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Prefoldin 6 links heat shock transcription factor 1 and DAF-16/FOXO to promote longevity in daf-2 mutants

Son, Heehwa; Seo, Geunhee; Seo, Mihwa; Park, Sangsoon; Ham, Seokjin; An, Seon Woo; Choi, Eunseok; et al, 22nd International C. elegans Conference, Genetics Society of America, 2019-06-23

How to write histone H3K4 methylation

김재훈researcher, 제32회 설악학술대회, 생화학분자생물학회, 2019-06-19

A Golgi protein MON-2 promotes longevity of mitochondrial respiration mutants by regulating proper cellular trafficking and increasing autophagy

Artan, Murat; 염정훈; 황아라; 정윤지; 정대은; 한성규; Altintas, Özlem; et al, 2019 대한미토콘드리아 연구의학회 학술대회, 대한미토콘드리아연구의학회, 2019-06-19

Mitochondrial aconitase inhibits anti-P. aeruginosa immunity via decreasing mitochondrial unfolded protein responses and p38 MAPK signaling in C. elegans

이유진; 정대은; Annibal, Andrea; 박혜은; Antebi, Adam; 이승재researcher, 2019 대한미토콘드리아 연구의학회 학술대회, 대한미토콘드리아연구의학회, 2019-06-19

A PTEN variant uncouples healthy longevity from impaired development and motility in C. elegans via tuning the activity of FOXO

Park, Hae-Eun; Hwang, Wooseon; Altintas, Ozlem; Lee, Yujin; Son, Heehwa; Park, Sangsoon; Lee, Seung Jae Vresearcher, KSBMB International Conference 2019, KSBMB, 2019-06-03

A Golgi protein MON-2 extends lifespan of mitochondrial respiration mutant C. elegans via increasing autophagy

Artan, Murat; Yeom, Jeonghun; Hwang, Ara B.; Jung, Yoonji; Jeong, Dae-Eun; Han, Seong Kyu; Altintas, Özlem; et al, KSBMB International Conference 2019, KSBMB, 2019-06-03

Lipin1 protects C. elegans from lifespan-shortening effects of dietary glucose

Jung, Yoonji; Kwon, Sujeong; Lee, Dongyeop; Park, Hae-Eun H.; Yamaoka, Yasuyo; Jeong, Dae-Eun; Artan, Murat; et al, KSBMB International Conference 2019, KSBMB, 2019-06-03

DAF-16/FOXO and HSF-1 rejuvenate immunity via an INS-7-mediated positive feedback loop in daf-2 mutants

Lee, Yujin; Jeong, Dae-Eun; Hwang, Wooseon; Park, Hae-Eun; Kwon, Sujeong; Jung, Yoonji; Ashraf, Jasmine M.; et al, KSBMB International Conference 2019, KSBMB, 2019-06-03

VRK-1 is an anti-aging protein kinase that activates AMPK

Artan, Murat; Park, Sangsoon; Han, Seunghyun; Hwang, Ara; Shin, Wonsik; Kim, Kyungtae; Lee, Seung Jae Vresearcher, KSBMB International Conference 2019, KSBMB, 2019-06-03

mRNA quality control systems are essential for C. elegans longevity

Kim, Eun Ji E.; Son, Heehwa G,; Lee, Seung Jae Vresearcher; Park, Hae-Eun H.; Jung, Yoonji; Kwon, Sujeong, KSBMB International Conference 2019, KSBMB, 2019-06-03

Covalent binding of uracil DNA glycosylase UdgX to abasic DNA upon uracil excision

Ahn, Woo-Chan; Aroli, Shashanka; Kim, Jin-Hahn; Moon, Jeong Hee; Lee, Ga Seal; Lee, Min-Ho; Sang, Pau Biak; et al, NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, v.15, no.6, pp.607 - +, 2019-06

Reduced apoptosis in Chinese hamster ovary cells via optimized CRISPR interference

Xiong, Kai; Marquart, Kim Fabiano; Karottki, Karen Julie la Cour; Li, Shangzhong; Shamie, Isaac; Lee, Jae Seong; Gerling, Signe; et al, BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING, v.116, no.7, pp.1813 - 1819, 2019-06

Inositol polyphosphates promote T cell-independent humoral immunity via the regulation of Bruton's tyrosine kinase

Kim, Wooseob; Kim, Eunha; Min, Hyungyu; Kim, Min Gyu; Eisenbeis, Verena B.; Dutta, Amit K.; Pavlovic, Igor; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.116, no.26, pp.12952 - 12957, 2019-06

Drosophila CrebB is a Substrate of the Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay Pathway that Sustains Circadian Behaviors

Ri, Hwajung; Lee, Jongbin; Sonn, Jun Young; Yoo, Eunseok; Lim, Chunghun; Choe, Joonhoresearcher, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.42, no.4, pp.301 - 312, 2019-06

TRiC/CCT chaperonins are essential for organ growth by interacting with insulin/TOR signaling in Drosophila

Kim, Ah Ram; Choi, Kwang-Wookresearcher, ONCOGENE, v.38, no.24, pp.4739 - 4754, 2019-06

SAGA DUBm-mediated surveillance regulates prompt export of stress-inducible transcripts for proteostasis

Kim, Minhoo; Choi, Yoonjung; Kim, Harim; Lee, Daeyoupresearcher, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, pp.2458, 2019-06

Structural basis of recognition and destabilization of the histone H2B ubiquitinated nucleosome by the DOT1L histone H3 Lys79 methyltransferase

Jang, Seongmin; Kang, Chanshin; Yang, Han-Sol; Jung, Taeyang; Hebert, Hans; Chung, Ka Young; Kim, Seung Joongresearcher; et al, GENES & DEVELOPMENT, v.33, no.11-12, pp.620 - 625, 2019-06

Long non-coding RNAs in cancer

Kim, Mi-Youngresearcher, NON-CODING RNA RESEARCH, v.4, no.2, pp.45 - 45, 2019-06

NGL-3 in the regulation of brain development, Akt/GSK3b signaling, long-term depression, and locomotive and cognitive behaviors

Lee, Hyejin; Shin, Wangyong; Kim, Kyungdeok; Lee, Suho; Lee, Eun-Jae; Kim, Jihye; Kweon, Hanseul; et al, PLOS BIOLOGY, v.17, no.6, 2019-06

Inositol polyphosphate multikinase deficiency leads to aberrant induction of synaptotagmin-2 in the forebrain

Park, Jina; Park, Seung Ju; Kim, Seyunresearcher, MOLECULAR BRAIN, v.12, 2019-06



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