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Characterization of copper interactions with Alzheimer amyloid beta peptides: Identification of an attomolar-affinity copper binding site on amyloid beta 1-42

Atwood, Craig S.; Scarpa, Richard C.; Huang, Xudong; Moir, Robert D.; Jones, Walton Dresearcher; Fairlie, David P.; Tanzi, Rudolph E.; et al, JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY, v.75, no.3, pp.1219 - 1233, 2000-09

Copper mediates dityrosine cross-linking of Alzheimer's amyloid-beta

Atwood, Craig S.; Perry, George; Zeng, Hong; Kato, Yoji; Jones, Walton Dresearcher; Ling, Ke-Qing; Huang, Xudong; et al, BIOCHEMISTRY, v.43, no.2, pp.560 - 568, 2004-01



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