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Biochemical and crystallographic studies reveal a specific interaction between TRAPP subunits Trs33p and Bet3p

Kim, Min-Sung; Yi, Min-Ju; Lee, Kwang-Hoon; Wagner, John; Munger, Christine; Kim, Yeon-Gil; Whiteway, Malcolm; et al, TRAFFIC, v.6, no.12, pp.1183 - 1195, 2005-12

The architecture of the multisubunit TRAPP I complex suggests a model for vesicle tethering

Kim, Yeon-Gil; Raunser, Stefan; Munger, Christine; Wagner, John; Song, Young-Lan; Cygler, Miroslaw; Walz, Thomas; et al, CELL, v.127, no.4, pp.817 - 830, 2006-11



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