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FaceDirector: Continuous control of facial performance in video

Malleson, Charles; Bazin, Jean-Charlesresearcher; Wang, Oliver; Bradley, Derek; Beeler, Thabo; Hilton, Adrian; Sorkine-Hornung, Alexander, 15th IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV 2015, pp.3979 - 3987, IEEE Computer Society and the Computer Vision Foundation (CVF), 2015-12-11

Facial Retargeting by Adding Supplemental Blendshapes

Kim, Paul Hyunjin; Song, Jaewon; Seol, Yeongho; Noh, Junyongresearcher, Pacific Graphics 2011, Pacific Graphics, 2011-09-23

Facial retargeting with automatic range of motion alignment

Ribera, Roger Blanco I.; Noh, Junyongresearcher; EDUARD ZELL; J.P. LEWIS; MARIO BOTSCH, SIGGRAPH 2017, ACM SIGGRAPH, 2017-08-03

Fall on backpack: Damage minimizing humanoid fall on targeted body segment using momentum control

Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher; Goswami, Ambarish, ASME 2011 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, ASME, 2011-08

Fast central catadioptric line extraction

Bazin, Jean Charlesresearcher; Demonceaux, Cédric; Vasseur, Pascal, 3rd Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, IbPRIA 2007, pp.25 - 32, 3rd Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, IbPRIA, 2007-06-06

FBSMAP: The Spatial Representation Method for Intelligent Semantic Service in Indoor Environment

Narangerel, Amartuvshin; Hong, Suk-joo; Lee, Chae-Seok; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, Learning, Ptorotyping and Adapting, pp.587 - 596, CAADRIA, 2018-05-18

FDSense: Estimating Young's Modulus and Stiffness of End Effectors to Facilitate Kinetic Interaction on Touch Surfaces

Hong, Sanghwa; Jeong, Eunseok; Heo, Seongkook; Lee, Byungjooresearcher, 31st Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), pp.809 - 823, ACM, 2018-10-14

Finding elite voters in daum view: Using media credibility measures

Kim K.; Park H.; Ko J.; Kim Y.-R.; Han S.S., International Conferences on Social Software, BlogTalk 2009, pp.38 - 45, 2009-09-15

Finding Relationships between Movement and Tree Patterns in Theme Parks

Min, Deedee Aram; Lee, Ji Hyunresearcher, the 21st International Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA 2016), pp.135 - 144, International Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA), 2016-03-31

Finding Relationships between Visitor Traffics around Major Attractions and the Surrounding Environments in Theme Parks

Hyun, Kyung-Hoon; Min, Aram; Kim, Sun-Joong; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, the 20th International Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, pp.777 - 784, CAADRIA, 2015-05-23

Finding the Optimal Design Creativity in Car Design Features against Brand Styles

An, Sungeun; Min, Deedee Aram; Lee, Ji Hyunresearcher, International Conference on Design Creativity (ICDC), Design Society, 2016-11-04

Finger Contact in Gesture Interaction Improves Time-domain Input Accuracy in HMD-based Augmented Reality

Oh, Seo Young; Yoon, Boram; Kim, Hyung-il; Woo, Woontackresearcher, CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts, pp.1 - 8, SIGCHI, 2020-04

ForceClicks: Enabling efficient button interaction with single finger touch

Yong, Sangeon; Lee, Jangwon; Peiris, Roshan; Chan, Liwei; Nam, Juhanresearcher, The 11th ACM International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction, TEI 2017, pp.489 - 493, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, 2017-03-20

Form, Style and Function: A Constraint-Based Generative System for Apartment Facade Design

Lee, M.-X.; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, 24th eCAADe Conference, pp.874 - 883, eCAADe, 2006-09-08

Foundation of a New Digital Ecosystem for u-Content: Needs, Definition, and Design

Woo, Woontackresearcher; Oh, Yoosoo; Kim, Sehwan; Yoon, Hyoseok; Ha, Taejin; Duval, Sebastien, HCII 2011, v.6774, pp.377 - 386, SERSC (Science & Engineering Research Support soCiety), 2011-07

Framework of Judgement System for Smart Home Assistant utilizing Collective Intelligence Case-Based Reasoning

Lai, Po Yan; Kim, Meereh; Choi, Minkyu; Lee, Chae-Seok; Porcellini, Valentin; Yi, Taeha; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, Intelligent & Informed, pp.695 - 704, CAADRIA, 2019-04-16

Fuzzy Aggregation of Motion Factors for Human Motion Generation

Lee, Jiyun; Wohn, Kwang-Yunresearcher, ACM Conference on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST), pp.56 - 69, 1994

Fuzzy 로직을 이용한 Level of Detail 제어

손호준; 원광연researcher, 한국정보과학회 춘계학술대회, pp.457 - 460, 한국정보과학회, 1996

Fuzzy-based Direct Manipulation: focusing on user participation in the apartment plan design process

Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher; Tian-Chiu Li, 12th CAADRIA Conference, pp.645 - 650, CAADRIA, 2007-04-20

Galaxy Talker: Visualization of Natural Communication Process using Cellular Phone

Chang Young Lim, UMAT, 2007

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