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CXXC5 plays a role as a transcription activator for myelin genes on oligodendrocyte differentiation

Kim, Mi-Yeon; Kim, Hyun-Yi; Hong, Jiso; Kim, Daesooresearcher; Lee, Hyojung; Cheong, Eunji; Lee, Yangsin; et al, GLIA, v.64, no.3, pp.350 - 362, 2016-03

Phospholipase C isozymes selectively couple to specific neurotransmitter receptors

Kim, Daesooresearcher; Jun, Ki Sun; Lee, Seong Beom; Kang, Nae-Gyu; Min, Do Sik; Kim, Young-Hoon; Ryu, Sung Ho; et al, NATURE, v.389, no.6648, pp.290 - 293, 1997-09



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