Methods for the visualization of interior and exterior noise sources of moving vehicle

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If one can see how noise is generated and propagates, then it will be much efficient to control the noise. Several visualization methods have been introduced for this purpose[l-4]. They are based on the theory of acoustic holography, which assumes the noise source to be not moving. Source localization methods[5-7] other than acoustic holography have been introduced in order to find the locations of moving noise sources. This method enables one can see only source locations. Moving frame acoustic holograph(MFAH)[8] allows to see the noise generated by a moving vehicle. For the interior noise sources, on the other hand, a counter method has not been available, since a direct extension of MFAH is not likely possible. This paper introduces examples of the MFAH applications, as well as a method which allows to see the interior noise sources. The method measures the admittance of the boundary firstly, and then measures the acoustic pressures on the boundary, i.e. hologram. This distinguishes the active and passive noise sources.
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