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Globally optimal inlier set maximization with unknown rotation and focal length

Bazin, Jean-Charlesresearcher; Seo, Yongduek; Hartley, Richard; Pollefeys, Marc, 13th European Conference on Computer Vision, ECCV 2014, pp.803 - 817, European Conference on Computer Vision Committee, 2014-09-06

Globally optimal line clustering and vanishing point estimation in Manhattan world

Bazin, Jean-Charlesresearcher; Seo, Yongduek; Demonceaux, Cedric; Vasseur, Pascal; Ikeuchi, Katsushi; Kweon, Inso; Pollefeys, Marc, 2012 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2012, pp.638 - 645, IEEE Computer Society and the Computer Vision Foundation (CVF), 2012-06-16

Graph Neural Network for Music Score Data and Modeling Expressive Piano Performance

Jeong, Dasaem; KWON, TAEGYUN; Kim, Yoojin; Nam, Juhanresearcher, The 36th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), The International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2019-06-12

Graphical Menus using a Mobile Phone for Wearable AR Systems

Woo, Woontackresearcher; Lee, Hyeongmook; Kim, Dongchul, ISUVR 2011, pp.55 - 58, UVR Lab., GIST, 2011-07

Ground Reaction force control at each foot: A momentum-based humanoid balance controller for non-level and non-stationary ground

Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher; Goswami, Ambarish, International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, IEEE/RSJ, 2010-10

Guidelines for the use of Tactile Feedback on Simulation Games

Chang Young Lim, ADADA, 2005

Hand Contact between Remote Users through Virtual Avatars

오지혜; 이유진; 진태일; 김연준; 이석원; 이성희researcher, 29th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA), pp.97 - 100, University of Geneva, ACM SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, 2016-05

Hand-Eye 캘리브레이션을 활용한 햅틱 지원 증강 현실 시스템

김기영; 박영민; 우운택; 박영인researcher, 2005년도 한국컴퓨터종합학술대회, v.32, no.1, pp.526 - 528, 한국정보과학회, 2005-07

Hanmadang : Entertainment systems for massive face-to-face interaction

Go G.; Han S.; Lee J.; Choi Y.; Sun B.; Park Y.; Jung D.; et al, 2008 International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, ACE 2008, pp.397 -, 2008-12-03

Hidden Markov Model Based Recognition of Space-Time Hand Gestures for Human-Computer Interaction

Nam, Yanghee; Wohn, Kwang-Yunresearcher, Workshop on the Integration of Gesture in Language and Speech, pp.175 - 184, 1996

High Quality Stereo Video Using Stereo Image

WOO, Woontackresearcher, JBW, pp.1 - 6, 2000-02

High-quality Depth Estimation Using an Exemplar 3D Model for Stereo Conversion

Lee, Jung Jin; Kim, Young Hui; Lee, Sang Woo; Kim, Bum Ki; Noh, Jun Yongresearcher, Pacific Graphics 2015, Pacific Graphics, 2015-10-09

History-based Conflict Management for Multi-users and Multi-services

Shin, C; Oh, Y; WOO, Woontackresearcher, Proc. of 1st Workshop on Context Modeling and Decision Support held in Conjunction with CONTEXT05, 2005-07-05

HMD 기반 착용형 컴퓨팅 환경에서 모바일 입력 장치를 이용한 디지로그 스페이스 저작

우운택researcher; 하태진, HCI 2013, pp.819 - 821, 한국HCI학회, 2013-01-31

HMD 를 이용한 증강 현실 키보드 시스템

우운택researcher, KHCI 2003, pp.335 - 339, 한국정보과학회, 2003-02

HMD 환경에서 맨손기반 상호작용을 지원하는 사실적인 증강현실 저작 시스템

박진우; 김성실; 박혜림; 우운택researcher, 한국HCI학회 학술대회 2016, pp.30 - 32, 한국HCI학회, 2016-01

Holistic Quantified Self Framework for Augmented Human

Lee, Juyoung; Woo, Woon-Tackresearcher; Kim, Eunseok; Yu, Jeongmin; Kim, Junki, International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information, Springer, Cham, 2018-07-15

HoloStation: Augmented Visualization and Presentation

Wohn, Kwang-Yunresearcher; Kim, Min Ju, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016, ACM SIGGRAPH, 2016-12-08

Home suggestion service in real estate searching system: Using ontology and case-based reasoning

Kim, Y.-H.; Park, S.-J.; Park, J.; Kim, S.-J.; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, 29th eCAADe Conference, pp.605 - 614, eCAADe, 2011-09-21

How Biomimetic Approach Enlarges Morphological Solution Space in a Streamlined High-speed Train Design?

Kim, SJ; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, the 16th SIGraDi, SIGraDi, 2012-11-14


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