.; Reinke, M. L.; Howard, N. T.; Mikkelson, D.; Hubbard, A. E.; et al, NUCLEAR FUSION, v.54, no.8, 2014-08

Measurement of electron temperature fluctuations using a tunable correlation electron cyclotron emission system on Alcator C-Mod

Howard, N. T.; Sung, Choongkiresearcher; White, A. E., REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.85, no.11, 2014-11

20 years of research on the Alcator C-Mod tokamak

Greenwald, M.; Bader, A.; Baek, S.; Bakhtiari, M.; Barnard, H.; Beck, W.; Bergerson, W.; et al, PHYSICS OF PLASMAS, v.21, no.11, 2014-11

Nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations of the I-mode high confinement regime and comparisons with experiment

White, A. E.; Howard, N. T.; Creely, A. J.; Chilenski, M. A.; Greenwald, M.; Hubbard, A. E.; Hughes, J. W.; et al, PHYSICS OF PLASMAS, v.22, no.5, 2015-05

ARC: A compact, high-field, fusion nuclear science facility and demonstration power plant with demountable magnets

Sorbom, B. N.; Ball, J.; Palmer, T. R.; Mangiarotti, F. J.; Sierchio, J. M.; Bonoli, P.; Kasten, C.; et al, FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.100, pp.378 - 405, 2015-11

Quantitative comparison of electron temperature fluctuations to nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations in C-Mod Ohmic L-mode discharges

Sung, Choongkiresearcher; White, A. E.; Mikkelsen, D. R.; Greenwald, M.; Holland, C.; Howard, N. T.; Churchill, R.; et al, PHYSICS OF PLASMAS, v.23, no.4, pp.042303, 2016-04

A frequency tunable, eight-channel correlation ECE system for electron temperature turbulence measurements on the DIII-D tokamak

Sung, Choongkiresearcher; Peebles, W. A.; Wannberg, C.; Rhodes, T. L.; Nguyen, X.; Lantsov, R.; Bardoczi, L., REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.87, no.11, pp.11E123, 2016-11



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