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게임 내 가상공간 분류 기준 확립 및 대표 유형 산출

Kim, Ik Hwan; Lee, Injung; Lee, Ji Hyunresearcher, 한국게임학회 2016 추계학술대회, pp.211 - 217, 한국게임학회, 2016-11-19

360도 비디오를 위한 몰입형 디스플레이

Seo, Hyunggoog; Noh, Junyongresearcher; Kim, Jaedong, Korea Computer Graphics Society 2016, pp.1 - 2, Korea Computer Graphics Society, 2016-07-13

공간맵기반의 가상 아바타를 위한 모션 리타게팅

Kim, Yeonjoon; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher; Park, Hangil; Cho, Young Jin; Bang, Seungbae, 한국컴퓨터그래픽스학회학술대회, 한국컴퓨터그래픽스학회, 2016-07-12

가상 아바타를 통한 원격 사용자간 손 접촉 동작 생성

오지혜; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher; Lee, You jin; Lee, Sukwon; Kim, Yeonjoon; Jin, Taeil, 한국컴퓨터그래픽스학회학술대회, 한국컴퓨터그래픽스학회, 2016-07-12

Comparison of Tonality Models in Measuring Chord Sequence Similarity

박새별; 김정훈; 남주한, International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC), 2016, SMPC, ESCOM, APSCOM, JSMPC, KSMPC, AMPS, CSMP, 2016-07-05

Characteristics of Non-linguistic Vocalizations as Auditory Emoticons

천경수; 곽진아; 남주한, International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC), 2016, SMPC, ESCOM, APSCOM, JSMPC, KSMPC, AMPS, CSMP, 2016-07-06

Melody Extraction on Vocal Segments Using Multi-Column Deep Neural Networks

Kum, Sangeun; Oh, Changheun; Nam, Juhanresearcher, The International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), 2016, ISMIR, 2016-08-11

Daylighting Based Parametric Design Exploration of 3D Facade Patterns

Narangerel, Amartuvshin; Lee, Ji Hyunresearcher; Stouffs, Rudi, the 34th eCAADe Conference, v.2, pp.379 - 388, eCAADe, 2016-08-26

An Intuitive Heritage Education System for Learning Architectural Structures and Styles

Lee, Jongwook; Min, Aram; Lee, Ji Hyunresearcher, the 34th eCAADe Conference, v.2, pp.529 - 537, eCAADe, 2016-08-26

A Development of Strategy and Algorithm for Similarity Assessment in the Product-Service Business Model Cases

Kim, Sun-Joong; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher; Kim, Yong Se, 2014 Design Engineering Workshop (DEWS 2014): Design meets Engineering, The Design Society, 2014-11-20

SketchiMo: Sketch-based Motion Editing for Articulated Characters

Choi, Byungkuk; Noh, Junyongresearcher; Ribera, Roger Blanco I.; Lewis, J. P.; Seol, Yeong Ho; Hong, Seokpyo; Eom, Haegwang; et al, SIGGRAPH 2016, ACM SIGGRAPH, 2016-07-28

Rich360: Optimized Spherical Representation from Structured Panoramic Camera Arrays

Lee, Jungjin; Noh, Junyongresearcher; Kim, Bumki; Kim, Kyehyun; Kim, Young Hui, SIGGRAPH 2016, ACM SIGGRAPH, 2016-07-26

XML을 이용한 디지털 건축문화유산 콘텐츠 저작 도구

이종욱; 이지형; 이지현researcher, 2016 한국컴퓨터정보학회 동계학술대회, v.24, no.1, pp.40 - 43, 한국컴퓨터정보학회, 2016-01-20

Moneymakers and Bartering in Online Games: The Social Network Factors

Lee, Jane; Park, Juyongresearcher; Kim, Huy Kang; Kang, Ah Reum, CompleNet 2014, CompleNet, 2014-03-12

RANKED: Bayesian Inference and Competition Networks

Park, Juyongresearcher, CompleNet 2014, CompleNet, 2014-03-14

RANKED: Bayesian Inference of Natural Rankings in Competition Networks

Park, Juyongresearcher, NetSci '14, NetSci Society, 2014-06-01

Manifestation of Depression and Loneliness on Social Networks: A Case Study of Young Adults on Facebook

Park, Sungkyu; Kim, Inyeop; Lee, Sang Won; Yoo, Jaehyun; Jeong, Bumseok; Cha, Meeyoung, The 18th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2015), ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI), 2015-03-18

Cheating Behaviors in Online Games

Woo, Jiyoung; Park, Juyongresearcher; Kang, Sungwook; Kim, Huy Kang, Netsci '15, NetSci Society, 2015-06-01

SoniControl: Gesture Recognition System for Electric Guitar Using VLF Beacon Signals

Suh, Sang Won; Nam, Ju Hanresearcher; Lee, Sung Heeresearcher, the 15th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 2015-06-02

Ranking Competitors Using Degree-Neutralizing Random Walk

Shin, Seungkyu; Park, Juyongresearcher; Ahnert, Sebastian, NetSci 2015, NetSci Soceity, 2015-06-03


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