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임순득(任淳得)과 서정주(徐廷柱)의 관계 연구: 임순득의 소설 「달밤의 대화(月夜の語り)」와 서정주의 시 「엽서-동리에게」를 중심으로

Lee, Sang-Kyung, 여성문학연구, v.60, pp.135 - 168, 2023-12

개항전후 상업교육과 부기제도의 변화

Ko, Dong-Hwan, 학술원논문집 인문사회과학편, v.62, no.2, pp.65 - 108, 2023-12

A new city's water-energy nexus implications: The case of Sejong City in South Korea

Yoo, Jae-Ho; Kim, Hana, ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT, 2023-07

The Double-Edged Influence of Self-Expansion in the Metaverse: A Two-Wave Panel Assessment of Identity Perception, Self-Esteem, and Life Satisfaction

Yang, Soeun; Kim, Haesoo; Song, Minwoo; Lee, Seunghyun; Jang, Jeong-woo, CYBERPSYCHOLOGY BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL NETWORKING, v.27, no.1, 2024-01

기후위기를 맞는 건축계의 자세

조현정, 건축역사연구, v.32, no.3, 2023-06

The Issue of 'Japan' for Korean Architecture

Cho, Hyunjung, SPACE, v.654, no.6, pp.124 - 130, 2022-05

Understanding older adults' Internet use and psychological benefits: The moderating role of digital skills

Yang, Soeun; Jang, Jeong-woo, BEHAVIOUR & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, v.43, no.1, pp.60 - 71, 2024-01

The Place of Mathematical Logic in the 20th Century American Mathematics: Mac Lane’s Perspective

Park, Woo-Suk, Al-Mukhatabat: A Trilingual Journal for Logic, Epistemology and Analytical Philosophy , v.46, pp.11 - 46, 2023-06

Is Daily Emotion Suppression Associated With Poor Sleep? The Moderating Role of Culture

Zhu, Yiyi; Martin, Adrianna; Kane, Heidi; Park, Jiyoung, EMOTION, v.23, no.7, pp.1829 - 1843, 2023-12

민족, 국민, 국가 -시계열 워드 임베딩을 활용한 조선일보 기사의 민족 담론 의미 변동 추적(1920~40)

김병준; 전봉관, 현대소설연구, no.90, pp.5 - 38, 2023-06

전산사회과학 연구과정의 블랙박스 열기: 아카데믹 데이터베이스를 활용한 비교사회학 연구를 중심으로

전준; 김병준; 김재홍; 김란우, 한국사회학, v.57, no.2, pp.131 - 157, 2023-05

The Korean Speech Recognition Sentences: A Large Corpus for Evaluating Semantic Context and Language Experience in Speech Perception

Song, Jieun; Kim, Byungjun; Kim, Minjeong; Iverson, Paul, JOURNAL OF SPEECH LANGUAGE AND HEARING RESEARCH, v.66, no.9, pp.3399 - 3412, 2023-09

Acoustic correlates of perceived personality from Korean utterances in a formal communicative setting

Song, Jieun; Kim, Minjeong; Park, Jaehan, PLOS ONE, v.18, no.10, 2023-10

도시불평등과 기회의 지리

이승욱; 박철웅; 강승범, 공간과 사회, v.33, no.3, pp.285 - 320, 2023-09

Unraveling the frontier: A new look at the Inter-Korean border

Lee, Seung-Ook, POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY, v.107, 2023-11

Associations between Parental Factors and Children's Screen Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Korea

Kim, KW; Koh, YK; Kim, Jun Hyung, CHILD PSYCHIATRY & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, v.54, no.6, pp.1749 - 1758, 2023-12

Party Clientelism and the Indonesian Elite Cartel

김태균, 사회과학연구, v.32, no.4, pp.331 - 352, 2016-11

The Effects of Diverse Polling Methods on the Estimation of Candidates’ Approval Ratings: The Case of 19th Presidential Election in South Korea

최종호; 김태균; 한강욱, Journal of International and Area Studies, v.24, no.1, pp.45 - 60, 2017-06

조사방법 차이가 정치적 태도 조사결과에 미치는 영향: 중앙여심위 선거여론조사 통합자료 분석

최종호; 김태균; 백다예; 왕정하; 한강욱, 한국정당학회보, v.21, no.3, pp.5 - 39, 2022-09

Attention to the COVID-19 Pandemic on Twitter: Partisan Differences Among US State Legislators

Kim, Taegyoon; Nakka, Nitheesha; Gopal, Ishita; Desmarais, Bruce A.; Mancinelli, Abigail; Harden, Jeffrey J.; Ko, Hyein; et al, LEGISLATIVE STUDIES QUARTERLY, v.47, no.4, pp.1023 - 1041, 2022-11



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