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SampleCNN: End-to-End Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Using Very Small Filters for Music Classification

Lee, Jongpil; Park, Jiyoung; Kim, Keunhyoung Luke; Nam, Juhanresearcher, APPLIED SCIENCES, v.8, no.1, 2018-01

Ontology-based mobile augmented reality in cultural heritage sites: information modeling and user study

Kim, Hayun; Matuszka, Tamás; Kim, Jea-In; Kim, Junghwa; Woo, Woon-Tackresearcher, MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, v.76, no.24, pp.26001 - 26029, 2017-12

A Study on the Service Design Strategies of Smart Beauty Mirror through Case Studies of Cosmetic Technologies

Rhim, Jimin; Karaji, Daniel; Yi, Taeha; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, 한국디자인리서치(Design Research), v.2, no.3, pp.76 - 84, 2017-12

Scene reconstruction and analysis from motion

Kang, Changgu; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher, GRAPHICAL MODELS, v.94, pp.25 - 37, 2017-11

Regression-Based Landmark Detection on Dynamic Human Models

Jang, Deok Kyeong; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, v.36, no.7, pp.73 - 82, 2017-10

The gap between design intent and user response: identifying typical and novel car design elements among car brands for evaluating visual significance

Hyun, Kyung Hoon; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher; Kim, Minkiresearcher, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING, v.28, no.7, pp.1729 - 1741, 2017-10

선행연구 분석을 통한 그래픽 디자인에서의 공학적 분석방법론 적용가능성에 관한 연구: 이미지 인식 기술을 중심으로

홍석주; 이지현researcher, 한국디자인리서치, v.5, pp.51 - 58, 2017-09

Facial retargeting with automatic range of motion alignment

Blanco i Ribera, Roger; Zell, Eduard; Lewis, J. P.; Noh, Junyongresearcher; Botsch, Mario, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS, v.36, no.4, 2017-07

Strategizing Marriage: A Genealogical Analysis of Korean Marriage Networks

Lee, Sangkuk; Lee, Wonjaeresearcher, JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY HISTORY, v.48, no.1, pp.1 - 19, 2017-07

자동 타임 워핑에 기반한 온라인 궤적 최적화

한다성; 노준용researcher; 신성용, 한국컴퓨터그래픽스학회논문지, v.23, no.3, pp.105 - 113, 2017-07

Data-Driven Physics for Human Soft Tissue Animation

Kim, Meekyoung; Pons-Moll, Gerard; Pujades, Sergi; Bang, Seungbae; Kim, Jinwook; Black, Michael J.; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS, v.36, no.4, 2017-07

Multi-Level and Multi-Scale Feature Aggregation Using Pretrained Convolutional Neural Networks for Music Auto-Tagging

Lee, Jongpil; Nam, Juhanresearcher, IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS, v.24, no.8, pp.1208 - 1212, 2017-06

Multifinger interaction between remote users in avatar-mediated telepresence

Lee, Youjin; Lee, Sukwon; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher, COMPUTER ANIMATION AND VIRTUAL WORLDS, v.28, no.3-4, 2017-05

Age-related gait motion transformation based on biomechanical observations

Jung, Sunjin; Hong, Seokpyo; Cho, Kyungmin; Eom, Haegwang; Choi, Byungkuk; Noh, Junyongresearcher, COMPUTER ANIMATION AND VIRTUAL WORLDS, v.28, no.3-4, 2017-05

Sparse Rig Parameter Optimization for Character Animation

Song, Jaewon; Ribera, Roger Blanco I.; Cho, Kyungmin; You, Mi; Lewis, JP; Choi, Byungkuk; Noh, Junyongresearcher, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, v.36, no.2, pp.85 - 94, 2017-05

Multi-Contact Locomotion Using a Contact Graph with Feasibility Predictors

Kang, Changgu; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS, v.36, no.2, pp.22:1 - 22:14, 2017-04

A rule-based servicescape design support system from the design patterns of theme parks

Min, Aram; Hyun, Kyung Hoon; Kim, Sun Joong; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, ADVANCED ENGINEERING INFORMATICS, v.32, pp.77 - 91, 2017-04

TunnelSlice: Freehand Subspace Acquisition Using an Egocentric Tunnel for Wearable Augmented Reality

Lee, Hyeongmook; Noh, Seung-tak; Woo, Woon-Tackresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON HUMAN-MACHINE SYSTEMS, v.47, no.1, pp.128 - 139, 2017-02

Structuralizing the Fluxus Way of Life: The Social Network of Fluxus

Lee, Rooni; Sohn, Yunkyu; Lee, Wonjaeresearcher, LEONARDO, v.50, no.1, pp.74 - 75, 2017-02

Impact of biased scores on ranking in bipartite competition networks and inference of modular structure via generalized modularity

Jeon, Gyuhyeon; Park, Juyongresearcher, EPL, v.117, no.4, 2017-02

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