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Controllability of S-CO2 power system coupled small modular reactor with improved compressor design

Oh, Bong Seong; Jeong, Yongju; Cho, Seong Kuk; Lee, Jeong Ikresearcher, APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, v.192, 2021-06

In situ tailoring the morphology of In(OH)(3) nanostructures via surfactants during anodization and their transformation into In2O3 nanoparticles

Ali, Tariq; Mohyuddin, Saima; Ali, Ghafar; Khan, Maaz; Iqbal, Sajid; Maqbool, Muhammad; Cho, Sung Ohresearcher, NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.32, no.31, 2021-07

Polynomial relaxation in the quasi-static approach and its implementation in nonlinear reactor transient analyses

Oh, Tae-suk; Kim, Yongheeresearcher, ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, v.158, 2021-08

Development of a method for estimating security state: Supporting integrated response to cyber-attacks in NPPs

Lee, Chanyoung; Chae, Young Ho; Seong, Poong Hyunresearcher, ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, v.158, 2021-08

Experimental investigation on bubble behaviors in a water pool using the venturi scrubbing nozzle

Choi, Yu Jung; Kam, Dong Hoon; Papadopoulos, Petros; Lind, Terttaliisa; Jeong, Yong Hoonresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, v.53, no.6, pp.1756 - 1768, 2021-06

FAST (floating absorber for safety at transient) for the improved safety of sodium-cooled burner fast reactors

Kim, Chihyung; Jang, Seongdong; Kim, Yongheeresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, v.53, no.6, pp.1747 - 1755, 2021-06

Development of an Information Security-Enforced EEG-Based Nuclear Operators' Fitness for Duty Classification System

Kim, Jung Hwan; Cho, Younggeol; Suh, Young A.; Yim, Man-Sungresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.9, pp.72535 - 72546, 2021-05

Dissolution behavior of SrO into molten LiCl for heat reduction in used nuclear fuel

Kang, Dokyu; Amphlett, James T. M.; Choi, Eun-Young; Bae, Sang-Eun; Choi, Sungyeolresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, v.53, no.5, pp.1534 - 1539, 2021-05

The effect of increasing water content on transition metal speciation in deep eutectic solvents

Amphlett, J. T. M.; Choi, Sungyeolresearcher, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS, v.332, 2021-06

BOTANI: High-fidelity Multiphysics Model for Boron Chemistry in CRUD Deposits

Seo, Seungjin; Park, Byunggi; Kim, Sung Joong; Shin, Ho Cheol; Lee, Seo Jeong; Lee, Minho; Choi, Sungyeolresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, v.53, no.5, pp.1676 - 1685, 2021-05

Mechanistic CHF model development for subcooled flow boiling in a vertical rectangular channel under low pressure

Song, Jung Hyun; Jung, Jun Yeong; Ch, Soon Heung; Jeong, Yong Hoonresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.174, 2021-08

On the use of non-destructive, gigahertz ultrasonics to rapidly screen irradiated steels for swelling resistance

Almousa, Nouf; Dacus, Benjamin; Woller, Kevin B.; Shin, Ji Ho; Jang, Changheuiresearcher; Shao, Lin; Garner, Frank A.; et al, MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION, v.174, pp.111017, 2021-04

Investigation of the pressure vessel lower head potential failure under IVR-ERVC condition during a severe accident scenario in APR1400 reactors

Amidu, Muritala Alade; Addad, Yacine; Lee, Jeong-Ikresearcher; Kam, Dong Hoon; Jeong, Yong Hoonresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.376, 2021-05

Improvement of Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel Welded Joint Using a Nanostructured Oxide Layer

Heo, Jun; Lee, Sang Yoon; Lee, Jaewoo; Alfantazi, Akram; Cho, Sung Ohresearcher, NANOMATERIALS, v.11, no.4, 2021-04

Data analysis scheme for correcting general misalignments of an optics configuration for a voltage measurement system based on the Pockels electro-optic effect

Choi, Seongmin; Lee, Dong-Geun; Woo, H. J.; Hong, S. H.; Ham, Seunggi; Ryu, Jonghyeon; Chung, Kyoung-Jae; et al, REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.92, no.4, 2021-04

On the use of silicon photomultipliers for thermoluminescence measurements

Kim, Hyoungtaek; Lim, Kyung Taek; Lee, Jungil; Cho, Gyuseongresearcher, RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY, v.182, 2021-05

Instability Study of Magnetic Journal Bearing under S-CO2 Condition

Kim, Dokyu; Baik, SeungJoon; Lee, JeongIkresearcher, APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, v.11, no.8, 2021-04

Electronic, electrical and dielectric analysis of Cr-doped hydroxyapatite

Iqbal, Sajid; Younas, Muhammad; Hassan, Muhmood ul; Ryu, Ho Jinresearcher; Anjum, Mohsin Ali Raza; Farhan, M. Arshad; Nadeem, Muhammad; et al, CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, v.771, pp.138507, 2021-05

Feasibility Study of Using Bi-mna Metal-Organic Frameworks as Adsorbents for Radioiodine Capture at High Temperature

Jung, Young-Eun; Kang, Seong Woo; Yim, Man-Sungresearcher, INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, v.60, no.16, pp.5964 - 5975, 2021-04

Cold sintering of as-dried nanostructured calcium hydroxyapatite without using additives

ul Hassan, Muhmood; Akmal, Muhammad; Ryu, Ho Jinresearcher, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY-JMR&T, v.11, pp.811 - 822, 2021-03



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