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Korean Singing Voice Synthesis Based on Auto-Regressive Boundary Equilibrium GAN

Choi, Soonbeom; KIM, WON IL; Park, Sae Byul; Yong, Sangeon; Nam, Juhanresearcher, International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), IEEE, 2020-05-07

Disentangled Multidimensional Metric Learning for Music Similarity

LEE, JONGPIL; Nicholas J. Bryan; Justin Salamon; Zeyu Jin; Nam, Juhanresearcher, International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), IEEE, 2020-05-05

Semantic Tagging of Singing Voices in Popular Music Recordings

Kim, Keunhyoung Luke; Lee, Jongpil; Kum, Sangeun; Park, Chae Lin; Nam, Juhanresearcher, IEEE-ACM TRANSACTIONS ON AUDIO SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PROCESSING, v.28, pp.1656 - 1668, 2020-05

Robust Estimation of Absolute Camera Pose via Intersection Constraint and Flow Consensus

Li, Haoang; Zhao, Ji; Bazin, Jean-Charlesresearcher; Liu, Yun-Hui, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING, v.29, pp.6615 - 6629, 2020-05

Finger Contact in Gesture Interaction Improves Time-domain Input Accuracy in HMD-based Augmented Reality

Oh, Seo Young; Yoon, Boram; Kim, Hyung-il; Woo, Woontackresearcher, CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts, pp.1 - 8, SIGCHI, 2020-04

Effects of Locomotion Style and Body Visibility of a Telepresence Avatar

Choi, Youjin; Lee, Jeongmiresearcher; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher, 27th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces, VR 2020, pp.1 - 9, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020-03-24

Physically-inspired Deep Light Estimation from a Homogeneous-Material Object for Mixed Reality Lighting

Park, Jinwoo; Park, Hunmin; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher; Woo, Woontackresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS, v.26, no.5, pp.2002 - 2011, 2020-03

WristLens: Enabling Single-Handed Surface Gesture Interaction for Wrist-Worn Devices Using Optical Motion Sensor

Yeo, Hui-Shyong; Lee, Juyoung; Bianchi, Andrearesearcher; Samboy, Alejandro; Koike, Hideki; Woo, Woontackresearcher; Quigley, Aaron, 2020 Augmented Humans International Conference, AHs 2020, pp.27:1 - 27:8, Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-03

KissGlass: Greeting Gesture Recognition using Smart Glasses

Li, Richard; Lee, Juyoung; Woo, Woontackresearcher; Starner, Thad, 2020 Augmented Humans International Conference, AHs 2020, pp.17:1 - 17:5, Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-03

Analysis of art museums’ visitor behavior and eye movements for mobile guide app design

Chang, Mi; Yi, Taeha; Lai, Po Yan; Lee, Jun Hee; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration, IHSI 2020, pp.1138 - 1144, Springer, 2020-02-19

A study on understanding of visitor needs in art museum: Based on analysis of visual perception through eye-tracking

Yi, Taeha; Chang, Mi; Hong, Sukjoo; Kim, Meereh; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration, IHSI 2020, pp.1132 - 1137, Springer, 2020-02-19

Flexible weighting of target features based on distractor context

Lee, Jeongmiresearcher; Geng, Joy J., ATTENTION PERCEPTION & PSYCHOPHYSICS, v.82, no.2, pp.739 - 751, 2020-02

Model Predictive Control with a Visuomotor System for Physics-based Character Animation

Eom, Haegwang; Han, Daseong; Shin, Joseph S.; Noh, Junyongresearcher, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS, v.39, no.1, pp.1 - 11, 2020-02

Image-Based Tactile Emojis: Improved Interpretation of Message Intention and Subtle Nujavascript:vriferByKri();ance for Visually Impaired Individuals

Choi, Yuri; Hyun, Kyung Hoon; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION, v.35, no.1, pp.40 - 69, 2020-02

Synthesizing Character Animation with Smoothly Decomposed Motion Layers

Eom, Haegwang; Choi, Byungkuk; Cho, Kyungmin; Jung, Sunjin; Hong, Seokpyo; Noh, Junyongresearcher, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, v.39, no.1, pp.595 - 606, 2020-02

Human moral reasoning types in autonomous vehicle moral dilemmas: A cross-cultural comparison of Korea and Canada

Rhim, Jimin; Lee, Gi-bbeum; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, v.102, pp.39 - 56, 2020-01

Color refinement using deep neural networks for enhancing color recognition in a projector-camera system

Kang, Changgu; Kim, Meekyoung; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION DISPLAY, v.27, no.12, pp.795 - 805, 2019-12

Modeling narrative structure and dynamics with networks, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling

Min, Semi; Park, Juyongresearcher, PLOS ONE, v.14, no.12, 2019-12

Saliency Diagrams : a tool for analyzing animation through the relative importance of keyposes

Nghiem, Nicolas; Noh, Junyongresearcher; Roberts, Richard; Lewis, JP, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019, pp.49 - 52, ACM SIGGRAPH, 2019-11-18

Quantification of Gender Representation Bias in Commercial Films based on Image Analysis

Jang, Ji Yoon; Lee, Sangyoon; Lee, Byungjooresearcher, CSCW 2019, pp.1 - 29, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2019-11-07

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