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Au@Polymer Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Simultaneously Enhancing Efficiency and Ambient Stability of Organic Optoelectronic Devices

Kim, Taesu; Kang, Hyunbum; Jeong, Seonju; Kang, Dong Jin; Lee, Changyeon; Lee, Chun-Ho; Seo, Min-Kyoresearcher; et al, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces , v.6, no.19, pp.16956 - 16965, 2014-10

The CpxRA Two-Component System is Involved in the Maintenance of the Integrity of the Cell Envelope in the Rumen Bacterium Mannheimia succiniciproducens

Yun, Seulgi; Lee, Eun-Gyeong; Kim, Sang-Yoon; Shin, Jong Moon; Jung, Won Seok; Oh, Doo-Byoung; Lee, Sang-Yupresearcher; et al, CURRENT MICROBIOLOGY, v.70, no.1, pp.103 - 109, 2015-01

Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis via Enhanced Two-Electron Oxygen Reduction Pathway on Carbon-Coated Pt Surface

Choi, Chang-Hyuck; Kwon, Han Chang; Yook, Sunwoo; Shin, Hyeyoung; Kim, Hyung-Junresearcher; Choi, Min-Keeresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, v.118, no.51, pp.30063 - 30070, 2014-12

Quantitation of Oxidative Stress Gene Expression in Human Cell Lines Treated with Water-Dispersible MnO Nanoparticles

Choi, Jong-Seob; Choi, Jong Young; Na, Hyon Bin; Seo, Tae Seokresearcher, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.15, no.6, pp.4126 - 4135, 2015-06

Improved high-temperature performance of lithium-ion batteries through use of a thermally stable co-polyimide-based cathode binder

Choi, Jaecheol; Ryou, Myung-Hyun; Son, Bongki; Song, Jong-Chan; Park, Jung-Kiresearcher; Cho, Kuk Young; Lee, Yong Min, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.252, pp.138 - 143, 2014-04

A large-area hemispherical perforated bead microarray for monitoring bead based aptamer and target protein interaction

Choi, Jong-Seob; Bae, Sunwoong; Kim, Kyung Hoon; Seo, Tae-Seokresearcher, BIOMICROFLUIDICS, v.8, no.6, 2014-11

Determining Optimal Crystallinity of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Terpolymers for Highly Efficient Polymer Solar Cells and Transistors

Kim, Ki Hyun; Park, Sunhee; Yu, Hojeong; Kang, Hyunbum; Song, Inho; Oh, Joon Hak; Kim, Bum-Joonresearcher, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.26, no.24, pp.6963 - 6970, 2014-11

Metabolic Engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for the Production of L-Ornithine

Kim, Seo Yun; Lee, Joung-Min; Lee, Sang-Yupresearcher, BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING, v.112, no.2, pp.416 - 421, 2015-02

Ultraclean transfer of CVD-grown graphene and its application to flexible organic photovoltaic cells

An, Chengjin; Kim, Seon Joon; Choi, Hyung Ouk; Kim, Dae-Woo; Jang, Sungwoo; Jin, Mingliang; Park, Jong-Min; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.2, no.48, pp.20474 - 20480, 2014-10

Metabolic Engineering of Microorganisms for the Production of Higher Alcohols

Choi, Yong-Jun; Lee, Joung-Min; Jang, Yu-Sin; Lee, Sang-Yupresearcher, MBIO, v.5, no.5, 2014-09

Vertically Oriented, Three-Dimensionally Tapered Deep-Subwavelength Metallic Nanohole Arrays Developed by Photofluidization Lithography

Lee, Sol-Ah; Kang, Hong-Suk; Park, Jung-Kiresearcher; Lee, Seungwoo, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.26, no.44, pp.7521 - 7528, 2014-11

Hierarchical Ordering of Quantum Dots and Liquid with Tunable Super-Periodicity into High Aspect Ratio Moire Superlattice Structure

Cho, Soo-Yeon; Jeon, Hwan-Jin; Kim, Jongseon; Ok, Jong Min; Jung, Hee-Taeresearcher, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.24, no.44, pp.6939 - 6947, 2014-11

Entrainment of Geldart C particles in fluidized beds with binary particles

Kim, Joon Hwan; Bae, Jong Wook; Nam, JaeWook; Kim, Sang-Doneresearcher; Choi, Jeong-Hoo; Lee, Dong Hyun, KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v.31, no.11, pp.2094 - 2100, 2014-11

Hoop stress-assisted three-dimensional particle focusing under viscoelastic flow

Cha, Sukgyun; Kang, Kyowon; You, Jae Bem; Im, SungGapresearcher; Kim, Younghun; Kim, Ju Min, RHEOLOGICA ACTA, v.53, no.12, pp.927 - 933, 2014-12

Perforated Microcapsules with Selective Permeability Created by Confined Phase Separation of Polymer Blends

Kim, Bomi; Lee, Tae Yong; Abbaspourrad, Alireza; Kim, Shin-Hyunresearcher, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.26, no.24, pp.7166 - 7171, 2014-12

Architectural Engineering of Rod-Coil Compatibilizers for Producing Mechanically and Thermally Stable Polymer Solar Cells

Kim, Hyeongjun; Kim, Jae Han; Ryu, Ji-Ho; Kim, Youngkwon; Kang, Hyunbum; Lee, Won Bo; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher; et al, ACS NANO, v.8, no.10, pp.10461 - 10470, 2014-10

Influence of Shell Thickness on the Performance of Light-Emitting Devices Based on CdSe/Zn1-XCdXS Core/Shell Heterostructured Quantum Dots

Lim, Jaehoon; Jeong, Byeong Guk; Park, Myeongjin; Kim, Jai Kyeong; Pietryga, Jeffrey M.; Park, Young-Shin; Klimov, Victor I.; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.26, no.47, pp.8034 - 8034, 2014-12

Low-voltage-tunable nanobeam lasers immersed in liquid crystals

Kim, Se Jeong; Kim, Hwi-Min; Son, Jaehyun; Kim, Yun-Ho; Ok, Jong Min; Kim, Ki Soo; Jung, Hee-Taeresearcher; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.22, no.25, pp.30707 - 30712, 2014-12

Structural transformation and tuning behavior induced by the propylamine concentration in hydrogen clathrate hydrates

Park, Seong-Min; Kang, Hye-Ry; Shin, Kyuchul; Seo, Yu-Taekresearcher; Lee, Huenresearcher, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.17, no.3, pp.1949 - 1956, 2015-05

DNA metallization for high performance Li-ion battery anodes

Kim, Dong Jun; Woo, Min Ah; Jung, Ye Lim; Bharathi, K. Kamala; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher; Kim, Do Kyungresearcher; Choi, Jang Wookresearcher, NANO ENERGY, v.8, pp.17 - 24, 2014-09



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