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Balancing Ionic and Electronic Conduction at the LiFePO4 Cathode–Electrolyte Interface and Regulating Solid Electrolyte Interphase in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Moon, Hyeongyu; Kim, Donguk; Hong, Seungbum; Park, Gun; Shin, Kwongyo; CHO, YOONHAN; Gong, Chaewon; et al, Advanced Functional Materials, 2024-05

Tailored Band Alignment for Improved Carrier Transport in Composition-Controlled Sb2(S,Se)3

Lim, Geumha; Park, Ha Kyung; Wang, Yazi; Ji, Seung Hwan; Shin, Byungha; Jo, William, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, v.15, no.10, pp.2825 - 2833, 2024-03

Cancer-targeting Gold-decorated Melanin Nanoparticles for In vivo Near-infrared Photothermal Therapy

Pornnoppadol, Gahsidit; Cho, Soojeong; Yu, Jeong Heon; Kim, Shin-Hyun; Nam, Yoon Sung, MOLECULAR SYSTEMS DESIGN & ENGINEERING, v.9, no.5, pp.507 - 517, 2024-05

Composition and state prediction of lithium-ion cathode via convolutional neural network trained on scanning electron microscopy images

Oh, Jimin; Yeom, Jiwon; Madika, Benediktus; Kim, Kwang Man; Liow, Chi Hao; Agar, Joshua C; Hong, Seungbum, NPJ COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS, v.10, no.1, 2024-05

On the Role of Bimetal-doped BaCo3-δ Perovskites as Highly Active Oxygen Electrodes of Protonic Ceramic Electrochemical Cells

KIM, DONGYEON; Jeong, In Cheol; Ahn, Se Jong; Song, Sun Ju; Lee, Chan Woo; Jung, WooChul; Lee, Kang Taek, ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.14, no.14, 2024-04

Data-driven design of NASICON-type electrodes using graph-based neural networks

HONG, DANIEL SEUNGBUM; Shim, Yoon Su; 허준표; Jeong, Incheol; Jenn, Hyoungjeen; Myung, Seung-Taek; Lee, Kang Taek; et al, Batteries & Supercaps, 2024-04

In vivo Flexible Energy Harvesting on Porcine Heart via Highly-piezoelectric PIN–PMN–PT Single Crystal

An, Jaehun; Park, Hyewon; Jung, Young Hoon; Min, Seongwook; Kim, Dong Hyun; Joe, Daniel J.; Lee, Sang-Goo; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.121, 2024-03

Effect of Annealing Temperature on Minimum Domain Size of Ferroelectric Hafnia

Yun, Seokjung; HONG, DANIEL SEUNGBUM; Kim, Hoon; Kang, Min-Ho; Kim, Taeho; Cho, Seongwoo; Park, Ming Hyuk; et al, ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2024-03

Switchable tribology of ferroelectrics

Cho, Seongwoo; Gaponenko, Iaroslav; Cordero-Edwards, Kumara; Barcelo-Mercader, Jordi; Arias, Irene; Kim, Daeho; Lichtensteiger, Celine; et al, Nature Communications, v.15, 2024-01

Interplay of Cathode–Halide Solid Electrolyte in Enhancing Thermal Stability of Charged Cathode Material in All-Solid-State Batteries

Lee, Sangpyo; Kim, Youngkyung; Park, Chanhyun; Kim, Jihye; Kim, Jae-Seung; Jo, Hyoi; Lee, Chang Ju; et al, ACS Energy Letters, pp.1369 - 1380, 2024-03

Predicting the impact of temperature dependent multi-phonon relaxation processes on the photon avalanche behavior in Tm3+: NaYF4 nanoparticles

Szalkowski, Marcin; Dudek, Magdalena; Korczak, Zuzanna; Lee, Changhwan; Marciniak, Łukasz; Chan, Emory M.; Schuck, P. James; et al, Optical Materials: X, v.12, 2021-12

Optical parametric amplification by monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides

Trovatello, Chiara; Marini, Andrea; Xu, Xinyi; Lee, Changhwan; Liu, Fang; Curreli, Nicola; Manzoni, Cristian; et al, Nature Photonics, v.15, no.1, pp.6 - 10, 2021-01

Infrared-to-ultraviolet upconverting nanoparticles for COVID-19-related disinfection applications

Xu, Emma Z.; Lee, Changhwan; Pritzl, Stefanie D.; Chen, Allen S.; Lohmueller, Theobald; Cohen, Bruce E.; Chan, Emory M.; et al, Optical Materials: X, v.12, 2021-12

Surface-sensitive photon avalanche behavior revealed by single-avalanching-nanoparticle imaging

Kwock, Kevin W. C.; Lee, Changhwan; Teitelboim, Ayelet; Liu, Yawei; Yao, Kaiyuan; Alam, Sardar B.; Cohen, Bruce E.; et al, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, v.125, no.43, pp.23976 - 23982, 2021-11

Photodarkening, Photobrightening, and the Role of Color Centers in Emerging Applications of Lanthanide-Based Upconverting Nanomaterials

Lee, Changhwan; Schuck, P. James, ANNUAL REVIEW OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, v.74, pp.415 - 438, 2023-04

Indefinite and bidirectional near-infrared nanocrystal photoswitching

Lee, Changhwan; Xu, Emma Z.; Kwock, Kevin W. C.; Teitelboim, Ayelet; Liu, Yawei; Park, Hye Sun; Ursprung, Benedikt; et al, Nature, v.618, no.7967, pp.951 - 958, 2023-06

A Generalized Approach to Photon Avalanche Upconversion in Luminescent Nanocrystals

Skripka, Artiom; Lee, Minji; Qi, Xiao; Pan, Jia-Ahn; Yang, Haoran; Lee, Changhwan; Schuck, P. James; et al, Nano Letters, v.23, no.15, pp.7100 - 7106, 2023-08

Effect of resonant acoustic powder mixing on delay time of W–KClO4–BaCrO4 mixtures

Kwon, Kyungmin; RYU, SEUNG HWAN; Joo, Soyun; HONG, DANIEL SEUNGBUM; Han, Youngjoon; Baek, Donghyeon; Park, Moonsoo; et al, APL Materials, v.12, no.3, 2024-03

Giant nonlinear optical responses from photon-avalanching nanoparticles

Lee, Changhwan; Xu, Emma Z.; Liu, Yawei; Teitelboim, Ayelet; Yao, Kaiyuan; Fernandez-Bravo, Angel; Kotulska, Agata M.; et al, Nature, v.589, no.7841, pp.230 - 235, 2021-01

Compositionally Sequenced Interfacial Layers for High-Energy Li-Metal Batteries

Lee, Jeong-A; Cho, Yoonhan; Kim, Saehun; Kweon, Seong Hyeon; Kang, Haneul; Byun, Jeong Hwan; Kwon, Eunji; et al, ADVANCED SCIENCE, v.11, no.17, 2024-05



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