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Hoop stress-assisted three-dimensional particle focusing under viscoelastic flow

Cha, Sukgyun; Kang, Kyowon; You, Jae Bem; Im, SungGapresearcher; Kim, Younghun; Kim, Ju Min, RHEOLOGICA ACTA, v.53, no.12, pp.927 - 933, 2014-12

Perforated Microcapsules with Selective Permeability Created by Confined Phase Separation of Polymer Blends

Kim, Bomi; Lee, Tae Yong; Abbaspourrad, Alireza; Kim, Shin-Hyunresearcher, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.26, no.24, pp.7166 - 7171, 2014-12

Architectural Engineering of Rod-Coil Compatibilizers for Producing Mechanically and Thermally Stable Polymer Solar Cells

Kim, Hyeongjun; Kim, Jae Han; Ryu, Ji-Ho; Kim, Youngkwon; Kang, Hyunbum; Lee, Won Bo; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher; et al, ACS NANO, v.8, no.10, pp.10461 - 10470, 2014-10

Influence of Shell Thickness on the Performance of Light-Emitting Devices Based on CdSe/Zn1-XCdXS Core/Shell Heterostructured Quantum Dots

Lim, Jaehoon; Jeong, Byeong Guk; Park, Myeongjin; Kim, Jai Kyeong; Pietryga, Jeffrey M.; Park, Young-Shin; Klimov, Victor I.; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.26, no.47, pp.8034 - 8034, 2014-12

Low-voltage-tunable nanobeam lasers immersed in liquid crystals

Kim, Se Jeong; Kim, Hwi-Min; Son, Jaehyun; Kim, Yun-Ho; Ok, Jong Min; Kim, Ki Soo; Jung, Hee-Taeresearcher; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.22, no.25, pp.30707 - 30712, 2014-12

Structural transformation and tuning behavior induced by the propylamine concentration in hydrogen clathrate hydrates

Park, Seong-Min; Kang, Hye-Ry; Shin, Kyuchul; Seo, Yu-Taekresearcher; Lee, Huenresearcher, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.17, no.3, pp.1949 - 1956, 2015-05

DNA metallization for high performance Li-ion battery anodes

Kim, Dong Jun; Woo, Min Ah; Jung, Ye Lim; Bharathi, K. Kamala; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher; Kim, Do Kyungresearcher; Choi, Jang Wookresearcher, NANO ENERGY, v.8, pp.17 - 24, 2014-09

Integration of sample pretreatment, μPCR, and detection for a total genetic analysis microsystem

Park, Byung Hyun; Kim, Yong-Tae; Jung, Jaehwan; Seo, Tae-Seokresearcher, MICROCHIMICA ACTA, v.181, no.13-14, pp.1655 - 1668, 2014-10

Electrochemical Activity Studies of Glucose Oxidase (GOx)-Based and Pyranose Oxidase (POx)-Based Electrodes in Mesoporous Carbon: Toward Biosensor and Biofuel Cell Applications

Kwon, Ki-Young; Kim, Jae Hyun; Youn, Jongkyu; Jeon, Chulmin; Lee, Jinwooresearcher; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Park, Hyun-Gyuresearcher; et al, ELECTROANALYSIS, v.26, no.10, pp.2075 - 2079, 2014-10

Two-Dimensional TiO2 Honeycomb Structure for Enhanced Light Extraction from Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes

Hyun, Woo-Jin; Lee, Hang-Ken; Im, Sang Hyuk; Park, O-Okresearcher, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.14, no.11, pp.8411 - 8415, 2014-11

Systems biology and biotechnology of Streptomyces species for the production of secondary metabolites

Hwang, Kyu-Sang; Kim, Hyun-Ukresearcher; Charusanti, Pep; Palsson, Bernhard O.; Lee, Sang-Yupresearcher, BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES, v.32, no.2, pp.255 - 268, 2014-03

Multi-stage continuous high cell density culture systems: A review

Chang, Ho-Namresearcher; Jung, Kwonsu; Choi, Jin-Dal-Rae; Lee, Joon Chul; Woo, Hee-Chul, BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES, v.32, no.2, pp.514 - 525, 2014-03

Thin Amorphous TiO2 Shell on CdSe Nanocrystal Quantum Dots Enhances Photocatalysis of Hydrogen Evolution from Water

Lee, Sooho; Lee, Kangha; Kim, Whidong; Lee, Seokwon; Shin, Do Joong; Lee, DohChangresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, v.118, no.41, pp.23627 - 23634, 2014-10

High-Performance All-Polymer Solar Cells Based on Face-On Stacked Polymer Blends with Low Interfacial Tension

Kang, Hyunbum; Kim, Ki Hyun; Choi, Joonhyeong; Lee, Changyeon; Kim, Bum-Joonresearcher, ACS MACRO LETTERS, v.3, no.10, pp.1009 - 1014, 2014-10

Protein engineering of cellulases

Bommarius, Andreas S.; Sohn, Min-Jeong; Kang, Yuzhi; Lee, Jay-Hyungresearcher; Realff, Matthew J., CURRENT OPINION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.29, pp.139 - 145, 2014-10

Rapid Isolation of Antibody from a Synthetic Human Antibody Library by Repeated Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)

Yim, Sung Sun; Bang, Hyun Bae; Kim, Young Hwan; Lee, Yong Jae; Jeong, Gu Min; Jeong, Kijunresearcher, PLOS ONE, v.9, no.10, 2014-10

Highly Luminescent Polymer Particles Driven by Thermally Reduced Graphene Quantum Dot Surfactants

Yang, Hyun Seung; Kang, Dong Jin; KU, Kang Hee; Cho, Hanhee; Park, CH; Lee, Junhyuk; Lee, DohChangresearcher; et al, ACS MACRO LETTERS, v.3, no.10, pp.985 - 990, 2014-10

Surface Charge Regulation of Carboxyl Terminated Polystyrene Latex Particles and Their Interactions at the Oil/Water Interface

Kim, KyuHan; Park, Kyuheong; Kim, Gahee; Kim, Hyunjung; Choi, Myung-Chulresearcher; Choi, Siyoung Q.researcher, LANGMUIR, v.30, no.41, pp.12164 - 12170, 2014-10

Tetrapod CdSe-sensitized macroporous inverse opal electrodes for photo-electrochemical applications

Cho, Chang-Yeol; Lee, Seokwon; Lee, Jaemin; Lee, DohChangresearcher; Moon, Jun Hyuk, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.2, no.41, pp.17568 - 17573, 2014-11

Effects of molten-salt/ionic-liquid mixture on extraction of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-rich lipids from Aurantiochytrium sp KRS101

Choi, Sun-A; Jung, Joo-Young; Kim, Kyo-Chan; Kwon, Jong-Hee; Lee, Jin-Suk; Kim, Seung Wook; Park, Ji-Yeon; et al, BIOPROCESS AND BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING, v.37, no.11, pp.2199 - 2204, 2014-11



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