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수행성과 실천 사이에서: 로봇의 독자성과 자율성에 대한 인류학적 성찰을 위한 시론

김동주researcher, 포스트휴먼 시대의 관계인문학, 순천향대학교 인문학진흥원, 2019-12-19

Neural processing of musical rhythm

이경면researcher, 제 8회 서울대학교 청각평형교육센터 심포지엄, 서울대학교의과대학 청각평형교육센터, 2019-12-15

리듬과 읽기의 뇌과학

이경면researcher, 한국음악지각인지학회, 한국음악지각인지학회, 2019-11-30

Water Use and Management after the Water Law Reform in Rural Western Poland

Kim, Dong Juresearcher, 2019 ASEEES Annual Convention, The Association for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), 2019-11-26

경계처럼 바라보기(Seeing like a border): 한반도 접경지역 연구의 성찰 및 과제

이승욱researcher, 2019 지리학대회, pp.132 - 133, 대한지리학회, 2019-11-23

Political Economy of Inclusive Growth in South Korea after the 2017 Impeachment

Park, Hyeon Seokresearcher, South Korea after the 2017 Impeachment: Implications for Democratic Consolidation, Department of Philosophy and Political Science, TU Dortmund University, 2019-11-23

환대의 의무: 난민 위기와 유럽의 정체성에 관한 종교적 담론

김동주researcher, 한국문화인류학회 2019년 추계 학술대회, 한국문화인류학회, 2019-11-02

Implementing undergraduate ICL courses at a Korean science and engineering school

Kim, EunGyongresearcher; Park, Seonmin, ICLHE 2019: Multilingualism and Multimodality in Higher Education, pp.37 - 37, ICLHE (Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education), 2019-10-17

Comparative Analysis between Self-Perceived and Objectively Measured Physical Fitness Levels for Students Majoring in the Natural Sciences and Engineering — Concentrating on Cases at KAIST

김석희researcher, 제100회 전국체육대회기념 제 57회 한국체육학회 학술대회, pp.494 - 495, 한국체육학회, 2019-10-05

개항이후 대한제국시기 한강 하류의 수운-경인철도 개통 전후를 중심으로

고동환researcher, 인천학연구원& 서울학연구소 2019년 하반기 학술심포지엄, pp.7 - 22, 인천학연구원 및 서울학연구소, 2019-09-18

1960년대 모더니즘 건축과 도자기 벽화: 예술의 종합과 전통

조현정researcher, 미술사연구회 추계 학술대회 및 특별 심포지엄, 국립현대미술관, 미술사연구회, 2019-09-07

Between Religion and Morality: Cases of Conversion to Christianity in Austrian Borderlands

Kim, Dong Juresearcher, IUAES 2019 Inter-Congress World Solidarities, International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), 2019-08-29

Writing as a Gendered and Engendering Technology: A Case Study of Hangeul in Pre-modern Korea

Kim, Young-heeresearcher, ICHSEA2019: 15th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia, pp.1 - 10,, 2019-08-23

Universal constraints on rhythm revealed by large-scale cross-cultural comparisons of rhythm priors

Lee, Kyung Myunresearcher, Biennial Meeting of the Society of Music Perception and Cognition, New York University, 2019-08-07

Enhanced subcortical responses of musicians to sounds presented on metrically strong beats

Lee, Kyung Myunresearcher, Biennial Meeting of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition, New York University, 2019-08-06

사회과학적 이슈를 주제로 한 과학 전시 기획 방법론 연구

윤아연; 전봉관researcher; 시정곤researcher, 2019 한국과학교육학회 하계학술대회, pp.111 - 112, 한국과학교육학회, 2019-07-26

Politics of Taxation in Korea and Japan: Economic Polarization and Legacies of Developmental State

Park, Hyeon Seokresearcher, ISA Asia-Pacific Concerence, International Studies Association, 2019-07-04

음악과 뇌과학의 융합

이경면researcher, 27th Korea Internet Conference, 과학기술정보통신부, 2019-06-24

Global Financial Crisis, Inequality, and Politics of Taxation in OECD countries

Park, Hyeon Seokresearcher, EPSSA Annual Conference, European Political Science Association, 2019-06-21

리듬의 신경과학

이경면researcher, 한국서양음악학회, 한양대학교, 2019-05-18

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