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Multiple Script-based Task Model and DecisionInteraction Model for Fetch-and-carry Robot

Kim, Yo C.; Yoon, Wan C.; Kwon, Hyuk T.; Kwon, Geun Y., 16th IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication August 26 ~ 29, 2007 / Jeju, Korea, WP-06, p.815-820, 2007-08

Cycle Time Approximations for the G/G/m Queue Subject to Server Failures and Cycle Time Offsets with Applications

Morrison, James R.; Martin, Donald P., IEEE /SEMI Advanced Scmiconductor Manufacturing Conference, 2006-05

The emergence of large-scale logical systems and cognitive ergonomics

Yoon, Wan Chul, TIES2001, 2001

User's Recognition of Semantic Affinity among Tasks and the Effects of Consistency

Park, Jisoo; Yoon, Wan Chul; Ryu, Ho kyoung, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Volume 12, Issue 1 May 2000 , pages 89 - 105, 2000-05

Acquistion of Diagnostic strategy in a complex production process using hybrid method

Lee, Ki K.; Yoon, Wan C., The 3rd EDA Conference, p1015-1022, 1999-08

Multi-Period Part Selection and Loading Problems in Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Kim, Y-D.; Lee, Dong-Ho; Lim, Seung-Kil; Lee, Geun-Cheol; Jun, Hong-Bae, Computer and Industrial Engineering, vol.33, no.3-4, pp.541-544, 1997

Search Heuristics for a Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Ready Times and Due Dates

Kim, Y-D.; Park, Moon-Won, Computer and Industrial Engineering, vol.33, no.3-4, pp.793-796, 1997

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