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CO2-Oxidized Ti3C2Tx-MXenes Components for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Suppressing the Shuttle Phenomenon through Physical and Chemical Adsorption

Lee, Dong Kyu; Chae, Yoonjeong; Yun, Hwajin; Ahn, Chi Won; Lee, Jae Wooresearcher, ACS NANO, v.14, no.8, pp.9744 - 9754, 2020-08

Interfacial Instability-Driven Morphological Transition of Prolate Block Copolymer Particles: Striped Football, Larva to Sphere

Lee, Seonghan; Shin, Jaeman J.; Ku, Kang Hee; Lee, Young Jun; Jang, Se Gyu; Yun, Hongseok; Kim, Bumjoon J.researcher, MACROMOLECULES, v.53, no.16, pp.7198 - 7206, 2020-08

Softness- and Size-Dependent Packing Symmetries of Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticles

Yun, Hongseok; Lee, Young Jun; Xu, Meng; Lee, Doh Changresearcher; Stein, Gila E.; Kim, Bumjoon J.researcher, ACS NANO, v.14, no.8, pp.9644 - 9651, 2020-08

Highly durable covalent organic framework for the simultaneous ultrasensitive detection and removal of noxious Hg2+

Panda, Atanu; Yang, Yanqin; Venkateswarlu, Sada; Son, Younghu; Bae, Tae-Hyunresearcher; Yoon, Minyoung, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, v.306, 2020-10

Nano-dispersed cellulose nanofibrils-PMMA composite from pickering emulsion with tunable interfacial tensions

Kim, Dong Woo; Shin, Jihoon; Choi, Siyoung Q.researcher, CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS, v.247, pp.116762, 2020-11

Lithium Dendrite Suppression with a Silica Nanoparticle-Dispersed Colloidal Electrolyte

Lee, Jinhong; Lim, Hyung-Seok; Cao, Xia; Ren, Xiaodi; Kwak, Won-Jin; Rodriguez-Perez, Ismael A.; Zhang, Ji-Guang; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.12, no.33, pp.37188 - 37196, 2020-08

Soft‐constrained model predictive control based on data‐driven distributionally robust optimization

Lu, Shuwen; Lee, Jay H.researcher; You, Fengqi, AICHE JOURNAL, v.66, no.10, pp.e16546, 2020-10

Hydrogen Sensors Based on MoS2 Hollow Architectures Assembled by Pickering Emulsion

Park, Chan Ho; Koo, Won-Tae; Lee, Young Jun; Kim, Yoon Hwa; Lee, Jiyoung; Jang, Ji-Soo; Yun, Hongseok; et al, ACS NANO, v.14, no.8, pp.9652 - 9661, 2020-08

Microbial Polyhydroxyalkanoates and Nonnatural Polyesters

Choi, So Young; Cho, In Jin; Lee, Youngjoon; Kim, Yeo-Jin; Kim, Kyung-Jin; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.32, no.35, pp.1 - 37, 2020-09

Formation and functionalization of membraneless compartments inEscherichia coli

Wei, Shao-Peng; Qian, Zhi-Gang; Hu, Chun-Fei; Pan, Fang; Chen, Meng-Ting; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher; Xia, Xiao-Xia, NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, v.16, no.10, pp.1143 - 1148, 2020-10

Metallicity-Dependent Ultrafast Water Transport in Carbon Nanotubes

Velioglu, Sadiye; Karahan, Huseyin Enis; Goh, Kunli; Bae, Tae-Hyunresearcher; Chen, Yuan; Chew, Jia Wei, SMALL, v.16, no.25, pp.1907575, 2020-06

MXene Materials for Designing Advanced Separation Membranes

Karahan, Huseyin Enis; Goh, Kunli; Zhang, Chuanfang (John); Yang, Euntae; Yildirim, Cansu; Chuah, Chong Yang; Ahunbay, M. Goktug; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.32, no.29, pp.1906697, 2020-07

CO2/N(2)Separation Properties of Polyimide-Based Mixed-Matrix Membranes Comprising UiO-66 with Various Functionalities

Chuah, Chong Yang; Lee, Junghyun; Song, Juha; Bae, Tae-Hyunresearcher, MEMBRANES, v.10, no.7, 2020-07

Energy-Efficient Design of a Novel Double Annular Separation Column Using Pinch Pressure

Lee, Heecheon; Mo, Haeri; Namgung, Kwon; Jang, Wonjoon; Lee, Jae Wooresearcher, INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, v.59, no.32, pp.14398 - 14409, 2020-08

Entrainer effect of n-hexanol reactant on coproducing n-butyl and n-hexyl acetate in energy-efficient reactive distillation

Namgung, Kwon; Lee, Heecheon; Jang, Wonjoon; Mo, Haeri; Lee, Jae Wooresearcher, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND PROCESSING-PROCESS INTENSIFICATION, v.154, pp.108048, 2020-08

Self-Priming Hairpin-Utilized Isothermal Amplification Enabling Ultrasensitive Nucleic Acid Detection

Song, Ja Yeon; Jung, Yujin; Lee, Seoyoung; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v.92, no.75, pp.10350 - 10356, 2020-08

Efficient Optical Gain in Spherical Quantum Wells Enabled by Engineering Biexciton Interactions

Nagamine, Gabriel; Jeong, Byeong Guk; Ferreira, Tomas A. C.; Chang, Jun Hyuk; Park, Kyoungwon; Lee, Doh Changresearcher; Bae, Wan Ki; et al, ACS PHOTONICS, v.7, no.8, pp.2252 - 2264, 2020-08

Development Strategies in Transition Metal Carbide for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction: A review

Jun, Hyunwoo; Kim, Seongbeen; Lee, Jinwooresearcher, KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v.37, no.8, pp.1317 - 1330, 2020-08

Portable glucose meter-utilized label-free and washing-free telomerase assay

Kim, Hyo Yong; Lee, Chang Yeol; Kim, Hansol; Park, Ki Soo; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, ANALYST, v.145, no.16, pp.5578 - 5583, 2020-08

Feasibility and performance of a thin-film composite seawater reverse osmosis membrane fabricated on a highly porous microstructured support

Lim, Yu Jie; Lee, Jaewoo; Bae, Tae-Hyunresearcher; Torres, Jaume; Wang, Rong, JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, v.611, 2020-10



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